I have had make-up obsessions with mascaras, lipglosses, eyeshadows and most recently, lipsticks – but never with blushers.  I see plenty of beauty bloggers with a vast assortment of blushes, but they just don’t do much for me.  My blusher collection is extremely feeble – it consists of a Revlon blusher/bronzer combo, a Red Earth blusher, a CoverGirl blusher and this Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in 05 Shy Wear (which incidentally was a GWP).  Totally feeble huh?  *blush* (pun intended – boy, am I the funny one today?!)

What Clinique Say

Convenient touch-on, stay-on, cream-to-powder cheek colour. Glides over the skin with fingertip control. Blends easily. Blush stays see-through while it builds in colour. Transfer- and water-resistant. Colour-true.


Shy Wear is a mauvey pink with tiny flecks of gold – which is strongly pigmented when applied but blends out to a soft pink.

My Opinions

This Clinique blusher is fab.  I love the versatility of it – I can keep it subtle or I can build up the colour slowly.  Cream blushers are good for dry skin (like mine) as it helps keep skin moisturised and doesn’t highlight any dry flakes on the cheeks.

I used to apply the cream blusher directly onto my face but then I remembered the dirty word – contamination!!!  So I have started using the back of my washed left hand as a palette and using the product from there.  Blending is easily achieved with clean fingers; although if my fingernails are long, product can get stuck underneath them and in this case, I will use a blusher brush.

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick retails at RRP $43 AUD – which is a tad pricey for a blusher, in my opinion.  If I hadn’t received it as a GWP, I would most likely never have purchased it.  I am not a blusher-lover…but maybe one day…and no, I haven’t tried the cult classic blusher, Nars Orgasm yet…and I call myself a beauty blogger… *blush*

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  1. OMG i just realised you’re in australia..
    well i was born here but i love everything make up too.. cant believe it, i’ve been trying to find someone in australia to read about and HEY HERE YOU ARE!! hahaha so hello fellow aussie!

    i love priceline btw.. AWESOME!

    anyways just wanted to post my excitment!

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