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Since none of my family members live in Australia, they demand daily photos and updates of #BabyBunty.  And I get in trouble if the photo is blurry (hello, she is a baby and will not sit still!) or she wears the same onesie or her bib is dirty.  Yep, that’s my family for ya – they are not easily satisfied!  But I guess it’s a fun challenge trying to take interesting photos of her every day.

Lately, I’ve started thinking up witty captions to go with the photos (like those funny baby memes I constantly see on Facebook) and here’s one that got my sister’s approval so I thought I’d share it with you guys too.  Hope it gave you a little giggle!

10 Things That 6 Months Of Motherhood Has Taught Me

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Yesterday, I was happy sad.  My baby girl Bunty turned 6 months.  It was her “half-birthday”.  I spent the day singing an improvised “Happy Half-Birthday Song” to her and filmed a video of her so she can watch it in the future.  I thought about baking her a wee cake…but that’s all I did – I just THOUGHT it.  Yep, it’s the thought that counts right?  And then in the evening, I had a beauty blog event to attend so she had a Daddy Daughter Dinner Date.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great time to reflect and share about 10 things I have learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood :-

[ WARNING :  There are elements of TMI ]


Say Hello to Our Little Munchkin!


Happy 2014 everyone!!!  Long time no blog, but you all should know why…  This little munchkin arrived on 17th December 2013 and it’s been crazy hectic ever since – crying baby, dirty nappies, sore nipples (yes, I’m breastfeeding and I feel like a cow – *moo moo*), hospital check-ups, visitors here and there, etc, etc…  And today, right now, may be the first time I have had a little teeny bit of free time for like 15 minutes…and I should be catching up on much-needed sleep, but I have chosen to update my blog instead – it’s called dedication, yo!

So she does have a REAL name but to remain private and all, we have an online name for her which is Bunty.  And we actually call her Bunty more than we call her by her real name, LOL.  It’s just a made-up name we called my baby bump and it has stuck!  She’s turning into a baby beauty blogger already as she has had some lovely care packages with baby products – thank you to those brands, you know who you are.

Well, I don’t have much else to say except once I get a bit of routine in my life, normal beauty blogging WILL resume so stay tuned.  I hope you are all keeping well and update me with your goss please.

Just a few random things which I strangely wanna share before I go take a shower :-

1.  I stink of (breast)milk!!!  In fact, everything smells of milk.  And I am the biggest milk-phobic ever!!!
2.  My iPhone camera roll has been invaded with baby pictures of Bunty…and I am turning into one of those mums who force people to look at photos of my offspring!!
3.  I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week now.  Those days where I used to wash my hair every single day seem so long ago!!
4.  As of today, I have worn make-up two days in a row!!  Does it count as make-up if it is only one product though??  Anyway, if you wanna know, it is Face Of Australia Berry Brulee Glossy Lip Crayon which is a beautiful colour representing Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Colour of 2014!
5.  I am so happy that I can cut my toe nails now!

Told ya it was random!  Anyway, chat soon!  Thanks for reading as always!

Ling xxx

P.S.  Just as I was about to press “Publish” on this blog post, #BabyBunty started crying.  She’s awake from her wee nap already!!!  How did she know I just finished blogging??!!!

15 Things I Have Done Since Maternity Leave Started 2 Weeks Ago

Melbourne mummy

In case you didn’t know, my last day at work was 2 Fridays ago and boy, was I glad to start maternity leave.  Full-time work with this “big babeh in ma belleh” was doing my back in…literally!  Anyway, with all this “free time” on my hands, a few friends have been asking me what I have been doing…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  They are either :-

a) Nosey – Curiosity killed the cat (#justsaying)
b) Concerned I might be bored – As if I would ever get bored of free “me” time!
c) Living vicariously through me while they slave away at work – Hello, I’m preggers…it’s not as if I’m gallivanting around Europe staying in 5 star luxury!

So for all you curious cats out there, these are the things I have been doing since maternity leave kicked off 2 weeks ago according to the photos taken on my iPhone 5 (otherwise it didn’t count :P) and please forgive me for the poor quality photos but I cannot lug my DSLR around with me at all times.

