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Reader Survey : Please Help Me!!!


Hi everyone!  Sorry for no new posts recently but I’ve been dealing with Miss Crankypants aka my baby girl all week as she is going through some 12 week growth spurt thingo!  Anyway, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  I have conducted my first every official Reader Survey because I need to know your input and feedback to determine the future of this blog.  Without you, my dear readers, this blog is nothing!!!  Please, please, please click through and tell me your honest feedback.  It’s just a short wee survey with 8 questions but it will help me figure out a few things I am planning to work on.  And I will blog about all the results in a few weeks.  Thank you kindly for your time!

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My Goals For 2014

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Okay, so we’re nearly 1.5 months into 2014 and I’ve only just found time to write down my goals for this year. I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum – at least until my maternity leave ends) last week after my darling mother left Australia to return back to Scotland and let’s just say that I have not settled into my role as gracefully as I would have liked. Free time? What free time? I only have 90 seconds to brush my teeth and pee before Princess Bunty starts crying! Anyway, let’s not dwell on that and talk about my goals for 2014. I feel that if I blog about it, it will keep me accountable and I will try and follow through.


Say Hello to Our Little Munchkin!


Happy 2014 everyone!!!  Long time no blog, but you all should know why…  This little munchkin arrived on 17th December 2013 and it’s been crazy hectic ever since – crying baby, dirty nappies, sore nipples (yes, I’m breastfeeding and I feel like a cow – *moo moo*), hospital check-ups, visitors here and there, etc, etc…  And today, right now, may be the first time I have had a little teeny bit of free time for like 15 minutes…and I should be catching up on much-needed sleep, but I have chosen to update my blog instead – it’s called dedication, yo!

So she does have a REAL name but to remain private and all, we have an online name for her which is Bunty.  And we actually call her Bunty more than we call her by her real name, LOL.  It’s just a made-up name we called my baby bump and it has stuck!  She’s turning into a baby beauty blogger already as she has had some lovely care packages with baby products – thank you to those brands, you know who you are.

Well, I don’t have much else to say except once I get a bit of routine in my life, normal beauty blogging WILL resume so stay tuned.  I hope you are all keeping well and update me with your goss please.

Just a few random things which I strangely wanna share before I go take a shower :-

1.  I stink of (breast)milk!!!  In fact, everything smells of milk.  And I am the biggest milk-phobic ever!!!
2.  My iPhone camera roll has been invaded with baby pictures of Bunty…and I am turning into one of those mums who force people to look at photos of my offspring!!
3.  I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week now.  Those days where I used to wash my hair every single day seem so long ago!!
4.  As of today, I have worn make-up two days in a row!!  Does it count as make-up if it is only one product though??  Anyway, if you wanna know, it is Face Of Australia Berry Brulee Glossy Lip Crayon which is a beautiful colour representing Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Colour of 2014!
5.  I am so happy that I can cut my toe nails now!

Told ya it was random!  Anyway, chat soon!  Thanks for reading as always!

Ling xxx

P.S.  Just as I was about to press “Publish” on this blog post, #BabyBunty started crying.  She’s awake from her wee nap already!!!  How did she know I just finished blogging??!!!

Quick Blog Update

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My usual routine of full-time work during the day and beauty blogging at night was disrupted recently by something which can only be described as maternity leave-induced nesting which included baking (yeah, the highly UNdomesticated me!!), preparing the nursery and buying lots of pink baby clothes!  Plus don’t get me started on how energy sapping it is to do normal everyday things – I have started taking naps like an old lady!!  Hence, the sudden mini blog break…but I’m sure you all will understand :)

This is my 35th week of pregnancy and my 2nd week of maternity leave and my aim for this week is to “blog like a maniac” and prepare plenty of posts as I will soon have to juggle my time between my newborn baby girl (she arrives in approx 5 weeks!!! *eeks*), my Momma (she arrives in 9 days – YAY!), my in-laws (they arrive in 19 days *gulps*) and basically adjusting to a whole new life.

With regards to blogging, I apologise in advance because :-

- There will be sporadic beauty blog posts

- There will most likely be a blog silence when my scheduled posts run out

- There will be delays in replying comments and emails

But I will be back!  Beauty blogging keeps me sane!!!

So thank you for sticking around and don’t forget I have over 600 posts in my Archives, plus stalk me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more beauty news.  (Just quietly, I have another Instagram for my daily food and random pics where I will most likely update with baby pics when she is born so find me here)

Anyway, after this quick blog update, I will start preparing plenty of beauty blog posts galore and I have a couple of giveaways lined up so stay tuned!!  New post tomorrow!

Pink Or Blue?

baby sex gender reveal - pink or blue

Hi everyone, apologies for being absent on the blog all last week but I was busy battling a bad cold and trying to look half-presentable whilst attending beauty events (as seen on my Instagram).  Anyway, I have been a busy bee working on a recent project…  Yes, you are all invited to my Gender Reveal Party :)  What do you think – PINK OR BLUE??