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Happy National Good Hair Day!

Toni & Guy Georges Melbourne blogger event

Happy Friday everyone! Did you know that today is National Good Hair Day? Well, now you do :) Hope you are all having a good hair day! If not, just toss your hair back and forth and roughen it up and call it “Sexy Bed Head” or something :P

In the photo above, I am with Jenny from My Funny Valentine at a beauty blogging event – she’s such a babe! We are both sporting awesome hair after an amazing blow wave at Toni & Guy Georges in Melbourne CBD plus the hot red lips are courtesy of Napoleon Perdis MUA’s.


Beauty Vlog : Simple Messy Side Do Hair Tutorial

hair style, side hairstyle, easy hair tutorial

Thanks for all the lovely feedback and warm welcome for my new beauty channel.  I have uploaded a new beauty vlog today and it is in the form of a…*ahem*…hair tutorial…*shifty eyes*….  Watch the video and you will clearly see that I am no hair guru!!!  But hey, everyone has to start somewhere…

Apologies for wearing the wrong gear for the video.  I did not intentionally mean to flash my pink bra strap!!!  *cringe*

Thanks to ghd for lending me their new Black Gloss IV Styler for the video.  Am very sad to have to return it.  OMG!  Thank you ghd for allowing me to keep the Black Gloss IV Styler for future videos!  Special thanks to Scunci for gifting their Hi Styles and Mini Pins.  They will definitely have cameo appearances in future vids.  The bottles of sprays used in the video were from Oscar Oscar Salon goodie bags.

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Hair Tutorial : Messy Knotted Ponytail

hairstyles, ponytails,

Having a bad hair day?  Or are you bored of the same standard ponytail?  Then funk it up and make it look edgy.  So easy but looks so cool!

[Please ignore the bra strap which slid off my shoulder.  It's just Mouldy Bra wanting to say hi again!]

How To : Messy Knotted Ponytail

1.  Tie your hair up into a ponytail.

2.  Grab some hair and loop it round where the hair tie is.  Make it a messy loop and cross it over when your reach the top part again to fake a “knot”.  Secure it with a bobby pin.

3.  Hairspray the ends and gently backcomb it to create some texture.

How easy is that?

hairstyle, ponytail, the best beauty blog

Hair Tutorial : Simple Braided Side Ponytail

Hi ladies, it’s the beginning of Hair Week at The Best Beauty Blog.  Thanks to all the beauties who LIKED this idea on our Facebook page.  To kickstart the week, I’ve done the hair tutorial from my Spring FOTD.  Thanks to Sukie, Stacey, Sam, Megan and other lovelies who requested this!  It’s my first hair tutorial so forgive me for my awkward angles and very messy background.

This simple braided hairstyle was inspired by watching many Youtube videos.  They made it look so easy so I thought I’d try it myself and came up with this easy peasy version.

The hairspray I used is from Herbal Essences.  Join us tomorrow for a special Herbal Essences giveaway!  Happy braiding!!

Ling’s Linky Party #3 : Sausage Loop Pigtails

Welcome to “Ling’s Linky Party” – a new category on The Best Beauty Blog. Every Friday, I will post a new “Ling’s Linky Party” theme and if you choose to join in the fun, you can head off to create your own blog post on the same theme. When you’re done, simply add your link at the end of this post with the linky tool and we can all have a cool linky party and check out each other’s blogs.  There is one whole month to join in the linky party so there’s no need to rush!  Please remember to link love me back in your blog post. Thanks!

hairstyles, pigtails, the best beauty blog

Pigtails are not just for schoolgirls!  Here’s my creation with its rather unflattering name of Sausage Loop Pigtails.  It’s fun and flirty and makes me feel like a young spring chicken!  *giggles like a Bieber-fevered schoolgirl*

I actually got my hair cut and coloured AFTER I took photos for this look so I will be unveiling my new hair next week so stay tuned!

Anyway, back onto the Sausage Loop Pigtails, it’s really easy to recreate this look…

Bad Hair Romance

I’m stuck in a bit of a hair rut.  I had a bad haircut in Malaysia in January…all I wanted was to get my long hair permanently straightened, but the hairdresser hacked it off ABOVE my shoulders and gave me a fringe – it was NOT what I had requested but it was too late.  I couldn’t express my anger because she’s my Mother-In-Law’s friend…(and yes, lesson learnt – never go to a hairdresser your MIL recommends!  And erm…hopefully, she doesn’t read this blog…)  So anyway, I bought a hair salon deal thing a while ago (you know Zoupon or Groupon or whatever it is…) but I phoned up the other day and the next available appointment is in September!!!!  I knoooow, right?  I’m going to have plenty of bad hair days till then.

Meanwhile, I have been checking out celebrity hairstyles and well, something’s up in the celebrity hair world!  The new hairstyles and colours some celebrities have been debuting are not my cuppa tea.

(Please note that these are MY opinions only.  They are not meant to hurt or upset anyone.  Apologies if I do.)

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, blonde, red, black, hair
Katy Perry has a figure to die for!  I think her boobs look great and I wish mine had grown when I was 13…but sadly, mine remain as flat as pancakes.  Anyway, I think she looks the best with the dark ebony hair colour as it goes well with her skin tone.  I was a bit iffy about the copper shade…but then I saw the blonde brassy tresses she currently has…and well…yeah…

Katy, if you’re reading this, I think you look better with dark hair.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, short hair, soccer mom

I am not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens but that’s because I am not a High School Musical fan…heck, I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Glee.  Anyway, I think she looked quite pretty with the long, wavy hair, but I never had a girl crush on her…and especially not now with that haircut!  It has really aged her!!!  Maybe she needs to style it better or put some highlights in it.   I read that she had it cut for a film role which is admirable instead of using a wig.  But turns out that she doesn’t like it herself…so I hope she can somehow get it fixed…  Hair extensions?

Vanessa, if you’re reading this, I wish you never cut your hair.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, new hair, blonde
Cheryl Cole is stunning.  I like her style and I liked her on The X Factor in UK.  Her music is a bit hit-and-miss, but she can dance really well.  I know she has had cosmetic dental work (even though her publicist denies this!) and I suspect she has had a boob job too.  Oh wait…I’m supposed to be talking about her HAIR…lol.  I have always liked her with the brown wavy hair and the caramel highlights….but then she had to go blonde with an asymmetric bob cut.  I don’t hate it but I think she suits her old style better.  What do you think?

Cheryl, if you’re reading this, your old hair style suited you so much more.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church, hair, redhead
Charlotte Church is featured here because my jaw almost dropped open when I saw pictures of her with the fiery red hair.  I was like, WTF?

Charlotte, if you’re reading this, please return the fiery red hair dye to Rhianna.


What do you think?  Does Katy suit blonde?  Should Vanessa get extensions?  Does Cheryl look edgier with her blonde bob?  Does Charlotte suit red?

(All images taken from Google)