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Beauty Blogging Boy Reviews The LYNX Body Buffer

If you haven’t seen this atrocious advert for the LYNX Body Buffer, watch it now.  It is trashy and so un-funny…and what the heck is going on with Sophie Monk’s HUMUNGOUS lips?!!

LYNX bodybuffer, LYNX body buffer review

Anyway, the Beauty Blogging Boy (i.e. my Husband) was looking for a new shower cleaning tool for his body and for a while, he played with my Kuu Konjac Sponge, but then he got bored with it because he doesn’t do soft spongy textures and likes the roughness of a shower puff.  And so, I went to my local Priceline and bought him the LYNX Body Buffer.

In my female opinion, the LYNX Body Buffer looks like it was designed to scrub woks…like those steel wire cleaners.  But the Beauty Blogging Boy loves it because it looks a lot manlier than those flimsy white or pink shower puffs.

One side of the LYNX Body Buffer is used for scrubbing (don’t say ‘exfoliating’ because that’s a beauty term for girls :P) and the other side is designed for lathering up with shower gel (it’s just a normal shower puff in black).

As you already know, the Beauty Blogging Boy is a beauty blogger with a few words and grunts, so writing a review is out of the question.  Instead, I had to squeeze some answers out of him…

Me :  What do you like most about the LYNX Body Buffer?

BBB :  It has 2 sides.  Makes me clean.

Me :  Do you prefer it to normal shower puffs?

BBB :  Yes because it looks manlier.

Me :  Would you buy it again?

BBB :  Probably yes. 

Me :  There’s no such thing as probably yes or probably no.  It’s either yes, no or probably.  Please answer properly.

BBB :  Yes.

Me :  Does it clean your balls properly?

BBB :  You tell me…

Me goes over to inspect them and Me can confirm that BBB’s balls are indeed clean!

Okay, you got me…I made the last part of the interview up :P  But yeah, apparently the LYNX Body Buffer doesn’t hurt the boy bits like I thought it would…and cleans them well.

LYNX Body Buffer is around $7 and can be found in Priceline.  The Beauty Blogging Boy is a satisfied customer with clean balls!  Stay tuned for next week’s review on his new favourite shower gel.

What does your man use in the shower?

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HELP! I Found Something Dodgy In My Husband’s Pocket!

You know that movie scene where the wife is doing the laundry and empties out the pockets of her husband’s jackets and finds something incriminating like a red lipstick or some other woman’s underwear or a love note?  Well, something similar like that happened to me today and I am ready to share because I need your help in analysing the situation…

My story goes like this…

I had just got home after my disastrous haircut (more on that another day) and was frying some bacon and eggs.  The oil was splattering everywhere so I didn’t want to dirty my top nor did I want to put on some frumpy apron (FYI : I don’t actually own an apron).  As luck would have it, my Husband’s hoody was lying nearby so I grabbed that and put it on.

The pockets of his hoody were jangling so I took out all the crap in there.  Keys, spare change…and then this!

best beauty blog

Yes, a sample of Guerlain Issima Anti-Ageing Creme Foundation!!

What on earth?  What does it mean?  Why would he have that in his pocket?  I haven’t visited the Guerlain counter since…FOREVER!!!  Has he been secretly wearing foundation??  Does it belong to another woman? Is he having an affair?  Is he planning to buy me foundation??  Does he even know what foundation is???  So many questions…not enough answers!

I am uber confused.  My Husband has a lot of explaining to do when he gets home!!

Meanwhile…I have a little problem!  The pressure cooker (which he usually uses) has just thrown a big hissy fit and soup has exploded all over the gas cooker!!!  Oh dearrrrrr!!!  He can clean that up while he explains to me the mystery behind the foundation sample.

I will update this so stay tuned…only 45 minutes till he gets home…hmm…

What do you think is the worst thing to find in your other half’s pockets?  I think that I would be very disturbed if I found my Mum’s bra in his pockets…so good thing it’s just foundation I found today.

