FOA Pastels Nail Polish Collection, Face Of Australia pastel nails swatches, pastel nails
FACE OF AUSTRALIA, possibly my favourite Australian drugstore brand, have come up with another gorgeous, limited edition nail polish collection of pretty Pastels.  { previous collections include Luxe, Molten Metallics and Barbados } Pastel shades are PERFECT to welcome in the Spring / Summer seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.  I have been dying to swatch them to show you all the 8 stunning shades so here I go.  Get your bibs out and get ready to drool!

Instead of doing individual swatches of each colour, I thought I would make it more interesting by splitting the collection into half and swatching one shade on each finger and then finish it off with some Pastel Nail Art.  You get to see how all the colours mesh well with each other.

Pastel Nail Polish

In the first half, we have these 4 FOA Pastels Shades (awesome names btw!) :-

1.  Once In A Blue Moon – eggshell blue pastel
2.  After Dinner Mint – mint green pastel
3.  Would You Like Some Orange Sherbet? – soft orange-peach pastel
4.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – pastel yellow

Face Of Australia pastel nails swatches, pastel nails, blue pastel nails, mint nails, peach pastel nails, yellow pastel nails

I told you they were to die for!!!  (P.S.  In the photo, I am holding the bottle of I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop which is coming up next!)

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pastels nail polish swatches, blue pastel nail polish, pink pastel nail polish

In the second half, we have the other 4 FOA Pastel Shades :-

5.  Castle On A Cloud – lilac-grey pastel
6.  I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop – baby pink pastel
7.  Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too – lilac-pink pastel
8.  Boys ‘n’ Berries – blue lavender pastel

FOA Pastel Nail Swatches, Face of Australia Pastels Swatches, pastel nails

More OMG-ness, right?

And then I got crafty with my dotting tools (best buy ever from ebay!) and did some Pastel Nail Art.

Pastel nails, pastel nail art, cute nail art, easy nail art

Pastel nails, pastel nail art, cute nail art, simple nail art

All colours in my Pastel Nail Art are from the FOA Pastels range except the white which is OPI Alpine Snow.

So…when can you get your hands and nails on the FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pastels Collection?  They will be released from October (check Priceline, Big W & KMart) and I predict they will be flying off the shelves as they are cheap as chips at $4.95 each for such outstanding quality.

Which is your favourite pastel colour?  I think I love them ALL!  *swoon*

36 comments on “FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pastels Collection – Photos, Swatches & Nail Art”

    • @Jasmine, I used THREE coats for these swatches but that’s because I applied really THIN coats to layer it up. My colleague painted her nails with an assortment of colours and she only used ONE coat and it remained chip-free on her nails for days!

  1. love your swatches lovely, they are some great colours. Now i feel like eating ice-cream. My favs are the candy shop & cupcake.

    • @Oreo, Awww thanks hun!!! I am glad you liked the nail art too! I wasn’t sure if it would go down well but glad it did 🙂

  2. These are all so gorgeous! honestly, I want every single one. Too bad it’s so hard to send polish to/from Australia, otherwise I’d get my sister to pick these up for me 🙁

  3. after dinner mint and once in a blue moon are so stunning. love all the colors combined, i’m so excited for the warmer weather!!

  4. They look delicious! 4.95 say whaaaaaaaaat. Do they hold up well over time? Also, what Jasmine said! How many coats please :D?

    • @Ivy, Yes they definitely hold up well. This is because my colleague tried it too and she says that all nail polishes usually chip on her but after 3-4 days, the colour was still chip-free. She also only used ONE coat.

      For the photos, I used 3 coats – because I did really thin coats to build it up slowly. But seriously, if you are skilled nail painter, you can probably do ONE coat alone.

  5. They all look so pretty, I wouldn’t know which one to choose! And your manicure is so dainty and adorable!

  6. These look so gorgeous Ling, I’ve been chasing the perfect pastel green colour forever and the one in this collection is exactly what I was looking for. Love your nail art too!

  7. Beautiful nail art there 🙂

    I would also like to know how many coats. Also did you find them to be thick/chalky/streaky? Cause they look like they are in some of your photos.

  8. Wow Ling love the nail art! Seriously been lusting after these after glimpsing them at Celeste’s! they are so cute!

    I must get them all.

  9. So many pretty pastels, not they I need more, but want is a totally appropriate reason to get them, right? 😉 haha

  10. I love this collection! I was browsing in Priceline here in Tasmania yesterday, and I saw a little display of these. Almost all of them were sold out! There were only three shades to choose from, and luckily, one of them was automatically my favourite! So now I have my bottle of Castle on a Cloud ^^ It’s such a pretty, subtle pastel colour <3 I hope I can get my hands on more of the collection when they re-stock!

    • @Molly, Oooh, they are FOA Pastels are SO POPULAR! I spotted them at Target yesterday and I was tempted to buy some even though I already have them LOL

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