Asian wedding  1.  The Husband and I went to a wedding at Wattle Park Chapel where we were happy for the blessed couple, but we were even happier when we tucked into the yummy buffet lunch feast.

baby shower at the Waiting Room Crown

2.  I had my Pink Baby Shower High Tea with my online girlfriends which you would have read about in my previous post.  (Okay the photos are not from my iPhone but whatcha gonna do about it huh?)

squeezing blackheads, squeezing zits, popping pimples

3.  The Husband pinned me down and squeezed my blackheads!  It is one of his favourite pastimes because he doesn’t have any blackheads on his face so he always looks for mine!  *nods head*  Yes, we are a weird couple!

luxbite, chocolate tart, raspberyy macaron, noodles, beef noodles, food porn melbourne, food blog melbourne

4.  We ate out a lot because :-

a) We are too lazy to cook every day
b) Some of my salary goes into this “Entertainment Salary Packaging Card” to reduce the amount of taxes I pay…but the only way I can spend it is to eat at restaurants or stay at hotels
c) We know the chances of us eating out will be greatly reduced by the arrival of my Mum next week (she has worked in the food industry for umpteen years and she says most places are unhygienic), his Mum in 2 weeks (she thinks everything is fatty and unhealthy) and my baby girl in 4 weeks (screaming newborn babies at restaurants are a no-no!)
d) It’s like “dating” for us 😉

The places we have dined at since my maternity leave include : LuxBite, Roast Duck Inn, Fish Pier, Ikea, Yami Yami, Dessert Story, Quan 88, Meals At Jackson’s, Malaysian Kitchen…

red itchy stretch marks, stretch marks pregnancy, itchy red stretch marks from pregnancy week 34

5.  I have been scratching my tummy till it bleeds!!!  I have red raging inflamed stretch marks which itch like a bitch all day and night.  And before anyone asks, I HAVE BEEN USING EVERY MOISTURISER / OIL / AILMENT under the sun (except for steroidal cream which I want to avoid).  I showed it to my Doctor at my last Obstetrician appointment last week and all she said was “you need to moisturise” – gee, thanks for your useless help!!!  Anyway, I have diagnosed myself with the help of Dr Google and I suspect I have Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy (PEP) and I will be cured once I have delivered the baby.  And there goes my chance of ever becoming a Victoria’s Secret supermodel!!! LOL!!!

nursing chair, rocking chair Ikea, Ikea Melbourne, Ikea Victoria

6.  We went around furniture shops looking for a nursing reclining rocking chair so I can get comfy when I breastfeed and hide my boobs from any prying eyes.  I scoured the Mummy forums and Ikea Poang was a popular choice but I didn’t really like it.  In the end, we found a relatively cheap one (under $500) at Furniture Galore in Springvale but the sales guy was the RUDEST man everrrrrr so I stormed out and refused to spend my hard-earned money there.  We went to the Nunawading branch and the sales dude was nicer so we ordered the chair…only to pick it up yesterday and find that it was wonky!!  Back it went and we’re still waiting 1.5 weeks later…

baby clothes australia, mummy blog melbourne

7.  I bought some baby clothes finally!  I’ve been putting that off for some bizarre reason but then I went a bit nuts at K-Mart, Target and Big W.  Yes, they are all relatively el-cheapo places but babies grow so fast that I don’t see the point in buying them designer gear at such an early age.  I am also trying to hunt down some sleeping bag type clothes like the Grobags and Swaddles, but have no idea which ones to get…  Worry about that later 😛

baking cakes, cakes galore, cake in melbourne

8.  I have a newfound love for baking!  Carrot cake, banana bread and chocolate cake…  And I even bought an 18 cm cake tin yesterday so that my cakes look better!!  What is happening to me??

