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Mink Lash Extensions From Lash Me

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely Katrina Beckett, owner of Lash Me, to see if I would like to trial a full set of mink fur lash extensions.  Considering I have short stubby Asian lashes, you would have assumed that I would have jumped at the chance…but I didn’t.  In fact, I was very apprehensive because I have had eyelash extensions before back in 2005(?) and it was the worst experience ever because due to a combination of factors (possible allergy to latex in glue, heavy weight of synthetic lashes, unhelpful beauty attendant), all my lashes were ripped off and I looked weird for weeks without eyelashes!!

eyelash extensions in Melbourne, mink fur lashes, mink fur eyelash extensions

However, Katrina reassured me that there was no latex in the glue and mink fur is a lot lighter and gentler to natural lashes; so before you knew it, I was lying down chit-chatting away to Katrina and Hannah whilst mink fur was being expertly applied to my lashes.

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Look at the difference!  My natural lashes are almost non-existent!!

I was absolutely delighted to see the results.  The length and volume of the lashes are just perfect and they look so natural.  And best of all, it’s been over a week and I have had no issues with the mink fur nor the glue whatsoever.

Melbourne eyelash extensions, mink lash extensions

I have been getting compliments left, right and centre!!!  Having long luscious lashes has made me look more awake and I feel extra sexy to the point where I may be talking to you like a normal person but I’m batting my eyelashes to the beat of “I’m sexy and I know it.  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!”

However, there a few downsides to having eyelash extensions :-

  • I have had no problems with wearing eye make-up (water-based mascara can be used but I didn’t think it was necessary) but removal is just a little bit more tedious as I need to use a Q-tip to remove eyeliner carefully around my lashline.
  • Face-planting into a pillow is out of the question because it would totally crush my lash extensions so I have had to adjust my sleeping position.
  • And I really miss rubbing my eyes!!!

But the positives outweigh the negatives and it’s worth it just to have long luscious lashes :P

At the time of writing, I have only had them for around 10 days so I don’t really know how long they will last me.  A few lashes have fallen out here and there but they still look great.  If the fall-out starts to become uneven (e.g. when the lashes on the right side look longer than the left side), it’s reassuring to know that I have options to either get in-fills or get them removed altogether.

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If you’re looking to have eyelash extensions in Melbourne, I highly recommend Lash Me which is situated in 6 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Melbourne VIC 3182.  A full set of mink fur eyelash extensions cost $170 AUD at Lash Me.  There are also salons in Queensland.  For all the lowdown, head to

Must Try : Biotherm Facials At Myer

A couple of weeks ago, the Facial Fairy Godmother blessed me with a Biotherm Facial at Myer in Melbourne City.  I was really excited as I have been a big fangirl of both Biotherm and facials since my teenage years.

In my experience, facials come in 2 categories :

1.  The No Pain, No Gain Facial – this involves extractions of pimples (ripe and unripe), blackheads, whiteheads, milia complete with clenched fists and clenched teeth!  I walk out the beauty salon with a pepperoni pizza face.

2.  The Pampered-To-Death Facial – Gloriously relaxing where I walk out the salon with a radiant glow and it’s the only time I look good sans make-up!

I can testify that Biotherm Facials are of the latter category!!

Here is what happened when I went for my Biotherm Facial…

After a consultation with Peou, my beauty therapist, about my skin concerns, I was led into the Facial Room where I practically leapt onto the Facial Chair.

Peou, worked her magic on my face with some amazing Biotherm products and within minutes, I drifted off into a deep and relaxing sleep…until one of my loud snores woke me up.

“Come on Ling!  WAKE UP!  You’ve got to blog about this later so STAY AWAKE!  What is Peou doing now?  Oh my gosh…that feels soooooo good!  How does she do that?”

Peou was massaging my shoulders; ironing out all the knots…and it was so good that I went back to sleepy-land yet again!  The next time I woke up was when she gently lifted out my arms to apply the most wonderful-smelling Biotherm Eau Vitaminee Fragrance Mist.  It reminded me of Eau Pure and is on my never-ending wishlist already!

And before I knew it, my 45 minutes was up!  I floated out the door feeling refreshed, with glowing skin and smelling absolutely great.

I highly recommend Biotherm Facials!!!  Check your nearest Biotherm counter at Myer for more details on the next Facial Event.  It costs $65 which is redeemable on Biotherm products – Hello Bargain!!!

P.S.  Sorry for the lack of photos.  I flew out the door that day and forgot my camera.  My iPhone photos are definitely not blog-worthy.  But you can see pretty pictures and read more about the Biotherm Facials from my beauty blogging friends - Emily and Tine.

Are you a facial fan too?  What are your plans for the weekend?

