Kit Cosmetics recently launched their new colour collection – Viva La Color – and in celebration of this, I was invited for a makeover.  Being a beauty blogger definitely has it perks!  I rocked up at the shop and was promptly welcomed by my make-up artist Caitlyn, who was very chatty and friendly.  The Viva La Color limited edition range is all about strong, bold Mexican-themed colours and I was more than happy to go with the bright colours Caitlyn suggested.

The hour flew by!  Caitlyn took time to explain each product she applied on my face, then applied it and showed me in the mirror and also answered the zillions of questions I asked her.  I told her I was hopeless at applying make-up but she said it would get better with more practice.  She also highlighted the importance of getting the base right and to take time to apply foundation and buff it.

Top tip : To remove any eyeshadow fall-out, dab some silicone-based face primer on a Q-tip and gently swipe it off.  This will not remove any foundation.

Viva La Color Makeover Is Complete


My camera definitely needs an upgrade!  But hopefully you can see the pink /purple / yellow eyes and peachy lips – loving all the colours!  And she also did a great job on my brows.  I was very happy with my makeover but I felt it needed one extra thing to complete the look  and that would be – FALSE LASHES!  My Asian genes mean that I am lacking in the eyelashes department.

For me, Viva La Color is all about embracing vibrant colours into life.  Forget the standard rules of make-up and have fun playing with colours.  Check out the Kit Cosmetics Viva La Color range here.

Full Face Breakdown With Mini Review

Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads :  One side cleanses and the other side exfoliates.  It stung a bit around my upper lip area (because I did ‘tache removal last night) and it lasted for 5 minutes.  Would consider purchasing this in the future.

Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 Intense Hydra Serum : It’s loaded with hyaluronic acid – which is a popular ingredient in many skincare products today due to its hydration properties.  Still requires moisturiser afterwards.  As I have a ton of serums to go through, it won’t make it on my wishlist.

Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser :  Okay, I have failed you all.  I THINK this is the moisturiser which was used because I remember it contained coconut.  But I cannot be 100% sure.  Sorry.  In any case, whatever was used kept my skin nice and soft – but if it was this product, there is no SPF which is of prime importance if you want my face to love you.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light :  My face felt very smooth after application – most likely due to the silicone content.  Kept my foundation in place the whole day.  Don’t know whether I can justify the price tag though.

 Kit Cosmetics Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Medium :  Ooh yes, I liked this a lot.  It provided great coverage, but at the same time, not too heavy.  Matched my skin tone perfectly.  Definitely on my wishlist!

Kit Cosmetics Mineral Powder in Medium :  Powder is essential to set your make-up.  Didn’t shout out “Buy me”.

Kit Cosmetics Matte Finish Bronzer :  Subtle but effective contouring achieved, but bronzers don’t get much loving in my make-up kit.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer :  I’m quite fussy when it comes to eyelid primers because my HG eyelid primer is a Korean brand (which has limited availability unless in Asia) which is simply the best so with such high standards, did this fare well?  Yes, it did a great job for 9 hours+ but hasn’t knocked off the HG status of Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer – but is a good alternative.

Kit Cosmetics Eyeshadows in Ice Breaker (nude shimmer), Wow Factor (yellow), In The Groove (magenta), Raring To Go (violet) :  Yellow is not a colour I would usually wear on my eyes, so it was refreshing to see a change.  I’m all for new things!  Caitlyn gifted Wow Factor in a goody bag at the end of the session and told me to experiment.  Pigmentation is great from these eyeshadows.  Must check out the other colours too!

Kit Cosmetics dark brown matte eyeshadow was used for brows, but name was not noted.  I need to learn how to define them myself.

Kit Cosmetics plum mascara was used, but was also not noted.  As I said, my lashes are pretty much non-existent so it needs a voluminous mascara which lengthens and thickens.

Kit Cosmetics Duo Cheek & Lip Creme Pretty Cheeky :  Gorgeous orange and fuchsia duo.  I want!

Kit Cosmetics Lipstick in Fire Fighter :  Totally fell in love at first swipe.  Caitlyn must have seen my lust for it because she included this in a goody bag at the end.

Kit Cosmetics Lipgloss Got It Going On :  Beautiful tangerine lipgloss to add some shine to the lips.  Loved it and I want it bad!

I highly recommend makeovers as it enables you to try products you have not tried before and you can pick up some excellent make-up tips along the way.

And if you want to know what I wore, tune in tomorrow for the outfit post.  Thanks for reading!

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