Grain Store Melbourne, Grain Store, chips, lamb sausage, scrambled eggs

9.  Meeting up with friends and catching up on goss.  I do have a social life offline you know 😛

instant noodles

10.  Eating lots of instant noodles for lunch.  In my defence, I am trying to finish all the junk food, i.e. instant noodles, frozen fish balls and frozen dumplings, before my Mum arrives.  She doesn’t like all this instant slash frozen food business so I am trying to save her from stress 😛

bleeding tongue, cut tongue, ice cream

11.  Speaking of frozen foods…  I found a Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream (Murray Salted Caramel with Macadamia) hiding in the freezer which was the Husband’s stash of junk food.  I can’t and shouldn’t eat ice cream due to my increased intolerance of lactose…but temptation got the better of me.  After licking the ice cream till it was all gone, I discovered that all the licking made my tongue bleed!  Sigh!  And then the lactose-induced nausea came to haunt me…  Double sigh!

Will Power TVB series

12.  Watching TVB Chinese series so that I can brush up on my Cantonese speaking skills and hopefully, Bunty will be a bilingual girl like yours truly.  And before anyone asks, the Husband has limited Cantonese which is mish-mashed with Malaysian words so it just sounds…WRONG!  (FYI – I do have other Cantonese-speaking Malaysian friends who speak Canto like a pro…so I’m not saying all Malaysians speak funny…just my Husband!)

Marks & Spencers Treggings

13.  I have also been doing a spot of decluttering.  I managed to reduce my wardrobe by 5 items of clothing!  Yay!  That’s quite a lot for a hoarder like me.  Also, stopped to have a laugh at the silly clothes my Mum brought over last year…  Treggings anyone?

airwick australia, airwick candle

14.  Chillaxing with scented candles whilst reading about baby sleeping techniques.  This limited edition black scented candle from Airwick is pretty cool because it changes colour.  I have yet to light the Glasshouse Fragrance one I got for my birthday though.

15.  Other things with no photographic evidence such as blogging, surfing the internet, sleeping, pooping, taking photos, talking to my bump, praying, Christmas shopping, dropping my phone, drinking full fat Coca Cola…blah blah blah…

And that’s all folks!

Clearly I have not done enough maternity-related stuff…  the nursery is still half-done… I don’t have a birth plan…  I haven’t packed my hospital bags yet…  I don’t even have a clue what my Husband’s workplace phone number is if I have to call him when my waters break…  Mehh…  whatever…!  I’m just gonna go with the flow 🙂

Plenty of women complain that maternity leave is boring…  Well, I aint complaining!!!  At least, not yet…

Things I Am Thankful For From My Pink Baby Shower

Pink Baby Shower Theme

A couple of weekends ago, I had my first baby shower (yes, I am having my second one this weekend with work friends and family members – how lucky am I?) which I shall refer to as my Pink Baby Shower because THERE WAS SO MUCH PINK!!!  Admittedly, leading up to the Pink Day, I was a bit angsty due to various reasons (blame my hormones!) but in retrospect, here are a list of things I am very thankful for from my Pink Baby Shower :-

1.  Sixteen girlfriends gave up a precious sunny Saturday afternoon to attend!  Very thankful!

In attendance were mostly my online girlfriends – a mish-mash of beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and food bloggers – whom I see at beauty events / catch up for foodie meets / stalk chat to regularly online.  Aside from my online girlfriends, there were only 2 “real-life” girlfriends.  Minda who I met at Church Camp as a teenager (but who is now a food and lifestyle blogger herself) and J (a complete non-blogger) who I met at Church a few years ago.  I did invite a couple more “real-life” girlfriends but they were a no-show.

(Nowadays, it is quite common to form online friendships but my BIL found that highly amusing (I saw that smirk!) and he joins a number of people in my life who don’t understand socialising on social media – you know the ones who frown upon your social media activities , “You’re ALWAYS on Facebook blah blah” and “I don’t think you should say this or post that blah blah”.  To be honest, I don’t really give a rat’s arse what people think of me these days, but I wish people would let me be.  It’s not as if I tell them to stop going to the gym / watching TV / playing Candy Crush / baking / knitting / taking naps / whatever they like to do.  Anyway, I digress…)

Baby shower gifts for baby girl

2.  And these sixteen girlfriends were a very generous bunch and showered Bunty and I (yes, me too!) with plenty of gifts galore!  Very thankful!