My Blowdry Experience At Salon M

hairdresser South Yarra, hair salon blowdry

Salon M
409 Malvern Road
South Yarra 
VIC 3141

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Salon M and asked if I would like a blowdry.  I thought about for 2 seconds before I said, “Yes, please!”  An appointment was booked and here is what happened :-

  • I was 2 minutes late and I arrived at Salon M all sweaty.  The walk from the train station was around 7-10 minutes…but in typical Ling fashion, I took a wrong turn.  I was greeted by friendly staff members and my stylist for the day was the beautiful Jenn.  I knew I would like her straight away because she was rocking a bright orange lipstick and I couldn’t stop admiring it – this was quite apt as I had bought the domain – – on that very morning.
  •  After a quick friendly chat / consultation, I was led to get my hair washed.  I can report that the temperature of the water was perfect and no water in the ears.  YAY!  We continued chatting as she washed my hair.  For some bizarre reason, my mind went blank when she asked me what hair products I use.  It’s probably due to the fact that I use a variety of different hair potions and lotions to tame my mane.  Anyway, she said she was only asking because my hair was healthy and strong even though I’ve had it coloured and I wash and dry it every night and use hair appliances all the time.  (BTW – tomorrow’s post will be about the hair products I’ve been using lately.)
  • After towel-drying my hair and applying heat protectant spray, my hair was blowdried (with no scalp burning) and put into huge rollers.  I’ve never had that done before so it was really fun!  Pity it looks really complicated and I don’t think it’s something I can do on myself.
  •  When the big rollers were removed, I could only think of one word – VOLUME!  To finish off the look, Jenn curled the ends of my hair with ghd straighteners and spritzed on hairspray.  I had big bouncy curls and I felt like one of the girls in a hair commercial!

I had a great time at Salon M with friendly staff and a fabulous blowdry experience.  If you live in Melbourne and want to check them out yourself, here’s their website.

Have you ever gone to a hair salon for a blowdry?  If not, I bet you’ll book one when you read Hair Romance’s 9 reasons why a salon blowdry rocks.

Warning : This Is A Hair Rant

Unico Hair
205-207 Little Collins Street
(03) 9650 2160 

Seeing as I am uninspired today and everything feels like dog poo, I thought I’d go off and rant about my hair.  A few weeks ago, I got my hair cut and coloured as part of a deal coupon thingy I bought a while ago.  Two visits of cut and colour for $39 sounds like a bargain…  Yes, it is a bargain but I was charged another $50!  WTF?  Okay, so it’s a long story…so it’s entirely up to you if you want to keep reading…but this is my hair rant!!!

First of all, my Twitter friends voted that I get my hair coloured red…so I went into the Unico Hair Salon and said, “I want to go red!”  The hair colourist said that because my hair is so dark, it won’t go red.  She then convinced me to have the ends coloured red as it was going to be more intense that way – almost like ombré or gradient but not exactly…if that makes sense.  I was fine with that.

But then she said that I HAD to colour the rest of my hair black.  I didn’t want to as I had just slightly lightened my hair by doing it myself a few weeks ago.  Besides, my hair is not black black, but darkest brown black.  She said that I would look stupid if I didn’t dye it black.  So she made me feel really stupid and put me in a corner with no way out.

But when she went to get the hair dye, I yelled out and said, “Look, can you just dye all of my hair red?  I’m fine with that…”  She said, “No, it won’t show up.”  And then she uttered those fatal words,  ”Trust me, I’m a hair professional…

Trust MY ASS!!!!!

There has not been one day where I think my hair looks nice after this disaster visit.  First of all, the black is too black and I feel that it drains me.  It’s like one block of colour.  Secondly, the red isn’t even red!!  These photos were taken on the same day I had my hair done!  When we discussed the more intense red, she pointed to a Rhianna red…instead I ended up with burgundy red.

Look at these photos of me from a few years ago with red highlights.  I did these MYSELF and I achieved redder results.  (Yes, I rocked red hair but my make-up is atrocious in these photos!  LOL!)

Guurrrrrr!  I was not happy because I forked out extra dosh – 50 buckaroos – for something that I could have done better myself!  And she didn’t even listen to MY requests.

I have received a couple of compliments but it’s just not the same if I don’t like it myself.  I’m going back for my second visit in a few weeks time and hopefully, I can lighten the black gothy hair.  It’s Spring / Summer in Australia and I want to have sunkissed highlights and not block black hair.

The guy who cut my hair was nice enough.  It’s just the hair colourist who was also the manager of this salon – who I will not name and shame publicly.  Anyway, hair rant over.  Normal pleasant blog posting will resume tomorrow…if I can be inspired!!!

UPDATE :  I returned a few weeks later for my 2nd cut & colour and the manager was nowhere to be seen!  YES!  This time I put my foot down and said that I did NOT want to pay another $50 and they were happy to oblige.  It appears that there is a big staff turnover rate in Unico Hair.  Not a good sign.

Has a hair professional ever done you wrong?  Share your hair rant with me.

My Kerastase Ritual Treatment Experience

Kerastase Australia are currently running a complimentary Kerastase Ritual Treatment – for more details, check out their website.  It is important to note that not all salons provide the Kerastase Ritual Treatment for free –  some salons only provide this service if you get a cut and blowdry.  I know this because the first salon I called up said that this was part of their terms and conditions – and seeing as I have a hair appointment booked in September, I said, “No thanks!” and called the next nearest salon in my hood  - Anthony Nitson Hair in Doncaster – who were definitely providing a complimentary Kerastase Ritual Treatment with no hidden charges.  I redeemed my offer yesterday and boy, it was an AMAZING experience!