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Since none of my family members live in Australia, they demand daily photos and updates of #BabyBunty.  And I get in trouble if the photo is blurry (hello, she is a baby and will not sit still!) or she wears the same onesie or her bib is dirty.  Yep, that’s my family for ya – they are not easily satisfied!  But I guess it’s a fun challenge trying to take interesting photos of her every day.

Lately, I’ve started thinking up witty captions to go with the photos (like those funny baby memes I constantly see on Facebook) and here’s one that got my sister’s approval so I thought I’d share it with you guys too.  Hope it gave you a little giggle!

10 Things That 6 Months Of Motherhood Has Taught Me

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Yesterday, I was happy sad.  My baby girl Bunty turned 6 months.  It was her “half-birthday”.  I spent the day singing an improvised “Happy Half-Birthday Song” to her and filmed a video of her so she can watch it in the future.  I thought about baking her a wee cake…but that’s all I did – I just THOUGHT it.  Yep, it’s the thought that counts right?  And then in the evening, I had a beauty blog event to attend so she had a Daddy Daughter Dinner Date.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great time to reflect and share about 10 things I have learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood :-

[ WARNING :  There are elements of TMI ]


Say Hello to Our Little Munchkin!


Happy 2014 everyone!!!  Long time no blog, but you all should know why…  This little munchkin arrived on 17th December 2013 and it’s been crazy hectic ever since – crying baby, dirty nappies, sore nipples (yes, I’m breastfeeding and I feel like a cow – *moo moo*), hospital check-ups, visitors here and there, etc, etc…  And today, right now, may be the first time I have had a little teeny bit of free time for like 15 minutes…and I should be catching up on much-needed sleep, but I have chosen to update my blog instead – it’s called dedication, yo!

So she does have a REAL name but to remain private and all, we have an online name for her which is Bunty.  And we actually call her Bunty more than we call her by her real name, LOL.  It’s just a made-up name we called my baby bump and it has stuck!  She’s turning into a baby beauty blogger already as she has had some lovely care packages with baby products – thank you to those brands, you know who you are.

Well, I don’t have much else to say except once I get a bit of routine in my life, normal beauty blogging WILL resume so stay tuned.  I hope you are all keeping well and update me with your goss please.

Just a few random things which I strangely wanna share before I go take a shower :-

1.  I stink of (breast)milk!!!  In fact, everything smells of milk.  And I am the biggest milk-phobic ever!!!
2.  My iPhone camera roll has been invaded with baby pictures of Bunty…and I am turning into one of those mums who force people to look at photos of my offspring!!
3.  I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week now.  Those days where I used to wash my hair every single day seem so long ago!!
4.  As of today, I have worn make-up two days in a row!!  Does it count as make-up if it is only one product though??  Anyway, if you wanna know, it is Face Of Australia Berry Brulee Glossy Lip Crayon which is a beautiful colour representing Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Colour of 2014!
5.  I am so happy that I can cut my toe nails now!

Told ya it was random!  Anyway, chat soon!  Thanks for reading as always!

Ling xxx

P.S.  Just as I was about to press “Publish” on this blog post, #BabyBunty started crying.  She’s awake from her wee nap already!!!  How did she know I just finished blogging??!!!

Quick Blog Update

lifestyle pic

My usual routine of full-time work during the day and beauty blogging at night was disrupted recently by something which can only be described as maternity leave-induced nesting which included baking (yeah, the highly UNdomesticated me!!), preparing the nursery and buying lots of pink baby clothes!  Plus don’t get me started on how energy sapping it is to do normal everyday things – I have started taking naps like an old lady!!  Hence, the sudden mini blog break…but I’m sure you all will understand 🙂

This is my 35th week of pregnancy and my 2nd week of maternity leave and my aim for this week is to “blog like a maniac” and prepare plenty of posts as I will soon have to juggle my time between my newborn baby girl (she arrives in approx 5 weeks!!! *eeks*), my Momma (she arrives in 9 days – YAY!), my in-laws (they arrive in 19 days *gulps*) and basically adjusting to a whole new life.

With regards to blogging, I apologise in advance because :-

– There will be sporadic beauty blog posts

– There will most likely be a blog silence when my scheduled posts run out

– There will be delays in replying comments and emails

But I will be back!  Beauty blogging keeps me sane!!!