UPDATE : He claims he found it in one of my beauty drawers and that he thought it was lip balm!!!  I don’t recall having any Guerlain samples EVER!  But I shall watch him closely for the next few days…to see if he IS wearing the foundation LOLOL.  And no, I know he won’t be cheating on me because he spends all his free time with me and he only works with a bunch of guys and obviously, because he loves me! :P  Maybe he’ll buy me some Guerlain foundation…??

A Review Of American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Products For Receding Hairlines

Do you have a chilled-out and laidback brother / boyfriend / guy friend / husband / father?  Well, here’s a phrase which will scare him, “Hey, your hairline’s receding!” and watch him scurry to the nearest mirror and pull back his hair and analyse his hairline in every angle possible.

Note :  This will only work on non-bald guys!!!

Anyway, my Husband genuinely has a receding hairline because his hairdresser, who he has been seeing since 2004, told him so and because his father (my FIL) is semi-bald…but he does that combover thing that old guys do…you know the one I mean!  I actually bought some seaweed gooey stuff to make a DIY hair thickening product, but before I got all the ingredients together, an interesting email landed in my inbox…and to cut a long story short, my Husband got 3 American Crew  Trichology Hair Recovery products – Shampoo, Concentrate and Patch – to try out and review for my blog.

So for this beauty blogging hair adventure, he was supposed to use the 3 products together to maximise the effectiveness.  Wash hair with the Shampoo and then massage the Concentrate into scalp, before waiting for hair to dry and sticking the Patch on areas of recession and sleep with it overnight.

The following is a review I had to write on behalf of him.  He’s like a typical guy with answers like “nice” and “good”.  Yep, completely useless, right?  But I did get squeeze some answers out of him and here is the review…

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Shampoo

Contains a proven formula that nourishes and expands the life of the hair and stimulates, soothes and helps heal the scalp.
RRP $27.95

His Thoughts

  • Smells good, lathers well and a manly shampoo.
  • Would definitely repurchase again.

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Concentrate

Fuller, thicker and stronger hair; prolongs hair life.
RRP $59.95 for 12 ampoules

His Thoughts

  • One ampoule per application seems rather excessive and as there’s only 12 in the box, can make the stuff last longer by using half an ampoule instead
  • Slightly oily and absorbs well
  • Rather unpleasant smell (Ling : Sorry, but I have to agree.  He jumped into bed one night and I scrunched up my nose and I was like, “What’s that smell?”)  - but it fades away once it has dried
  • May consider repurchasing again

American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery Patch

Releases selected ingredients overnight to boost strength and thickness
RRP $119.95 for 60 patches

His Thoughts 

  • For the first two nights I used it, I got a headache; but after that, it was okay.
  • Easy to apply and requires minimal effort
  • Pricey but would repurchase when I earn big bucks

Overall Experience

So, one question on everyone’s mind is, “Did it thicken your receding hairline?” and being a guy with limited words in his beauty blogging dictionary, he said, “I think so…” and turned back to play his iPad 2.  Le sigh.

To be honest, in my opinion, it’s difficult to comment on hair thickening after 4 weeks of usage.  But it appears he had a pleasant experience with this hair regime and good thing he found a manly shampoo he likes because he can stop using my hair stuff!  :P

My Man Smells Of Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT

Perfume is a word I associate with females, but apparently, males wear perfumes too!  I think I’ll stick with the word ‘cologne’ for them.  Anyway, today is rather interesting on The Best Beauty Blog because I’m going to review a male product – Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT.  Now, obviously, I am not a man and I don’t wear male fragrances…so why am I reviewing this?  Well, my Husband tested the product and he’s like a typical guy so his review went like this…

Me :  ”What do you think of Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT?”
Him :  ”Yeah, it’s good.”
Me :  ”Erm…can you be more descriptive?”
Him :  ”Yeah, it smells good.”
Me :  ”Is that it?”
Him :  ”Yes.  I like it.  What else do you want me to say?”…and turns back to his iPad…

The End.

He is definitely not a male beauty blogger in the making!  Allow me to handle this…