Celebrity Smile Makeovers Part 1 featured Catherine Zeta Jones and Hilary Duff.  Today, we’ve got another two pretty ladies who had their teeth done.  They are Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts from the UK band, Girls Aloud.

Smile makeovers can involve a number of dental procedures including teeth whitening, veneers and crowns.  Not many celebrities go down the orthodontic route because they wants results ASAP.

Cheryl Cole Before & After Teeth

Cheryl Cole, Before & After Plastic Surgery, Teeth, Smile Makeover

Before :  Cheryl had peg laterals which means that the teeth next to her central teeth look smaller and pointier…like pegs.  That’s why when she smiles, you can see spaces.  This is often inherited.

After :  Brighter, whiter teeth with veneers (most likely) to alter the shape of the peg laterals.  However, smile makeovers often involve more than 1-2 teeth and it looks like she may have had her top front 6 teeth done.

Nicola Roberts Before & After Teeth

celebrity teeth, before & after

Before :  Nicola’s teeth appear crowded and they are not straight and slope backwards (dental jargon :  Class II division 2 incisor relationship)  This also reminds me of Posh Spice’s teeth.  That’s Victoria Beckham, btw.

After :  Straight white teeth – most likely veneers.

If you have veneers, you have to be careful not to bite into an apple because they can flick off easily.  Like false fingernails.

Anyway, I do like their smile makeovers and the cosmetic dentists did a great job.

So, what do you think of their makeovers?  Would you consider veneers?

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  1. I WANT WANT to get a smile makeover. But i was told it would cost me $9K. 🙁 So no, I’m not getting one in the nearest future… sadly!

    Have a great weekend, dear Ling!

  2. I forgot where, but I recently read an article on celebs who refuse to alter their teeth. They thought it helped their careers, haha.

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