Cute baby girl clothes, baby Converse shoes (adorbs!), elephant blankets, HANDMADE blanket, origami bouquet, sexy nursing Peter Alexander nightie, champagne, nappy cake, guestbook, etc.  Extremely spoilt to the max.

You know how I love to savour presents and NOT open them { read this post } – yeah, I was under a lot of pressure to open all the gifts and wish I had time to photograph them all as I want to thank people AGAIN later and get Bunty to pose with the gifts when she is born.  But the Husband put all the baby clothes and blankets in the wash and combine that with baby brain, I cannot remember who bought what.  Oops!

The Waiting Room at Crown High Tea

3.  The fantastic service from the lovely waitress at The Waiting Room at Crown.  Very thankful!

We had high tea at this swanky venue and fortunately for us, we had a private room where it made things easy for me to snake in and out to chat and take photos with everyone without disturbing other patrons.  It was slightly dim in there so my photos didn’t turn out too well, but I still had a blast.

As I am lactose intolerant and pregnant, I couldn’t eat a lot of things which were placed in front of me *sobs*.  I don’t think my dietary requirements were noted beforehand but after I told the waitress, she got the chef to work some magic and I got some fruits and dairy-free chocolate cake.  Yay!  I was naughty and ate a lovely warm scone later but didn’t feel well for the rest of the night (because it contained dairy).  Oh well, I do want to return one day and sample the dairy-free high tea.

The waitress ensured my cup of tea was topped up with freshly brewed Earl Grey and she didn’t mind packing up some leftover cakes for my Husband to sample later.

The Waiting Room on Urbanspoon

4.  The people who made the day happen.  Very thankful!

Ling – No, not me!  But someone else called Ling 😛  She e-invited guests and booked the venue.
Val – Great venue suggestion!
Tine – Fantastic guestbook from Kikki K.  (But I think she forgot that we actually first met when we both studied in Dundee and not because of beauty blogging LOL!)
Lianne – Brought along her Polaroid camera so I got some awesome Polaroid pics in the guestbook.
Norlin – Carried my heavy goodie bags from one end of Crown Casino to the other.  In heels!!
Minda – Stayed behind to help me pack up and recap the day.

Asian wedding

5.  Last but not least, the Husband.  Very thankful!

On the morning of the baby shower, we actually attended one of his friends wedding.  However, we had to leave early so I could get changed (from green to pink) and so he could drive me to the city for my baby shower, as he didn’t want me to take public transport!  What a sweetie!  And instead of going back to the wedding, he hovered around the city and waited for me to finish and picked me up.

Husband wrapping up baby shower gifts

Not only that…  But on the day before the baby shower, he had his final exams (he passed – YAY!) and after the exams, he went to buy all the things I needed for the goodie bag I gave to the girls.  And he wrapped them up too!  He is a good egg!

Ahhh…what a thankful day to remember!!!

Quick Blog Update

lifestyle pic

My usual routine of full-time work during the day and beauty blogging at night was disrupted recently by something which can only be described as maternity leave-induced nesting which included baking (yeah, the highly UNdomesticated me!!), preparing the nursery and buying lots of pink baby clothes!  Plus don’t get me started on how energy sapping it is to do normal everyday things – I have started taking naps like an old lady!!  Hence, the sudden mini blog break…but I’m sure you all will understand 🙂

This is my 35th week of pregnancy and my 2nd week of maternity leave and my aim for this week is to “blog like a maniac” and prepare plenty of posts as I will soon have to juggle my time between my newborn baby girl (she arrives in approx 5 weeks!!! *eeks*), my Momma (she arrives in 9 days – YAY!), my in-laws (they arrive in 19 days *gulps*) and basically adjusting to a whole new life.

With regards to blogging, I apologise in advance because :-

– There will be sporadic beauty blog posts

– There will most likely be a blog silence when my scheduled posts run out

– There will be delays in replying comments and emails

But I will be back!  Beauty blogging keeps me sane!!!

So thank you for sticking around and don’t forget I have over 600 posts in my Archives, plus stalk me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more beauty news.

Anyway, after this quick blog update, I will start preparing plenty of beauty blog posts galore and I have a couple of giveaways lined up so stay tuned!!  New post tomorrow!

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