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Online Shopping Addict Alert! My Haul from Hairhouse Warehouse during Click Frenzy

Hairhouse Warehouse online shopping review

A few weeks ago, there was this crazy 24 hour online shopping event known as Click Frenzy.  I had no intentions to buy anything so I thought that there was no harm with a bit of online browsing…BIG MISTAKE right there!  Because I shopped up a mini storm when I jumped onto the Hairhouse Warehouse website which were doing some rather AWESOME deals – check out my haul…


Hello Haul : I Heart To Shop

I heart to shop, i love to shop

Hello!  Thanks for all the loving caring messages I received regarding my head injury last week.  You can’t get rid of little old me that easily because I officially put my beauty blogging hat back on yesterday and I am ready to roll.  First up, by popular demand (submit your reader request on Facebook), is a shopping haul post.  As you should ALL know by now, I LOVE to shop and hoard…but this will probably be the last haul post of 2012 as I should be am on a spending ban till I go to Hong Kong in January!!  (Note :  Bans were made to be broken :P)

Without further ado (Grammar Police Alert!  Not “adieu” like some people incorrectly write and say…), here is my collective shopping haul of the last few weeks…


Last Week’s Shopping Haul

Oh no!  I think I am turning into a shopaholic AGAIN!  I used to shop ALL the time back in my twenties because I worked full-time and earned good money…and then I went travelling, got poor and stopped spending frivolously…and now that I’m working again, I’m back on the shopaholic wagon.  Shame on me!!!

Last week’s shopping haul isn’t that exciting but I know some readers love to see what I purchased so here it is…  Alternatively, if hauls aren’t your thang, feel free to click away…

shopping haul post, beauty blogger, shopaholic beauty blog haul, shopaholic haul, beauty products

Beauty Products

  • FACE OF AUSTRALIA Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons ($15 at Big W) : I have been dying to get these as I have heard that they are better than Clinique Chubby Sticks.  Will be swatching them on Lip Stalker so go and subscribe to my other beauty blog if you haven’t already.
  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender Set ($20 at Myer) : I love the original version but this is pretty good too.  I think I just love anything green tea!
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($8 at Priceline) : I’m still not feeling my new Shu Uemura concealer so I’ve been looking for a new concealer.  Will review in due time.
  • Fing’rs Brush-On Nail Glue ($8 at Priceline) :  My nail broke whilst I was shopping so I ran to my nearest Priceline to glue it back together.


  • Rubi Shoes were having a big sale and I found these ankle boots – grey and black – and nude patent heels (which I wore for my OOTD) for $15 each pair.  Cheap and cheerful.


  • I have been looking for work-friendly clothes so I found these cheapies – purple top ($3 at Coles), red sweater ($20 at Target) and another 2 tops not pictured because they weren’t very exciting either.
  • Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour DVD ($10 at JB Hi-Fi) :  Hey, don’t judge me but I wanted to be Britney when I was younger!  In fact, this is on in the background as I write this post…  But anyway, she’s not what she used to be and she mimes the whole way through this concert and there’s way too much autotuning…  Nevertheless, it’s something for me to watch as I use the cross-trainer that I have newly acquired thanks to one of my gfs.  Look out for a newer and fitter me :P
  • Kelly Clarkson Stronger album ($10 at JB Hi-Fi) :  Who buys CDs these days??!  Me!  I also buy music off iTunes.
  • Last week’s random and spontaneous purchase is this framed picture of a caricature of a geisha / Japanese girl.  I love it because it is cute and somehow reminds me of my sisters and I when we were younger – all of us had this haircut courtesy of my mother!!  LOLOL!

Anyway, I have decided that this is my last shopping spree for a while and I am going on a spending ban for 4 weeks from time of writing.  Let’s see if I will last…  What have you recently purchased?

EDIT :  My spending ban did NOT last long.  I lasted like 2 days and then I went and bought earrings, handbag and shoes…  *oopsie*

Shopping Haul : I Spent My First Pay Cheque Before I Even Got Paid

Just in case you didn’t know, I started my new job a couple of weeks ago and basically, I spent my first pay cheque before I even got paid!  Please don’t judge me…but I was born with the spend-a-lotta-money gene and if I go on a spending ban, I will spontaneously combust!!

Anyway, enough rambling and let’s check out what I spent my $ on.

The Beauty Shizz

shopping haul, best beauty blog, Melbourne beauty blog

When a beauty blogger repurchases a beauty product, it’s guaranteed to be winning products!  And that’s why I bought the following again :

Max Factor nail polishes, best beauty blog

I bought a couple of cute and dinky nail polishes from Max Factor.  These are Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes in Diva Violet and Red Carpet Glam.  They were less than a $1 each so I couldn’t resist.

lipstick storage, nail polish storage, top beauty blog

4 x Models Prefer Lipstick & Nail Polish Organisers ($5 each) : These are a steal and will look pretty awesome once I fill them up with my lipsticks and nail polishes!  They were originally around $20 each but I saw them on sale in my local Priceline.  Bargain!  *pats myself on the back*

The Non-Beauty Shizz

antibiotics, chlorophyll drink, Melbourne beauty blog

The immune system of my mouldy bra is stronger than mine!!  I am feeling extremely poorly and my doctor prescribed me lots of pills (which cost me around $16) and I thought I’d try some health-boosting vitamins which came in the form of Swisse Chlorophyll Detox Health Drink.  I bought it because it was half-price at $11.  I haven’t actually drank any yet but I bet my gag reflex will have a party!!

I recently devoured The Hunger Games trilogy and it revived the bookworm in me.  I bought Fifty Shades Of Grey ($10) and I heard it’s an erotic read.  I haven’t read erotic books before so I am a little bit afraid.  What if it turns me into some sexy raging horny beast?  My husband can only hope!!  LOL!!  And of course, reading is no fun without a good cuppa tea and that’s why I bought this cutie chihuahua The Dog cup ($8).  It kinda reminds me of Legally Blonde…

The Non-Pictured Shizz

I couldn’t be bothered taking photos but I bought a 40″ Sanyo LCD TV for the boy’s 30th birthday.  It was $399 from Dick Smith.  That shop kinda creeps me out with all their “Dick” jokes!  Anyway, the TV is now in our bedroom and I can’t stop watching the damn thing while I munch salt and vinegar crisps in bed!

I also spent stupid money on new crockery and cutlery.  It’s for all the imaginary dinner parties that I host.  *cue awkward giggle*

Anyway, what have you recently splurged on?  Do you spend faster than you can earn?  What did you spend your first pay cheque on?  My first ever pay cheque as a dentist (around 8 years ago) was spent on La Mer products…and I didn’t even finish using the bottles of expensive goodness because I didn’t think they were all that!!  True story.