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Today’s letter is brought to you by the letter F.  Yes, it is Friday.  F yeah!  And also, I have Five French Favourites { featuring Uriage, La Roche-Posay, Nuxe, Gatineau and Bioderma } that I am really excited to share with you.  Clearly, the French do it best – French fries, French accents (mais, oui, eet eez zo zexyyy!) and French skincare – ooh la la!!!

1.  Uriage Xemose

When I was pregnant last year, I piled on 55lbs and most of it was due to my giant belly bump.  To keep my belly moisturised, I knew I needed something non-irritant, non-scented and highly hydrating.  Enter Uriage Xemose (Merci beaucoup to the lovely Emilie) and my bump was happy.  What is super awesome about this moisturiser is that it absorbs quickly without leaving an annoying greasy residue.  I got my Husband to moisturise my belly when it grew too big for me to do it myself and out of all the lotions and potions I used, he loved this the most because of the reasons I mentioned.  Added bonus was that his dry hands got moisturised too so they were well prepped for when baby popped out.

2.  La Roche-Posay Redermic [R]

I was only introduced to this infamous French brand earlier this year at the launch of Redermic [R].  This is a lovely retinol-based product which targets those dreaded wrinkles.  I am a big fan of retinol because it is a scientifically proven potent skincare ingredient.  Redermic [R] only contains 0.1% retinol and 0.2% retinol lineate so it is not as intensive as the concentrations that I have used before.  That said, I had stopped using retinol whilst pregnant so it was a gentle product to ease my skin back into retinol use without stripping it dry.  Fantastic for retinol skincare virgins.  There is also a Redermic [R] version for use around the eyes – I must get my hands on this!

3.  Nuxe Merveillance Expert Enrichie Jour Rich Correcting Cream For Visible Lines

With the changing seasons, my skin can go out of whack easily.  This is a fantastic ultra-hydrating day moisturiser which will keep very dry skin ladies like moi very happy.  It is a day moisturiser without SPF which is actually a good thing in my opinion because it forces you to apply additional sunscreen.  A lot of people skip sunscreen because they think that SPF 15 in their day moisturiser / makeup / BB cream is adequate – listen up ladies, it is (usually) NOT effective enough!

4.  Gatineau Activ Eclat Flash Radiance Serum

If you want beautiful glowy skin, get this pronto!  This just adds that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ radiant touch.  I have been mixing a few drops with my foundation and it just transforms my skin.  Love it!

5.  Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream

Bioderma is famous for its micellar water but there are also some outstanding products in their range and this is one of them.  As a newbie mum, I only want the best skincare products for my baby’s delicate skin.  Bunty’s poor wee face was suffering from a rash (teething? weather? allergies? not sure…) and I tried 2-3 different creams but this Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream was the only one which worked in calming down the redness and flakiness.  Now, we use it every night after her bath.  Not just for her face but all over the body too.  Major thumbs up from me!

Merci for reading.  All the products mentioned were provided for editorial consideration but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t like them.  Je t’aime beacoup.  Au revoir!

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