What’s In My Domo Bag?

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Last week, I turned my back for 30 seconds and somehow, Baby Bunty had crawled halfway across the living room, over to my furry Domo bag and emptied out its contents!  Yep, it seems she has inherited my trait of being a nosey parker!

Anyway, this post is for all you curious cats out there who love having a sticky beak into people’s handbags.  Here’s what is currently in my Domo bag…


Say Hello To My New Handbags!

SABA handbag, SABA leather handbag, leather handbag, SABA Annex

I’m interrupting my usual beauty posts with my new handbags today…

Yes, I have been shopping again…!

First up, I have the SPLURGE handbag which was from SABA…  You know it’s SPLURGE-y when it comes wrapped in a dust bag and the shop has a branded cardboard bag (instead of plastic fantastics) and the price tag of the bag is in 3 figures!!  *gulps*


What’s In My Beach Bag?

What's in my beach bag?

{ Happy Friday peeps!  I had a Peking Duck dinner date last night so didn’t have time to prepare a post for today so I had a look at my unpublished drafts and here is what I found -‘What’s In My Beach Bag?’!!!  I actually wrote this over a year ago…but it seems kinda apt because Melbourne has been crazy hot and great beach weather if you like getting sunburnt 😉 

Looking back at this post, I realised that I made a great investment by purchasing this DSLR camera for better photos 😛  Anyway, on with the post and I wish all the Aussie peeps a happy long Labour Day weekend 🙂  4.5 hours till mine starts 🙂  (yes I am typing this whilst having a wee break at work – shhh!!!) }

Melbourne has been going through some sunny spells recently and you know what that means, right?  Time to hit the beach!  Here’s what I put in my beach bag :-


Every Handbag Has A Story – Was It Chanel?

Once upon a time, there were two girls who became best friends at University.  They were both bright and beautiful and they both studied dentistry but had secret aspirations.  One of the girls wanted to be a famous writer and the other girl wanted to be a famous actress.  However, in order to achieve these dreams, they had to earn some money being dentists for a few years before quitting their jobs.

One day after work, whilst dining in a lovely restaurant, they were chatting about one of their favourite topics.  No, not teeth…but hot guys.  They were giggling about their dating stories and flirting shamelessly with the waiter.  When Writer Dentist reached over to get her purse from her handbag to pay the bill, Actress Dentist stopped her.

Actress Dentist :  OMG!  Seriously, girl!  You need to get yourself a better looking handbag!  You are a dentist, darling!
Writer Dentist :  Oh, but you know me.  I’m a cheapskate and I don’t like all that “Look at me, I’m carrying a D-E-S-I-G-N-E-R handbag!” nonsense.  I don’t want to be a walking advert!
Actress Dentist :  Oh come on, darling.  Look at my precious Dior.  It’s classy, not trashy.
Writer Dentist :  Hmmm…well…to be honest, I did quite fancy a Chanel 2.55 in black or that new Chloé in white…
Actress Dentist :  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go shopping!
Writer Dentist :  But…but…no, I can’t!  It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to earn money.
Actress Dentist :  Darling, you’re so anal Asian!  Okay, how about this.  Let’s do a challenge…
Writer Dentist :  I don’t think I like the sound of this…
Actress Dentist :  Okay, how much on average do you earn a month?
Writer Dentist :  I don’t know.  Around £XXXX (4-figure-sum)… You?
Actress Dentist :  Oh good, I’m not far behind.  So, the challenge is – if you earn over £XXXXX (5-figure-sum) next month, you HAVE to buy yourself a designer handbag because you deserve it!
Writer Dentist :  Uh…  £XXXXX is a LOT of money!  I’ll never be able to earn that much.
Actress Dentist :  Wanna bet?

The following month, on pay day, the girls met up again.  There were plenty of squeals all around as Writer Dentist had worked her cute little ass off and somehow managed to achieve that 5-figure-sum.  Of course, they had to skip dinner and go shopping for THE handbag.

Actress Dentist was a regular shopper at the designer handbag stores because the sales assistants recognised her.  Writer Dentist, on the other hand, entered the store awkwardly and looked like she couldn’t afford a single thing in the store and was there to steal the sweets at the counter!

They purred at Chanel (“Oh, Chanel!“), touched Chloé, stroked Miu Miu, flirted with Balençiaga and glanced at Louis Vuitton.  In the end, Actress Dentist chose herself a lovely Gucci handbag whereas Writer Dentist had a mini heart attack at the ghastly price tags…which may I add, are not always very well displayed so one would have to open the handbag, rummage around and look for a sometimes-non-existent price tag!

So what happened next?  Writer Dentist did buy a handbag that night.  Indeed she did.

Was it Chanel?

Alas, no.

C’est tragique!

She chose an Aldo.  Not to be confused with Aldi.  Like puh-lease!  It was a cheap and cheerful yellow Aldo.  She also splashed out and bought the matching purse too.  And that is the story of the yellow Aldo handbag.

Aldo handbags, not Chanel, so sad

Moral of the story :  Life is much more than any designer handbag, but when you have the money and opportunity and desire to buy a Chanel handbag, do it.  The opportunity may never arise again and Chanel handbag prices increase every year so it is worth the investment.

*This is a true story based on real events but names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.  But it doesn’t take a genius to work out who the Writer Dentist is.  Hmm…??

Share your handbag story or forever hold your peace.

Must-Have But Under-Used Handbags

I am sure that there are many women out there who feel the same about what I am going to share.  Picture this scene :

You are out shopping when you see the most gorgeous handbag ever.  You admire it from afar and slowly, walk towards it.  You gently caress the material and your fingers are in lust.  You pick up the handbag and go to the nearest mirror and your reflection shows it all.  You MUST HAVE that handbag, regardless of the price.  You pay for it and there is no guilt because it is a MUST HAVE.  You go home and pack it away.  Often, you look at it and admire its beauty.  But for some bizarre reason, you never find a good opportunity to use it.  Yes, dear readers, this may be a Must-Have Handbag, but it is severely under-used!

Please allow me to introduce one of my Must-Have But Under-Used Handbags.

handbags, white, studs, fresh-out-the-bag

This is a lovely handbag I bought when I was in Venice in 2007.  It caught my eye immediately.  It is white with a creamy leather strap and sprinkled with studs.

handbags, studs, white, lock-and-key, leather
Back then, there were not many handbags with the lock and key feature so I think that’s what made it special for me.  I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember that it burnt a little hole in my purse.

The colour easily goes with many of my outfits.  It is of a good size.  When I look at it, I still think it looks beautiful.  Yet, I have used it for only a few occasions.  I don’t understand why because I feel that it can look good with casual wear and evening wear.  Sigh.

handbags, expensive, studs, white leather

What is your Must-Have But Under-Used Handbag?