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Her Name Is Laura…

Laura Mercier Cheek Colour Brush, Pony Tail Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Eye Liner Brush

No, I haven’t popped out my baby girl yet!  And no, we’re not going to call her Laura either.  But I’m talking about the Laura Mercier Touch Up Brush Clutch For Eyes & Cheeks which landed on my beauty desk recently.

But I fooled y’all for a second, didn’t I?
…crickets chirping…

Moving swiftly on…


Guest Blog : Breakfast & Brushes with Dean Nixon

Baby Bump & Food Porn

…and The Bad Beauty Blogger Award™ goes to yours truly for severe neglect of this beauty blog.  Le sigh.  And I can’t even blame it on morning all-day sickness any more because I have officially been vom-free for 10 days!  YAYYYY!!!  But instead of lying on my couch and feeling poorly, I have been going out to restaurants and stuffing my face with food galore like it is going out of fashion!  I am just sooooo happy that I can eat food once again!!!!  Yes, this also means that my bump is rapidly growing…along with my boobies as I have gone from 32A to 36DD!  Yes, double D suckers!!!  I went to get measured for maternity bras yesterday and I felt like a pre-pubescent teenager all over again…except I giggled non-stop at the bra cups as they are MA-HOOSIVE and almost as big as my big pancake face!  LOL!

Anyway, I will be resuming regular beauty blogging ASAP because who reads boring mummy blogs anyway? I have shopped up a beauty storm and cannot wait to share some precious beauties with you all.  Meanwhile, my lovely name twinsie Ling from Six Inch Heel has kindly offered up a guest blog post to entertain you all featuring the one and only Dean Nixon AKA Master Makeup – which I featured previously here


Get or Forget : Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag

Costco Kirkland Signature makeup brushes

Costco.  If you haven’t been to Costco before, you are surely missing out.  Costco opened up in my hometown of Glasgow yonks ago and it was and still is, one of my Mum’s favourite places to shop.  And guess what?  I am turning into my Mum because it is also one of my favourite places to shop now that Costco has opened up in Melbourne.  I love Costco’s freshly baked croissants, large packs of salmon, Skippy Peanut Butter and I really miss the baked potatoes because they don’t sell that here in Melbourne.  Damn them!!!!!!  Anyway, this isn’t a food blog so let me get onto the beauty bit of today’s blog.  During one of our Costco visits, I came upon Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag for the bargainous price of $20 AUD and in a flash, it hopped onto my trolley and came home with me.

The 10 brushes are :-

  • Powder : Big and fluffy but not soft enough for my liking
  • Finishing : Good for stippling
  • Foundation Concealer :  LOVE this as it is dense but soft and buffs well
  • Cheek : 2nd favourite and great for contouring
  • Crease Eye : I like to use this on fake crease (I have Asian eyes with no crease – boohoo!)
  • Angled Eye : Not used very often so cannot comment
  • All Over Eye : Great for eye shadow in powder form
  • Liner : I’ve been using this a lot to line my waterline with black matte shadow
  • Highlighting : Haven’t had the need to use this at all
  • Contour Kabuki : Lovely and soft

Here is my review of Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag in the Get or Forget format…

Get Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag if :-

  • You cannot be bothered washing your make-up brushes (hello, that’s me!)
  • You’re not a make-up brush snob because the handles are plastered with Kirkland Signature logo which is a tad tacky
  • A foundation brush is what you are after.  This is the star in the collection.  Star!!!

Forget Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag if :-

  • You have an ultra-sensitive face because some of the brushes are scratchy!!
  • You like tapered handles on make-up brushes.  The handles here aren’t tapered and can make application a tad more difficult.
  • You think you’re getting a “DESIGNER BAG” – it aint designer, I tell ya!  That’s false advertising!!!

My expectations for Kirkland Signature 10 Piece Deluxe Brush Collection with Designer Bag were low and that is why the brushes exceeded my expectations.  For $20 AUD, I am not complaining.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Costco near you because you can buy it on Amazon

Are you a Costco fan?  Have you tried these make-up brushes?  And do you love Skippy Peanut Butter too?

Nude By Nature Powder Brush Gives Me A Make-Up-Brush-Gasm!

Nude By Nature Powder, natural make-up

Do you know what my favourite make-up brush is?  It is a big fluffy powder brush!  Why?  Because I love how the big soft fluffy bristles feel against my face and how it delicately tickles my not-so-delicate flat Asian nose.  No other make-up brush gives me that much satisfaction.  It’s like a make-up-brush-gasm (i.e make-up brush + orgasm)…if there is such a thing.  No?  Okay, it’s just me then…

Anyway, this will explain what happened when I received a Nude By Nature care package…  In the box, I immediately noticed a trio of lip glosses – which I promptly reviewed – and a couple of make-up items which I ooh-ed over…and THEN I SAW THE POWDER BRUSH!

I tested the bristles on my hand and I knew that this Nude By Nature Powder Brush was a goodie.  It was lovely, fluffy and supersoft.  INSTANT LOVE and that make-up-brush-gasm I was talking about earlier…ahem…

Anyway, my care package included the perfect accessory to road-test the Powder Brush and that was in the form of the Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil.

Nude By Nature mineral review, Nude by Nature powder

Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil is a finely-milled translucent finishing powder AKA “Oily Face Police”.  I like it but I don’t love it.  But that’s because of the packaging fault of the holes.  The powder just gets EVERYWHERE!  Up my nose, down my throat, on my bathroom floor…you get the picture!

So yeah… go and test out the Nude By Nature Powder Brush  ($14.95 AUD) and see if it gives you a make-up-brush-gasm too.  As for the Nude By Nature Mineral Finishing Veil ($39.95 AUD), it’s a better-than-average powder but it’s not perfect, in my opinion.

Have you tried Nude By Nature products?  Is it just me or are the photos I took for this post looking really good or what?  Also, I wonder what Google hits I will get from this post as it contains dodgy words like “nude” and “orgasm”.  Let me write “sex” too – just for the heck of it :P

Manicare Retractable Make-Up Brushes & I Are Going On Holiday Together!

Manicare brushes, kabuki brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, make-up brushes

A few weeks ago, I received a few Manicare make-up brushes in the post.  They were part of the Retractable range and included the Kabuki, Concealer and Foundation brushes.  These brushes would fit in beautifully with any travel make-up kit.  Or if you like to touch-up your make-up during the day, then it’s great to have these compact-sized brushes.

make-up brushes, Manicare

Seeing as I have no travel plans in the near future *sad face*, I used these Manicare brushes as part of my normal make-up routine and they did a fantastic job.  Some synthetic brushes are really harsh and scratchy on my skin but that wasn’t the case here.  I was very impressed!

My favourite brush had to be the Kabuki brush because of how multi-functional it is.  It can be used for powder, bronzer, blusher and is dense enough to be used for mineral make-up too.  LOVE!

Famous Last Words

Manicare, best beauty blog, Australia beauty blog

If you’re looking for affordable, good quality make-up brushes, I would happily point you in the direction of Manicare.  They are so confident in their products that they even have The Manicare Guarantee – where if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your product and get a replacement free of charge.  Not that I would return my Manicare brushes because I am completely satisfied…

Now all I need is to book a holiday!  Yay!  Oh wait…I need to save up first and stop spending.  Yes, I have been spending a-plenty lately so stay tuned for tomorrow’s haul post :)

What is in your travel make-up bag?  Have you used Manicare brushes before?  Where’s your next holiday destination?