On Saturday, the Mr and I went on an epic journey to get to the infamous Laksa King in Flemington, VIC.  For the uninitiated, laksa is a spicy noodle soup with elements from Singapore and Malaysia.  There are 2 types of laksa – assam (not that keen on this) and curry (yes, get in ma belly!!!).

The restaurant was busy being a Saturday at 6pm, but we got seated no problem…although a bit too close to our neighbours (who stole, yes STOLE, the Husband’s serviette!)  The menu was quite extensive which surprised me because I thought it was just laksa…but they even had Peking Duck wraps and lots of Asian delights.

We ordered Roti Chicken Rolls (6 for $12) and a Combination Curry Laksa ($9.20) for me and a Beef Curry Laksa ($9.20) for him.  Service was pretty quick because I went to wash my hands immediately after ordering and upon return, my bowl of laksa and the roti rolls greeted me.  Secretly I would have preferred my entree first because I didn’t know where to start first – Dig into laksa or eat the roll…?  In the end, I did a bit of both!

Roti Chicken Rolls

The Roti Chicken Rolls were flavoursome!  Each bite was packed with a chunk of chicken breast in this sweet nutty satay sauce with crunchiness provided by cucumber slices and raw red onion.  My tummy is rumbling as I write this!!  The roti itself was a bit of a letdown as it wasn’t light and fluffy enough.  Nevertheless, I would love to eat this again.

Combination Curry Laksa

Every time I eat curry laksa, I test it first by drinking a spoon of the laksa soup.  A fantastic laksa has to be hot in temperature (I hate lukewarm foods!) and it has to be fragrant from the coconut milk and curry spices.  Unfortunately, I was left a bit disappointed with Laksa King’s offering…it just didn’t have that special fragrance I was hoping for.  But saying that, I did enjoy it.

There were 4-5 plump prawns in my laksa along with slices of fishcake and fried tofu pieces.  And the best bit – a chunk of fried eggplant (that’s an Aussie word!  I like to call it ‘aubergine’, the true Scottish way!)  It was gooey from being deep-fried but so yummy!

I would have liked that extra bit of depth with more coriander (or cilantro) and more coconut milk and more spicy heat.

Overall Experience

  • Laksa King’s curry laksa is not the best laksa I have eaten
  • I recommend the Roti Chicken Rolls
  • Service is fast and efficient
  • Prices are reasonable
  • And I will be back because there are so many mouthwatering options on the menu

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