pink adidas trainers & Lady Jayne Sport Luxe hair accessories

I’ve been really fortunate to lose my pregnancy weight of 25kg without really trying.  { You can read my weight loss journey here }

I still have a wobbly belly and I have lost a lot of muscle tone.

In fact, after eating breakfast, my belly balloons out and I look 5 months pregnant again.

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP especially as we’re heading into the heat of Summer where I can no longer hide my wobbly bits in loose clothing and leggings.

I actually have to do exercise!

pink adidas trainers & Lady Jayne Sport Luxe hair accessories

Luckily for me, I’ve got most of my gym gear.  My Mum bought me a few pairs of Asics trainers (although I think these adidas hot pink ones I bought in Hong Kong are way HAWTER!).  And Lady Jayne sent me some of their Sports Luxe hair accessories – which look WAY to good to be worn to the gym…unless you were trying to attract the attention of some gym hottie 😛

pink adidas trainers & Lady Jayne Sport Luxe hair accessories

But that’s all the gym gear I have thus far.  Can’t exactly go to the gym wearing NOTHING with just trainers and a hair clip, can I???

Fun fact :  For my push present, I actually considered getting a FitBit!  Instead, I changed my mind…and I STILL haven’t figured out what I really want…  { okay, that’s a lie…at the moment, I REALLY want a new dining set / Vitamix / camera lens but none of them are really push present worthy, are they? }

Help a girl out!  Where can I go to buy affordable but still trendy looking gym gear? 

2 Comments on Gearing Up To Hit The Gym

  1. Julie @ meybestandi
    26/11/2014 at 9:28 am (3 years ago)

    Get yourself into Cotton on Body!! And a Vitamix is a perfect push present!! Feed you all healthily for years! (I want one – is it too late to request a push present age 2?)

    • Ling
      28/11/2014 at 11:14 am (3 years ago)

      Marching over to Cotton On Body with the good old credit card 🙂 Ooooh…to Vitamix or not to Vitamix – that is the question!!! And hehe, Julie, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!!!