So thank you for sticking around and don’t forget I have over 600 posts in my Archives, plus stalk me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more beauty news.

Anyway, after this quick blog update, I will start preparing plenty of beauty blog posts galore and I have a couple of giveaways lined up so stay tuned!!  New post tomorrow!

Pregnancy Drama-Rama

baby bump at 26 weeks

Who knew life as a pregnant lady would be so full of drama-rama?

On Sunday around 6pm, I found myself stroking, rubbing and smelling my knickers and leggings which had been soaked through with some sort of clear bodily fluid.  Now I know my bladder control isn’t exactly perfect but I would know if I peed my pants…because I have a tendency to do that sometimes when I laugh or sneeze…damn my poor pelvic floor muscles!

I thought I was imagining the wet patches like a paranoid android, so I ran to the kitchen and asked the Husband if he could feel the wet patches….whilst I was still wearing my wet knickers and leggings!!

Picture me with a big belly bump, knickers and leggings pulled halfway down and exposed ladybits yelling – “Feel it!  FEEL IT!!!  Is it wet?  IS IT WET?!”

He gave me the “Are you kidding me?  Do I really have to?” look.

“PUT DOWN THE CHICKEN!” – He was in the middle of dissecting a poached chicken for dinner…


“Um…my hands are full of chicken…”, he whimpered.

Death stare alert from me!  “WASH YOUR HANDS, DRY THEM AND FEEL THIS NOW!!!”  (I think we really have to work on my URGENT voice technique because he didn’t seem to be catching on AT ALL!!)

T-H-R-E-E long minutes of handwashing later, the Husband kindly offered the back of his right hand…knuckles to be precise…to feel my knickers and leggings…and declared, “No, it’s not wet!”


The pathetic knuckle grazed along my pants again.  “No, it’s not wet!”

“WHAT???  Are you sure?  Is it damp?  Come on, surely you can feel that it is damp, right?”

“No” – and turned and went back to his poached chicken…

So there I was…knickers and leggings halfway down my legs…questioning myself!!  Maybe I was the delusional one??

“Dinner is ready in 5 minutes!”

“Uh, okay…” – and I pulled up my wet-or-not-wet-but-dammit-they-felt-really-wet knickers and leggings and sat down in preparation for dinner…but meanwhile, furiously Googling away “fluid leakage in pregnancy” and reading a lot of forums to seek some answers.

“How’s the chicken?”
“Uh yeah, good!”
“Why aren’t you eating?”
“I’m worried!!!  Seriously, did you not think it was at least damp!  I can feel it, you know!”
“Mmm…the chicken is sooooo yummy!”

Yup, he was obsessed with his poached chicken and I was obsessed with my wet pants!

Anyway, I decided to go and lie down in bed with a fresh new pair of panties and then check it in an hour to see if there was any further fluid leakage.

The Husband came upstairs and said, “Listen, if you’re really worried, why don’t we call the hospital and see what they say?”  Oh yeah, a change of tune, I see!  But that’s the thing…  I have this weird semi-phobia of hospitals and doctors…  Even when I bumped my head a few months ago and it bled like crazy and I saw floating tadpoles, I refused to go to hospital.

“No, I think I’ll wait and maybe see my doctor on Tuesday after work.”

I had a little nap and then woke up..checked my panties and there was a small wet patch…and this is also when my Mum came online (yes, she is a bit tech savvy these days), so I asked her if she had any fluid leakages during her pregnancies.  She has given birth to 7 of us so she’s been through it all….and her pelvic floor muscles would be worse than mine 😛  And she said, “No, what do you mean by fluid?  I never had it before.  But wait a minute… I know this friend had fluid leaking and her baby had an infection.  Best go get it checked, Ling”  And this is when Panic Central came at me.  O-M-G!

I called the hospital A&E department and spoke to a midwife and told her my story and she said, “Come in now and get checked!”

On the car ride there, all these crazy thoughts ran in my head…a collective of all the pregnancy stories I read on the forums…premature birth at 28 weeks…low amniotic fluid…waters breaking…infections…

And the Husband… “Hey, a Michael Buble song!” and turns up the radio.  LOL!  He is a sucker for those silly love songs!  And looking back, it’s kinda funny because he is always so calm about everything whereas I am a headless chicken!!!

