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It’s Monday!  And although I am not at work, I feel the Monday pain!!!  I feel so dull and uninspired…so there’s nothing better than brightening up my day with colour bombing!!!   Colour blocking is so happening right now…but as you may all have gathered, I am not a trendy person.  So I injected some cuteness to colour blocking nails.  Who says you can’t be cute at my age? So easy that it’s all in the pictures and don’t need many words.  Just go crazy and who cares if they have wonky eyes? color block nails

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I feel sorry for my poor neglected right fingernails who never get any loving!  I’m a right-handed klutz who can barely paint my left nails, let alone use my left non-dominant hand to paint my right nails.  SIGHS!

Anyway, hope this colour bombing brightens up my week, as well as yours!

19 comments on “Cute Colour Block Nails”

  1. Ling,

    I’m just like you! I can’t paint my right nails very well and my nails are usually in a terrible state until I start to paint them. My nailbeds are the small stubby kind, the nails themselves soft and weak so I always envy people with hard, shiny nailbeds with lots of space.

    • @Jolene, It’s not too late! I think hands and nails need a little bit of TLC and then they’ll be fine. I’ve been trying to rub cuticle cream on my cuticles and moisturising more often. Hands can reveal your true age! YIKES!

  2. Very cute! It’s good to see nail art that’s simple enough for those artistically challenged and impatient like me! 🙂

  3. So very cute, Ling! =D I could never bring myself to do that because I’m oh-so-impatient. 😉

  4. OMG, so cute!!! I love stuff like this. Big bonus is that it looks easy enough. I’m a nail art klutz, so I usually avoid trying these things!

  5. That’s adorable! And it doesn’t seem to be too difficult so maybe I could give it a go too. I’m not that good at nail art hehe.

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