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Outfit Of The Day : Lace & Mesh

ASOS lace dress, daily outfit blog, OOTD, ASOS cutout dress

Due to the lovely comments from my last OOTD post wearing my ASOS dress (you know who you are!), I’m back with another outfit of the day post wearing another dress (I bought 3!) from ASOS.  This is the ASOS lace and mesh dress $34.01.

ASOS lace dress, daily outfit blog

Obviously, the dress looks ten times hotter on the ASOS model.  I really liked the straps which dropped to the side of my shoulder.  I paired it with nude patent heels from Rubi Shoes which I bought last week for $15 and a red lipstick from Australis.  Looking at the photos, I have realised that I need to wear more accessories…

cutout back dress, ASOS lace dress, OOTD

Anyway, the back of the dress reveals a large cutout section.  Très risqué for moi as I am usually a conservative (read : frumpy) dresser, IMO.  The Husband says it is uber-sexy.  Unfortunately, it means that I cannot wear a bra with this dress…hence I have flatter-than-usual boobs…and I definitely have to wear nipple plasters; just in case it gets cold outside :P

I posed for these photos inside the house because even though there was sun outside, it was bloody freezing!  Turns out the best light is in one of our bathrooms so that’s why I am posing with bathroom tiles and a towel rack in the last photo – LOL.  Kudos to fashion bloggers who pose regularly outside for their blogs come rain or shine.  I’ll stick with beauty blogging in my PJs :)

So what do you think of this dress?  Is it something you would wear?  And do you want to see the 3rd ASOS dress I bought?

Outfit Of The Day : Winter Blues

outfit of the day blog, ASOS blue dress, daily outfit

It’s been too long since my last Outfit Of The Day post!  But that’s because I can’t pose for peanuts!  And getting my Husband to take a nice, flattering photo of me is almost impossible.  But I am determined to show you the new additions to my wardrobe.

I went ASOS crazy a couple of weeks ago and bought 3 dresses.  That is a BIG deal for me because it’s my first time buying clothes online (this ASOS swimsuit does not count!)  Anyway, this ASOS Blue Knitted Dress with Scoop Neck $29.75 was my favourite and the best-fitting out of the 3 dresses.

It’s perfect for Winter and I love this bright-ish shade of blue.  On the top, it is quite roomy so it can hide my food baby belly, but as it leads onto a fitted skirt, it isn’t frumpy.  It also comes in black and pink and I am tempted to buy them too.

As we are in the colder seasons of the year, it’s time to bring out my boots.  I love my boots.  I have way too many pairs of boots.  Do you love boots too?

Outfit Breakdown

  • Dress : ASOS Blue Knitted Dress
  • Lace tights from Forever New (similar here)
  • Boots : Sandler knee-high boots
  • Bag : Pink envelope clutch from Hong Kong
  • Accessories : Necklace from somewhere
I’m definitely not a fashionista, but what do you think of my outfit?  Do you live in boots during winter too?  And should I do more OOTD posts?

Outfit Of The Day : Maxi Factor

outfit of the day blog, daily outfit, maxi dress

Maxi dresses can swamp petite ladies like me.  I picked up this black maxi dress with chain print at the front for £1 – yes, £1 from Primark, the last time I was back home in Scotland.  It clings to all the wrong places, i.e. my belly, so I had to hide this with a loose-fitting off-the-shoulder top, which I bought for $10 from Valleygirl.  Added a long chain necklace (50p from Primark) and some arm accessories and I was done.  Done a “no make-up” make-up look with this outfit of the day and kept hair voluminous.

outfit of the day, fashion blog, the best beauty blog

P.S.  The photos of this OOTD was taken many moons ago…and I’ve only just dug it out of the archives.  Sorry.  My outfits of the day have been uninspiring lately so this will have to do!  Have a great weekend!!!

Outfit Of The Day : Red Dress With Smoky Eyes

red dress, outfit of the day, blog, fashion

It appears to be Fashion Week on The Best Beauty Blog seeing as I blogged about going to a fashion show and the “fashion foward” GASP story with their “cutting edge” dresses!!  LOL.  Ah well, it’s time to tell you all about the weakness I have for red dresses…

I’ve bought red dresses from Norway, Italy, Singapore and gifted a couple from China and Indonesia.  Some of them I have worn to death and some of them remain unworn.  I bought this red dress in Singapore and it has never been worn anywhere – so what does one do on one fine day when one is avoiding the pile of housework?  One starts referring to herself in third person and plays dress up and make-up!!!!

outfit of the day blog, fashion blog

What attracted me to this red dress was the neckline.  To me, it’s quite sexy because it’s not a dress which requires cleavage, but needs toned arms and shoulders to make it work.  However, the dress is very unforgiving on a bloated belly day – which is basically every single day of my life!!!  Smoky (or smokey?) eyes with hot red lippy completed my look.  I loved prancing around the house in my sexy, chic red dress.

So, what do you think – do I have a “sixth sense of fashion”?!!!  LOL…

Apologies to those who signed up to read about skincare and make-up and also, want to know what happened last weekend at the infamous ABBW last weekend – I have got plenty of juicy posts lined up for next week!  Just you wait and see!  Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Outfit Of The Day : Chanel Wannabe

Chanel pink handbag, coral lipstick

What’s going on?  A second Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) blog post this week – that’s what’s going on!  LOL.

Of course I’d love a Chanel handbag.  Who wouldn’t??  Sadly, I have to make do with a Chanel-inspired handbag till a real one comes along.  I bought this salmon pink Chanel wannabe in Hong Kong at a mere sliver of the price of the real thing.  And before anyone asks, it is not a “fake” Chanel – it doesn’t have a “fake” designer label inside.  It is what it is.

The lippie is Oceanus from the Ciccone Cosmetics lipstick collection.  A girlfriend complimented my lips the day I wore this out.  Another girlfriend complimented my shoe choice.  They are wedged gold strappy Gladiator-like sandals that I bought in Sydney.  And in typical Ling fashion, I threw on random pieces of clothing and hoped for the best.  Check out the rest of my outfit.

Outfit Of The Day : Hearts & Lace

Outfit of the day fashion blog

I would definitely do more OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts if I had a better photographer.  My Husband has a great technique of taking the most UN-flattering photos of me.  Le sigh!!!!  Anyway, this is what I wore on the day of my Viva La Color makeover.  I wanted something “different” so I raided my wardrobe and dug out some unloved items of clothing and hoped for the best.  It kinda goes together.  I’ll let you see the photos and you can decide for yourself…