On a daily basis, I wear four pieces of jewellery which comprises of three rings and a necklace – and unsurprisingly, they are all very precious to me and each have a very special story behind it.

engagement ring, diamond wedding ring

The Commitment Ring

This ring comprises of four little diamonds (altogether 0.25 carats) in a curved white gold band.  It was given to me by my now-Husband on the second day we officially became a couple.  It’s a permanent fixture worn on my middle finger on my right hand.  He bought it for me as a sign to show his commitment to me.  You see, I had been hurt in my past relationships and when I met him, I was not interested in guys at all.  I had been broken and I was sick of guys treating me like dirt.  But he assured me that he was for real; that he was The One I had been dreaming of all my life.  We met on 31st October 2009 and we officially became a couple on 27th November 2009 and 2 days later, I got this ring.

The Bunny Necklace

I always, always get compliments for this cute bunny necklace.  It is just adorable!  Because I’m Chinese, people wonder if I was born in the year of the Rabbit, but no, it’s not that at all.  I was born in the Monkey year.  Instead, it’s because the Hubby calls me “Bunny” as a nickname.  Yes, I give you permission to vomit!!  LOL.  It’s my first Christmas present from him.

The Engagement Ring

Less than 5 months of dating, he popped the question.  How could I refuse this beautiful 0.5 carat diamond bling?  He chose this himself so he done very well indeed.  After years of browsing online, I knew that I wanted a round diamond so I was very upfront about it when he hinted at what designs I liked.  How did he propose?  Read all about it here.

Of course, I know it’s not the BIGGEST and best quality diamond out there, but do I care?  No!  To tell you the truth, I was engaged before and I had the most beautiful top quality diamond at a huge 1 carat with a platinum band – the ring was stunning, but my ex-fiancé was a total jerk and didn’t know how to treat me right.  Back then, I was stupid and wanted to settle for Mr Right Now, but it’s not worth it, I tell you.  If there are any single ladies reading this and struggling with finding The One – stop looking!  He will find you!

P.S.  I still have my old engagement ring…I should sell it and buy myself a Chanel handbag or something!!  LOL!

The Wedding Ring

180 days after our initial meeting, we got married.  And all I got was this stunning diamond wedding ring which boasts 64 diamonds which encircles my finger.  I don’t understand women who don’t want to get married…  Hello?  You get to wear diamonds every day!!!  And a wedding ring stops random guys from hitting on you.  At least, that is my excuse for not attracting attention from the opposite sex these days.  Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that I look like a frumpy housewife!

Over to you, what are the stories behind your jewellery?

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  1. Oh you could never look like a frumpy housewife Ling, you’re far too gorgeous! Love the story behind all of these, no diamonds on my fingers yet and I don’t know how big of a hint I’d have to drop to my boyfriend to get one (he’s so oblivious!)

  2. It’s so unique that you have a commitment ring and a proposal ring. When I first looked at the photo, I didn’t understand what a commitment ring was till I read your words. Your hubby is really very sweet. I also read all your old posts that’s linked here. Your hubby sounds like a dorky man whom ladies should be blissful with coz he would treasure you for life. Treasure him too! I know you would.

    The jewelry I wear everyday would be all my ear studs which are dirt cheap and often gets lost and misplaced. I’ve got 5 ear holes so the chances of any stopper or stud getting lost is very high. I also have my wedding band on every day and in the past a tiffany necklace which he bought when he first succumbed to my love for labels. He doesn’t understand the hype about Tiffany so I was quite touched when he bought me the necklace (I soon found out it’s the cheapest item in Tiffany) for my birthday in 2007. He said every girl should own something from Tiffany and I was touched. I don’t wear my proposal ring everyday, only when I go for functions and if I dress fancily. My proposal ring is also from Tiffany coz he said every girl’s dream is to own a proposal ring from Tiffany but I corrected him by saying it’s not true. lol

    Oh btw, a wedding band doesn’t stop random guy from hitting on married ladies. The world is really messy out there and some guys really don’t care.

    • @Jo, <3 thanks Jo, your comments are so sweet! And true, my hubby is a dork but that's what makes him special to me.

      As for ear holes, I have 7 although, most of them have closed up as I stopped wearing earrings in recent years. Have no idea why but I just did…

      Your hubby sounds amazing too!! I really really really want something from Tiffany's too – there's just something about that pretty blue box!! HAHA! And wowee, I want to see your proposal ring – it sounds so bling! 😛

      And true, wedding bands won't stop the sleazes!

