Every skincare lover knows how important it is to have AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) somewhere in their skincare routine.  AHA’s penetrate the dead surface cells of the skin and loosens them up to expose newer skin.  I never used to worry much about maintenance because I had fornightly facials with the Babor Lady, who did my wedding make-up, and I had weekly visits to the beauticians who did threading of my facial hair and body waxing, etc.  Fast forward a couple of years and I’m living in Melbourne and enjoying married life, but lost the luxury of my previous lavish lifestyle and resorting to DIY hair removal creams and DIY facials.  So my DIY facials consisted of a few face masks here and there with no sign of AHA’s till endota GLYCOLIC products – Polishing Mask and Nourishing Oil – entered my life and changed it forever.  And the story goes like this…

endota spa is Australia’s largest Australian-owned spa network (sorry non-Aussie readers but maybe it’s time you moved here!) and they recently launched a glycolic peel treatment (i.e. chemical peel) which would help visibly improve skin appearance, texture and uneven pigmentation.  Along with this, they recognised the need for extending these benefits at home so the endota GLYCOLIC range was born.  I was invited along to the launch a few weeks ago (you may remember seeing the photos in The Best Beauty Blog Facebook Page) and even though, the treatments are affordable and start off at $70 AUD, we can’t justify adding facial treatments to our debt.  Not to worry because endota were kind enough to give me 2 products from the endota Glycolic range to review.

endota GLYCOLIC Polishing Mask

This Polishing Mask is a 2-in-1 exfoliant and mask which contains jojoba oil beads for exfoliation, glycolic acid to work on the dead surface skin cells and shea butter and aloe vera to nourish skin.  I have sensitive dry skin which can get flaky if I don’t use the right products or when the weather changes drastically.  Taking that into consideration, I can testify that endota GLYCOLIC Polishing Mask is gentle enough for me to use twice a week and has never left my skin feel sore after exfoliating with the mask.  Instead my face is free of flakies, the texture is refined and it helps remove the blackheads on the sides of my nose.  After rinsing off the mask, my skin is ready for to take in moisture…

endota GLYCOLIC Nourishing Oil

…and this is the perfect time to apply endota GLYCOLIC Nourishing Oil – which is readily absorbed into my thirsty skin.  You really have to try it to believe it but let me assure you that it is a delicately light but yet, so rich in nourishment.  It’s a blend of oils – rosehip, myrrh, jojoba and frankincense – with vitamins A, E and C.

I don’t just use this after exfoliation, but I also use this on dry itchy eczema areas on my body and it has miraculously helped clear it up.  I kid you not!

The Sad News

Okay, so I’ve enticed you to try these products…but you can only buy them in endota spa clinics and not online…and remember, endota spa clinics are in Australia…

Depending on your budget, it can be a bit pricey :

endota GLYCOLIC Polishing Mask at RRP $70 AUD for 100ml – but I’ve been using this twice weekly for over 4 weeks and I don’t need a huge amount to cover my face and I still have at least half a tube left.
endota GLYCOLIC Nourishing Oil at RRP $75 AUD for 30ml – *ouch*, I can feel the pain already when it’s time for me to repurchase but it’s helped with my eczema patches and it smells beautiful.

The Good News

Being a beauty blogger means I get to try a range of products and if I’m jumping for joy and raving about something, it means it’s good.  Like really good!  I’m still learning though and I need to learn to read the ingredients but with complicated names and weird numbers and letters, sometimes I’m like “Bleh!” and let the results speak for themselves.  And these endota GLYCOLIC products have.

These products are fantastic.  They work.  Removes flaky skin and improves texture and nourishes so well.  At least, on my skin.  They were formulated to highlight the benefits of professional glycolic treatments and I am DYING to try this myself.  Will be popping this on top of my wishlist of when I start to earn money again…

For more information, please check out endota spa website.

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