So we arrived at the hospital around 9pm and got promptly seen by a midwife/nurse who asked a few questions and then attached something to my belly to monitor the heartbeat of Bunty (the name we call my bump and from now on, shall be known as).

Just listening to the heartbeat was so reassuring.  “Lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub…”

So I lay on a hospital bed for about an hour and a half just listening to the heartbeat whilst the Husband was studying away (he has Final Exams in a few weeks….poor sausage!)

I was clearly Low Priority in the A&E department…

And then my tummy started to hurt…and then it would stop…and then it hurt again…and then it stopped…  Surely, they weren’t contractions…were they??

The nurse came back in to remove the heartbeat monitor off my belly and asked if I was okay.  I lied and said yes…even though I was having weird tummy pains…  “The Doctor will be here shortly…” and left us again.

For another hour or so, he studied and I read a book (yes, I came prepared!) until I turned to the Husband and said, “My tummy hurts!”  He said, “Okay…”  And then I let out this BIG LOUD SMELLY FART!  Oh yes, I did!

He laughed and covered his nose.  “LING, YOU STINK!”

“Hehe!  Serves you right after all the times I have had to suffer your farts!”

But then my tummy hurt again…and I REALLY REALLY NEEDED THE TOILET so I ran out.  Well, when I say “ran”, I mean “waddle as fast as I could”…

Let’s not get graphic here…but two words… EXPLOSIVE DIARRHOEA!!!

I didn’t want to stay in the toilet too long in case the Doctor had come to see me so I clutched my tummy and went back to the room.  No sign of Doctor…just the Husband.

“OMG I just had diarrhoea!”
“Okay, cool!” – he is a man of few words, I must say!

Two minutes later, I waddled off again to the bog for Round TWO *ding ding*…  Honestly, it was SUPER satisfying…but at the same time, really gross as it was a public hospital toilet…YUKS!  The toilet was stinking…and even worse, I opened the door and there was this poor lady clutching a urine sample container waiting for the toilet…  I sent her a silent message, “Good luck lady!” and went back into the room…

And the Doctor was there chatting to the Husband.  Turns out it was the same Doctor who I had seen a few months ago when I had a previous pregnancy drama-rama – a bleeding scare at 8 weeks.

She said the same dreaded words she said to me a few months ago – “I’m going to have to get the speculum out to examine your cervix to see if your waters have broken” – except back then, it was “to see if your cervix has closed”

If you are female and you’re reading this, you will know the speculum thingy from having pap smears – OUCH!  If you are male and you’re reading this, the speculum is inserted into the ladybits and then used to widen it…just imagine a catheter inserted into your pee wee hole…yes, OUCH!

I had to warn the Doctor that not only did I have leaky fluids, but I had a leaky bum too!  Lovely!

It was an unpleasant experience for both parties involved.  But the good news was that my waters had NOT broken.  But it may have been leaking amniotic fluid.  Or loss of bladder control.  And I also had gastro.

We got home after 3.5 hours at A&E.  Exhausted.

The next morning, I went back to the hospital for a scan to check amniotic fluid levels and thankfully, it was within the normal range.  Also, the gastro stopped except for a few gurglies…

Such an anti-climatic ending…but yeah.  No idea what mystery fluid leak was but don’t panic unless it happens again.

Anyway, I got home from the hospital and had the leftover poached chicken for lunch…and he was right, it was SO YUMMY!!

P.S.  So…I’m slightly confused as I was told I was 28 weeks this week…but then another midwife said I was 27 weeks…so who knows??!!  Gonna see my obstetrician next week so I will force him to give me an answer 😛

P.P.S.  And thanks to all the lovely family and friends who messaged me when I was having Panic Central.  I swear I’m not a hypochondriac!

My Baby Bump

my baby bump at week 15

LOOK AT THE ABOVE PHOTO CAREFULLY!!!  This is called a BABY BUMP at 15 weeks and 6 days.  NOT to be confused with a food baby.  NOT to be confused with flabby belly.


And this photo is the best flabby belly / food baby I could find of myself.  Notice how the flab flops down and doesn’t stay up like a baby bump.

I am just making sure you notice the difference so that you never do what some people did to me previously…


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