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Tried & Tested Trio : Crop Natural Skincare Oils

crop skincare at coles

I’ve been PMS-ing this week, suffered extreme backache plus a mother of all migraines and you will get a moody bi-atchy me.  I hate taking so many painkillers because I feel that they make my head cloudy and I can’t articulate my thoughts properly.  Luckily, I prepared this post earlier…

Some time last year, I received a lovely care package from Crop Natural Skincare.  In amongst the goodies were these trio of oils :-

  • Pure Rosehip Oil
  • Pure Macadamia Oil
  • Pure Argan Oil

I’ve finally decided whether I like them or not so here are my thoughts…


Blue Bioderma AKA Hydrabio Range

bioderma hydrabio

Bioderma Hydrabio or what I like to call it – the light blue Bioderma range.

The skincare stars aligned and I found myself attending an awesome blogger skincare event { informative yet highly entertaining } which introduced me to this fabulous skincare range highly suitable to my current skin condition, i.e. sensitive, irritated and dehydrated.


PSA : 40% Off Priceline Skincare Products

Priceline special

This one’s for all the Aussie beauty lovers out there!

In case you didn’t know, Priceline are doing 40% off skincare products for today and tomorrow so DO NOT MISS OUT!

40% Off All Skincare,Suncare & Tanning at Priceline, for two days ONLY!

My poor baby girl is sick so we can’t go out but I’ll be shopping online – YAY!  It’s FREE SHIPPING if total spend is over $100…that should be easy with my neverending wishlist!

The Best Product To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Bioelixia body shaper stretch mark diminishing creme, la clinica belly rub oil

My lifelong dream* to be a Victoria’s Secret model is over!

I have droopy boobs with overstretched nipples and I have stretch marks plastered all over my belly and sides – fantastic reminders that I gave birth to a little rugrat over a year ago!

Anyway, there’s definitely no hope for those gravity-UN-defying boobs but I’ve been testing out a few products for stretch marks so read on for my verdict!

Review : Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I liken Lush stores to Marmite (hey, I’m a British ex-pat but for Aussies sake, Vegemite) – you either love it or hate it.  And for the record, I don’t like Marmite nor Vegemite…and I also don’t like Lush stores because of the intoxicating headache-inducing scent you get from just being in a 5km radius of a Lush store.  So why am I reviewing a Lush product today?

Well, many moons ago { over a year actually *gulps* }, I got sent a Lush package…it also had a strong scent…and I avoided opening it for a while.  But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few products that actually smelt AMAZING and worked a treat.  And here is one of my favourite Lush products – Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub.


Review : Mary Kay Timewise+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

Mary Kay TimeWise+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

“You have grey hairs!” – declared my husband.  For him to notice, it is MAJOR!  Luckily for me and all the greying ladies out there, we have hair dye to combat this sign of ageing!

Another classic sign of ageing is wrinkles.  Unfortunately, wrinkles is not that easy to hide…

I am in my mid-thirties so wrinkles are a big concern for me.  A few months ago, I was offered Botox injections but I had to decline as I am still breastfeeding Bunty.

And then recently, I was offered Mary Kay TimeWise+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector to trial and I immediately said YES PLEASE!  GET THEE TO MY WRINKLES STAT!

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