New Beginnings

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Hi everyone,

There is no easy way to write this but I am saying goodbye to this beauty blog.  At least for now.

You’ve probably been expecting this announcement considering the fact that I have only updated this blog only once this year!!!

The reason is this…

pixiwoo sisters at real techniques event

In case you don’t follow me on social media, we are expecting our second bubba next month #NOTafoodbaby!!  WE ARE SO EXCITED!

{ FYI, when I say “we”, I mean the husband and I.  The ladies above are the Pixiwoo sisters and we met at a Real Techniques media event. }

I still love all things beauty and I still love blogging but every time I tried to get back into beauty blogging, something like this would happen…

Bioderma sensibio


Instead, I’ve decided to change direction from beauty blogging to full-on lifestyle blogging { or what I like to call, a MISH-MASH BLOG }.

Consider it a “rebrand”…

Or not…  Because I haven’t actually looked at the logistics of merging my 2 blogs together…  It seems like a LOT of work and I cannae be arsed!

Thank you so much if you’ve been reading my beauty blog from the beginning!!!  { Or if you’ve been reading from the VERY VERY beginning when I was a personal blogger on Xanga circa 2004! } I hope you continue reading my random ramblings on my ONE BLOG TO RULE THEM ALL!

Anyway, I’m just gonna leave this blog as is, for now…

I may or may not return to full-time beauty blogging later…  Or I may delete all the blog posts one day { like I did with my other beauty blog Lip Stalker – it’s GONE from cyberspace but the Youtube videos are still up!!! }

If you already follow me on Bloglovin’, I’ve already transferred the blog feed 🙂  Otherwise, here’s the link to Ling Out Loud, my beauty and lifestyle blog here.

And all the other rebranded social media networking sites @LingOutLoud – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Life Lately

bobbi brown newest collection

Life has been pretty full-on lately with a lot of “things” and I haven’t exactly been in my usual happy place because of these “things” hence the lack of blog posts { and lack of email replies / reader requests posts / all that jazz }.  Sorrreeeee!!!!

Apart from the “things”, I’m not gonna lie but it’s hard doing this blogging gig because I work 5 days a week in a physically demanding job and I’m a full-time wife and momma to a highly energetic toddler { with a recent visit to A&E!!! #anotherstoryforanotherday }!  Plus I have a highly committed relationship with Netflix!

Anyway, I’m in the process of training my beauty blogging minion protege, Bunty Boo, to take over but she’s still learning the ropes.  We’ll get there!  One day!

Amongst all the busyness, I have attended some bloggie events, trialled some awesome new beauty products, painted my nails, got my hair did and other beauty stuff so stay tuned for future blog posts 🙂

Thanks for reading, as always, even though I am not a consistent beauty blogger! x

P.S.  Photo features the soon-to-be-released Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Telluride Collection.  Deets soon!

Looking Back At 2014

2014 on the best beauty blog
My digital detox is almost over!  There’s a few hiccups (nothing interesting #boringadultstuff) I need to sort out before I get back into regular beauty blogging but meanwhile, I thought I’d reflect back on the year that was 2014 on The Best Beauty Blog


Merry Christmas To You & Your Loved Ones!

gingerbread house

This is the last post from me this year.  I’ll be back in 2015 with new posts and a few exciting giveaways so don’t miss out 🙂

Due to recent tragic events around the world (Sydney siege and Peshawar attack – I don’t know how to properly articulate my feelings about these heartbreaking tragedies so I won’t) , I’ve decided to take my Christmas beauty blog break early and treasure every possible moment with my family (Mum, Dad and sister) who are visiting from overseas right now.  They came to celebrate Bunty’s first birthday with us!

I want to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Peace out,

Ling xxx


hand foot & mouth disease

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will be glad to miss out on hearing me whinge but I’m currently suffering from #HFMD – Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease…courtesy of baby girl Bunty who has a deadly attraction to all germs!  “I see germs.  Put it in my mouth!”


The A to Z of Me

The A to Z of Me tag

I have thousands of beauty products waiting to be blogged but alas, I am behind in my blog photography, thanks to a sick baby who has caught the cold bug #foreverwipingdirtybuttsandrunnynoses.  Instead, I thought I’d join in on this fun blog post tag that has been floating around.


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