I’ve been chuckling at some of the funny Internet Memes out there and I thought I’d share the one with the Dentist and the one with the Beauty Blogger…because as you know, I am a dentist by day and a beauty blogger at night.  (Okay, not entirely true because at the moment, I am working Fridays only due to a chronic back problem…but I’m getting better so I foresee a full-time job in the near future…which will also mean, less beauty blogging…but ah well…)

‘Internet meme’ means a concept that is spread via the Internet.
(meme is pronounced meem)
For example, “Sh*t ____ Say” or “#febphotoaday”


Love the Hello Kitty filling!!!  LOL

[Source :  My Facebook.  Someone tagged me.]

Beauty Blogger

best beauty blog, beauty bloggers, what do they do?

Life as a beauty blogger isn’t always what it seems – this totally cracked me up!

[Source : With kind permission from Pink Sith.]

What Internet memes apply to you with regards to your occupation or interest?

14 comments on “Funny Friday : Internet Memes Of Dentist & Beauty Blogger”

  1. The dentist meme seems strangely appropriate as I am about to take Miss 15 to her regular orthodontist appointment this morning LOL. Love both memes!

  2. There’s a flight attendant one going around as well, can’t seem to find it though but it’s the same sort of thing as these.

  3. I am one of those FEARFUL OF THE DENTIST people for sure. I’ve been putting off getting my impacted wisdom teeth pulled for like…5 years now. (Scold me I beg you!) So the first one was great. But the second one? I died laughing.

  4. do you know that you are the funniest beauty blogger and dentist of course. whenever I am feeling low I read your blog posts and my mood becomes cheerful, I would really like to thank you for making me laugh

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