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My New Toy… (38mm girth & 12 inches long!!)

being pregnant might be all kinds of sexy...

WARNING : This post may contain words of a sexual nature…

Being pregnant might be all kinds of sexy for some people…  But for me, it’s a BIG FAT NO!  The last thing I feel these days is SEXY!  I’m carrying an extra 10kg in weight, walking around with a big bowling ball and feeling so moody, hungry and tired ALL THE TIME!!  And let’s not talk about how under pressure I am to exude that “pregnancy glow” when my skin has gone on a crazy flake-out…and as for that “thick luscious pregnancy sexy hair”, mine is as limp as that Miley Cyrus VMA performance!

So in order to amp up the sex appeal factor, I got myself a new toy…  It’s sizzling hot and smooth with a girth of 38mm and around 12 inches long… ;)  Can you guess what it is?


What The Muk?

muk spa hair products and style stick

Oh hello there!  Let’s ignore the fact that I have been AWOL from the blog, but I was in major stress mode :P  Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the new range of muk hair products  - muk Spa – that my hair has been roadtesting for the last few weeks…


Video Review of VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer

VS Sassoon Venezia, VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer, VS Sassoon Hair Dryer

Aside from my wonky eyebrows and the big fat zit on my chin in the photo, I am totally posing with my new beauty gadget – VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Professional Dryer.  For some reason, VS Sassoon keep randomly choosing me as a Video Trial Team Member for their hair tools – see my previous efforts VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 and VS Sassoon Wave Envy.  At first, I did have a wee moan about having to do another video review (yes, you can call me an #ungratefulbeeatch) but then when I actually used this hairdryer, I was literally blown away!


New Beauty Video : Review & Tutorial of VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000

VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler, Big Hair Styler 1000

Many pink moons ago, I was selected to be a VS Sassoon Video Review Trial Team Member and I did a vlog on the Wave Envy – I re-watched the video before making this video and arghhh…I was ghastly…the only good part is the Blooper Scene at the end :P  { watch it if you want }  Well, the bizarre thing is the people at VS Sassoon liked my ghastly video and offered to send me their latest new innovation – VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler 1000 - provided I do a video review.  How could I say no?

If you’re not a fan of watching Youtube videos (I’m not!  I am weird like that!), then let me break it down for you in words…


Look Like A Pretty Little Liar With Remington Perfect Curls

pretty little liars hair, wavy hair

If you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars before, you need to get on it ASAP!  I love it!!!  It’s an American teen drama mystery / thriller TV series where there are no vampires nor werewolves (yay!) and it’s not as shallow as Gossip Girl and it’s younger than Desperate Housewives.  Whenever I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, I always wish that I could be a Pretty Little Liar too!  I want to have their immaculate make-up!  I want to wear gorgeous clothes!  And I want to have their luscious locks!

Imagine my delight when I discovered that I was one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  No, I can’t replicate their flawless make-up…I can’t afford nor fit into the newest hottest dresses in town…BUT I have discovered the secret to gorgeous wavy locks.

3 words – Remington Perfect Curls.

Remington curling tong, Remington hair tools, Pretty Little Liars hair

Remington Perfect Curls has amazing features :-

  • Sexy in pink
  • Suitable for hair tong noobs
  • Say ciao to future curling iron burns
  • Guaranteed the same perfect curls every time

The only thing which didn’t work so well for me was due to the thickness of my hair, it took forever to curl all my hair.  The clip which clamps the hair to the curling iron only holds a small amount of my hair each time.  Boo!!

BUT if I curl my hair with Remington Perfect Curls while I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, time just flies and by the end of the episode, I know I am one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  LOL.

Remington Perfect Curls review

For a bit of va-va-voom (ie. volume) at the roots, I use Pantene Nature Fusion Root Lift Mist or KMS Hot Flex Spray and then  to make my curls last longer, I top it off with some hairspray – the one I’m currently loving is Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

FYI : All hair products mentioned here were PR samples or from goodie bags.  All opinions are my own – I speak no lies even though I want to be a Pretty Little Liar! :P

Anyway, have you tried Remington Perfect Curls?  What curling iron are you using?  And do you watch Pretty Little Liars?  Who is your fave character?

VS Sassoon Wave Envy Video Review & Tutorial

Lucky me got picked to be a VS Sassoon Video Review Trial Team Member and the hair appliance they sent me was the VS Sassoon Wave Envy.  You can check out the video…and of course, stay till the end for a blooper scene.

And if you are not a fan of Youtube videos, let me break it down and give you a quickie review.

Product Description

VS Sassoon Wave Envy creates gorgeous, long lasting waves by simply pressing the hair between the ceramic plate and barrels.  Features ceramic technology providing even heat distribution for a silky, smooth finish.


+  User-friendly even for clumsy people like me
+  3 heat settings so you’re in control of how much heat you want to apply on your hair
+  Tousled, frizz-free waves in minutes


-  I wish there was a heat protective glove because the twin barrels are exposed and can really burn


I love VS Sassoon Wave Envy!  So much faster and easier than using curling tongs.

Please see VS Sassoon’s website for more information on the product and the stockists.  Oooh and at the time of writing, they are still looking for Trial Team Members – written review or a video review – so get applying!