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Calling All Insomniacs – Check Out This Works!

this works products for insomniacs
Every vain person knows the importance of beauty sleep.  But if you’re a vain insomniac like me, then getting some shuteye is almost impossible!!

When I heard fellow insomniac @Legeeque raving about This Works sleep sprays, I knew I had to get my hands on them so I hopped straight over to their website and ordered this trio.

Note : These sleep sprays are NOT CHLOROFORM and won’t knock you out immediately but they have fantastic sleep-inducing benefits…


7 Tips On How To Have A Happy & Healthy Vagina

happy healthy vagina

Let’s get intimate and talk about vaginas today.  If you don’t have one, you may want to skip this post or help a sister / girlfriend / auntie / female associate and send them here to get tips on how to have a happy and healthy vagina 🙂 #saynotobitchyvaginas

*Please note – this post contains a lot of vaginas.  Just the word, no pictures.  I am not a vagina specialist so seek professional advice if you have any health concerns down there.