Once upon a time, there were two girls who became best friends at University.  They were both bright and beautiful and they both studied dentistry but had secret aspirations.  One of the girls wanted to be a famous writer and the other girl wanted to be a famous actress.  However, in order to achieve these dreams, they had to earn some money being dentists for a few years before quitting their jobs.

One day after work, whilst dining in a lovely restaurant, they were chatting about one of their favourite topics.  No, not teeth…but hot guys.  They were giggling about their dating stories and flirting shamelessly with the waiter.  When Writer Dentist reached over to get her purse from her handbag to pay the bill, Actress Dentist stopped her.

Actress Dentist :  OMG!  Seriously, girl!  You need to get yourself a better looking handbag!  You are a dentist, darling!
Writer Dentist :  Oh, but you know me.  I’m a cheapskate and I don’t like all that “Look at me, I’m carrying a D-E-S-I-G-N-E-R handbag!” nonsense.  I don’t want to be a walking advert!
Actress Dentist :  Oh come on, darling.  Look at my precious Dior.  It’s classy, not trashy.
Writer Dentist :  Hmmm…well…to be honest, I did quite fancy a Chanel 2.55 in black or that new Chloé in white…
Actress Dentist :  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go shopping!
Writer Dentist :  But…but…no, I can’t!  It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to earn money.
Actress Dentist :  Darling, you’re so anal Asian!  Okay, how about this.  Let’s do a challenge…
Writer Dentist :  I don’t think I like the sound of this…
Actress Dentist :  Okay, how much on average do you earn a month?
Writer Dentist :  I don’t know.  Around £XXXX (4-figure-sum)… You?
Actress Dentist :  Oh good, I’m not far behind.  So, the challenge is – if you earn over £XXXXX (5-figure-sum) next month, you HAVE to buy yourself a designer handbag because you deserve it!
Writer Dentist :  Uh…  £XXXXX is a LOT of money!  I’ll never be able to earn that much.
Actress Dentist :  Wanna bet?

The following month, on pay day, the girls met up again.  There were plenty of squeals all around as Writer Dentist had worked her cute little ass off and somehow managed to achieve that 5-figure-sum.  Of course, they had to skip dinner and go shopping for THE handbag.

Actress Dentist was a regular shopper at the designer handbag stores because the sales assistants recognised her.  Writer Dentist, on the other hand, entered the store awkwardly and looked like she couldn’t afford a single thing in the store and was there to steal the sweets at the counter!

They purred at Chanel (“Oh, Chanel!“), touched Chloé, stroked Miu Miu, flirted with Balençiaga and glanced at Louis Vuitton.  In the end, Actress Dentist chose herself a lovely Gucci handbag whereas Writer Dentist had a mini heart attack at the ghastly price tags…which may I add, are not always very well displayed so one would have to open the handbag, rummage around and look for a sometimes-non-existent price tag!

So what happened next?  Writer Dentist did buy a handbag that night.  Indeed she did.

Was it Chanel?

Alas, no.

C’est tragique!

She chose an Aldo.  Not to be confused with Aldi.  Like puh-lease!  It was a cheap and cheerful yellow Aldo.  She also splashed out and bought the matching purse too.  And that is the story of the yellow Aldo handbag.

Aldo handbags, not Chanel, so sad

Moral of the story :  Life is much more than any designer handbag, but when you have the money and opportunity and desire to buy a Chanel handbag, do it.  The opportunity may never arise again and Chanel handbag prices increase every year so it is worth the investment.

*This is a true story based on real events but names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.  But it doesn’t take a genius to work out who the Writer Dentist is.  Hmm…??

Share your handbag story or forever hold your peace.

17 comments on “Every Handbag Has A Story – Was It Chanel?”

  1. Great story!! really enjoyed the post, well, my story would be pretty much the same as this one, I’m the “writer dentist” as well, just started working about six months ago, and haven’t had the courage to actually get a designer bag, I agree, life is much more than bags, but at the same time, there are always moments that you wish you had one as well. haha…

    • @alice, Yay! That’s great that you’ve started work! But it’s hard to part with hard-earned money, if you know what I mean…!!

  2. I don’t own a designer handbag yet but I have been getting some more pricy leather handbags from Topshop and Asos lately – My dream bag is a Balenciaga and I will make it mine one day!

  3. Ling!! I love reading your blog!! My handbag love started with Coach. It was like a gateway purse. I discovered the purse forum and it was all over after that. However, said purse addiction did get me into trouble with a certain husband. I remember in middle school always saying that I would have a real Chanel one day. I’m not sure what I was thinking back then. Our family couldn’t even shop at the mall… Anyways, I digress. It all started with one wonderful quality handbag that my mom gave to me. 🙂

  4. Love the story! The most “designer” handbag I have is a Coach one from my mom several years ago. I’ve never used it, because I’m too scared to ruin it! haha

  5. I haven’t had a designer handbag experience although I do love that large Chanel tote/bag whatever it’s called. But, I have had my brush with designer wallets – Prada (on sale) and a Gucci on with my hard earned money. Were they worth it. Umm..I would say yes, because I used them A LOT and it lasted – in fact still have them in good condition. That’s quality. But, don’t think I can ever justify getting a designer handbag…the price is far to extravagant for me. :/

    • @Norlin, That’s true. It is a LOT of money!! I mean…maybe I should have started small and got myself a designer waller – why didn’t I think of that? Ah well, I think I am just a cheapskate for everything except skincare! LOL

  6. Hahahaha thoroughly enjoyed the story 😛
    My first expensive bag was a Coach, which was a gift from Mum. Then year after year, my auntie (her sister) seems to think that I must like Coach very much, because I keep getting a new one (not necessarily a bag, sometimes a wristlet too) for the next few years, bless her 😛

    My step into the next level of ‘holy-crap-you-paid-how-much-for-a-BAG’ was a gift from Tim for our 3rd wedding anniversary, which was the blue Prada Saffiano tote you saw. His words “thank goodness leather anniversary only comes once a lifetime” And I’ve remained in that step ever since! 😛

    • @Tine, Oh my! Your Mum & Auntie are very generous 🙂

      And I am making Noah read this comment!!! He better start saving up for our 3rd year anniversary LOL! Your bag collection is beautiful from what I have seen so far. Totally have bag envy!

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