Bake It! Easy 3 Ingredients Scones Recipe

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When things are quiet on the blog, it’s guaranteed to mean that “real life” is hectic.  Anyway, even when life has been busy, I have found time to make scones.  Not once, but twice.  Life just tastes better with scones smothered in strawberry jam and cream!!

I thought I would share this SUPER EASY PEASY 3 ingredients scone recipe because it is simply scrumptiously delish and it is ridic how easy it is to bake!  Remember, I am NOT a domestic goddess and I “wing” a lot of things in the kitchen and I need failproof recipes and this is one of them.  Do yourself a favour today and bake these!  Your happy tummy can thank me later 🙂


Cook It : Hainanese Chicken Rice

homemade chicken rice recipe

In case you didn’t know, I’ve decided to inject more lifestyle posts into the good old blog.  Welcome to my first foodie post on this blog – this is Hainanese Chicken Rice – and I COOKED THIS from scratch!!

Fun fact :  I used to have a food blog called I Love Food Porn (original huh!) before I realised that I sucked at it because a) I like to eat my food IMMEDIATELY so snapping pics at all different angles made my food go lukewarm which I HATE and b) I was not very good at describing food – it was either “Yummy” or “Yukky”.