      • @Ling Tung,

        I think lots of ladies love dorky or foolish in a cute way guys but they can get quite exasperating at times too when they’re so silly. Haha… My hubby could be like that.

        No no no. My proposal ring isn’t bling at all. In fact it’s carat is like so small. I told him that with the amount he paid, he could have gotten bigger rock in other reputable jewellery stores. You know what excuse he gave? He said my fingers are small and stubby and a huge rock would not look good on it. He also said the first place he went to was Tiffany and after that, he went to many other stores but only felt that the diamond on the tiffany shone more brilliantly than the rest and seemed to be saying “buy me buy me”. -_-|||

        I’ve sieved out photos from my blog of my wedding band and proposal ring to share with you.



        • @Jo, Wow, Jo!!! What gorgeous rings you have there!!! So beautiful – did you design the wedding band yourself? And are those important dates engraved inside?

          And hello? I have now seen your rings on your fingers and I can tell you that your fingers are not stubby!!! And your hubby is so cute – going to many stores but finally going back to Tiffany’s 😉 Must have been a great proposal!

          • @Ling Tung,

            I realised that all your comment notification always go to my junk mail straight! Fortunately I checked back.

            I would love to claim credit for designing but unfortunately no, it’s not designed by me. My finger is so small that all the designs I like could not be made to measure to fit my size due to some twisted rope design not being able to fir rings of smaller circumference. I even drew out some designs for my last stop in the hope that the designer could tweak on my design to fit my fingers only to be told it would be too expensive and not worth it. I decided to look at her self-designed bands instead and found this lovely baby that even my hubby liked. My hubby actually don’t like rose gold as it doesn’t fit his skin tone so we had to eliminate all rose gold bands. However, this caught his eye and after changing his to black diamonds, he absolutely love the ring.

            I’m sorry I rattled on so much. I wanted to claim some credit as I really did draw out some designs. Haha…

            If you see my whole hand, you would know why I say my fingers are small and stubby. lol…

            • @Jo, Oh well, regardless of whether you designed it or not, the design of these rings are very unique and absolutely gorgeous! Not like the typical wedding bands. My husband refused to have any sort of diamonds or whatsoever on his band – which is good because I made sure I got the diamonds LOL.

              I would love to get my rings engraved with a date of significance – but it’s a tad difficult as we got registered in June but got married in church in August so which one is more significant?? Both are just as awesome. 😛

              And no, I refuse to believe you have short and stubby fingers!!! 😛

  3. Love all your rings, especially the wedding ring..just gorgeous! I love that each jewellery piece has a story behind it; it makes every piece so much more meaningful when you look back 🙂

  4. Must say N has got great taste – love all the pieces.

    Definitely sell the old engagement ring. You don’t need such a reminder.

    I have lots of jewellery but funnily enough, nothing seems to stick on me for long periods of time. Longest would probably be 6 months and that would be a necklace that was from an aunt of mine. Guess I don’t have unique stories behind them to make them special enough to wear permanently yet.

    • N done well!! 😉 He got good taste in bling but even better taste in women!! Lolol!!

      And I’m sure you’ll have amazing stories to tell one day!! 😉

  5. I love this post! So tempted to nick this topic and do a post on it too 😛

    Sell the old ring. It’s bad juju 😛

  6. Can I just say that your hubby has got a might fine taste in jewellery??!! Love what he’s gotten you and a true romantic too. 🙂

    • @Norlin, Hehe, thanks Norlin! I must say he has mighty fine taste in women too LOLOL!! Well, he was romantic before we got married…nowadays…well…hahahaha

  7. I love your stories behind your jewelry. I try to create pieces that mean something to me or the person that will be wearing it – that’s why I love creating custom pieces, because I know it’s what they want.

    Your hubby is a sweet, sweet man, and you are beautiful – not frumpy at all! Lol!

    • @Ashlynn, It’s so amazing that you can create jewellery!!! It must be great knowing that the jewellery you create will have a beautiful story!

      And thank you lovely! You are so kind 😀

  8. Your rings are gorgeous and the bunny necklace adorable. I love how every piece has its own story. And your husband is very sweet.

  9. I’m not very fond of the idea of marriage (at the moment, maybe it’ll grow on me) but this post has certainly made me see how sweet your hubby is. i find it amazing that no matter how much time someone’s been with another, you can be so in love and get married – like a fairytale imo 😀

    I love the 4 important pieces of jewellery you always wear, they’re all very beautiful ^.^

  10. This really makes me think of my jewellery and the stories they hold too. Hrrmmm this should be a tag post-thingy haha

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