Ego soap free, Ego cleansing solution

Ego Pinetarsol Soap Free Cleansing Solution is an anti-itch soap alternative.  It relieves itchy and inflamed skin associated with dermatitis, chicken pox, nappy rash, sunburn, prickly heat, insect bites, anal and genital itching and other skin irritations.

So the other day, I had anal AND genital itching!!  NO!!!  I’m just kidding!  Honestly!!  I have eczema, which usually flares up when I eat too much wheat products or get stressed.  I should also moisturise as my skin is so dry and scaly, but I am a lazy bum and tend to skip moisturising my body!  My usual shower gel was irritating my skin so that’s how I ended up buying Ego Pinetarsol Solution.

Ego soap free, Ego cleansing solution

How To Use Pinetarsol Solution In The Shower

Shake bottle before use.  Apply directly to wet skin (area of itchy skin only) by pump spray.  Leave a few minutes and then rinse briefly.  Pat dry.

My Opinions

  • It smells like tar – in fact, when I use it, the smell repels my Husband (which could be a good thing if he wants to get it on and I don’t – LOL)
  • Relieves itching for a few hours
  • It’s not really a soap alternative for the entire body

Ego Pinetarsol Soap Free Cleansing Solution is good for skin with itching and inflammation, but as a long term alternative to soap for the entire body, it’s not ideal.  I would much prefer using an emollient-based shower cream to relieve my itchy dry patches.  Rated an average 5.5 out of 10 by The Best Beauty Blog.

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