Move outta the way Ugly Betty, I was here first!!  Yes, back in my younger years, I had (AND STILL HAVE) the frizziest hair and I wore the thick-rimmed glasses and I had a dodgy dress sense too.  (Un)fortunately, we didn’t have digital cameras back then so I don’t have photographic evidence of my teenage years on my hard drive (since all my photos are back in Scotland) so you will just have to refer to a recent photo of me – STILL with the frizziest hair and thick glasses.

Admittedly, I did have a hard time growing up being an Asian geek.  Guys never paid me any attention until my early twenties.  What happened?  I went from “Geek” to “Chic”.  How?  Well, allow me to share…

1.  ghd hair straighteners 

ghd straightens hair
My hair drove me nuts because the frizz refused to be tamed…until my sister came home one day with a pair of ghd hair straighteners.  This was in 2001, if memory serves me correctly.  She said her girl-friend had used them on her hair and magically transformed her straggly hair to sleek, shiny hair by using this straightening iron.  I didn’t believe her…until I used it on my hair.  ZOMG!!!  I couldn’t believe it!!!  My frizzbomb turned into sexy, shiny locks.  Incidentally, ghd stands for Good Hair Day – and I can definitely see why!

Of course, nowadays, it’s normal for every girl to have a pair of hair straighteners.  But those of us who suffered all those years without straighteners will know the years of pain we went through.  Pictured above are my 2nd pair of ghd’s and they have been a faithful friend for many years.  I use it a lot to tame the frizzy flyaways and before I fell in love with this curling iron, I used it to curl my hair too.

2.  Contact lenses

Having straight hair didn’t elevate me to “Chic” status.  I still needed to get rid of my glasses – but without them, I am as blind as a bat!!  (My eyes are -13.50 and -12.50 – yes, THAT bad!)  Thankfully, new developments in eye care meant that I could finally get the contact lenses I had always dreamed of in 2002.  I remember the compliments I received when I first wore contact lenses.  People kept saying, “Wow, you have really nice big eyes.”  Of course, that was before my right eyelid turned weird and I started getting big eye bags…

Got rid of the frizzy hair and the geeky glasses and I just needed a bit more help…

3.  Make-Up

My glasses and frizzy hair took up half my face, but now with tamed locks and no glasses, my face was bare-naked to the world.  And let’s not kid ourselves here, but unless you’re drop dead gorgeous with supermodel genes, make-up can really enhance your features and boost self-confidence.  A few coats of mascara and red lipstick always makes me feel chic!!

Geek To Chic Is Complete

And there you go.  That’s my geek to chic transformation complete.  I mean, there’s always more I can do – for example, dress “better” but it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it!  Besides, once a geek, always a geek!  I am proud of it!  It’s okay to be “geek chic” these days!!

Do you have any “geek to chic” stories to share?  Or were you always Miss Pretty & Popular at High School?  If so, you lucky gal!!!

Disclosure :  This post was sponsored by ghd.


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13 comments on “Geek To Chic”

  1. AWESOME post Ling, hahaha i replied to your comment on my page, dont know why i cant actaully reply to comments like you can reply to people;s comments here? totally too new to this whole thing ahaha.. ANYWAYS LOVE your post, and i must admit i used to be a geek too, my mum used to give me that typical asian coconut hair cut =[ like a bowl? hahaha..i enjoyed it, and hope things in your personal life works out =]

    • @ally, Thanks Ally 😀 – the reason why you can’t reply is because you’re on blogspot and they don’t allow reply comments. Isn’t blogging fun?? I LOVE IT!!!! And yes, I know the Asian bowl cut all too well!! LOL

  2. Cute post. I too wear glasses. But I rarely take photos with my glasses on. I think you look good with both glasses and no glasses.

    Miss Bias

  3. Although “geeky” (and I use that term very loosely), you still looked adorable, Ling 🙂

    I was a “floater” in high school, if you will. Not uber-brainy enough to be a brainiac nerd, not geeky enough to be a geek, not popular enough to be popular, and firmly not pretty, which meant no chance in hell of being in the hot-chick clique. I was, one of those girls with boy cut hair and terrifically bad skin who made up for her not fitting into a single category by learning how to jump from one to another with relative ease.

    I also made up for not being pretty or noticed by boys in the traditional way by joining ’em instead – I have always been surrounded by a band of loyal and very goofy brothers, if you will. This same band of brothers gave me copious amounts affectionate of crap when I began wearing skirts, growing my hair out and wearing makeup 😉 Go figure!

    • @ksuan, I’m aDORKable LOL. Being a floater is pretty cool though because you could go from group to group. I was a loner most of the time…sighs.

      Sound like you have a cool bunch of boys to hang out with!! Guys are so much easier to chill with than girls sometimes. But only if they don’t fart in your face lol

      • @Ling Tung,

        Hey Ling, you’re absolutely right, my boys are my diamonds 🙂 And it’s fun to have a posse of guys who will beat the living daylights out of any other guy who tries to be funny with you! Heh heh. Fringe benefits. And the solution is clear, if they fart at you, you just have to fart/belch right back and beat them at their game. As gross as it sounds, it works every single time and they gain amazing amounts of respect for you afterward 😉

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