Happy Saturday!!! It’s been a quiet week on The Best Beauty Blog as I still haven’t recovered my mojo after server issues wiped my unpublished pending posts clean. BUT I promise that I’ll be back next week and it’s going to Hair Week!!! (Thank you to the 8 awesome ladies who Liked this idea on our Facebook page!) Anyway, I dug out some old photos from the hard drive and guess what I found – China Glaze Salsa! *cue salsa music*

I used to have a guy friend who taught me a little bit of salsa. It’s a very sensual dance – very hot and spicy! How apt of China Glaze to name this sexy red creme nail polish Salsa! Anyway, back to the guy friend who developed a schoolboy crush on me (I am 5 years older than him) – I used to be one of his BFF’s until I got married and he hasn’t spoken to me since. SICK, I tell ya! Moving on…

I love the shiny finish with all the China Glaze nail lacquers. I am totally in love with China Glaze Salsa!!!

Have you tried any China Glaze nail polishes? Have you got any interesting stories to share about guys who crushed on you? Now is the time to share!!!

10 comments on “Get All Hot ‘n’ Spicy With China Glaze Salsa”

  1. Hi, Ling! I’ve never tried China Glaze, but I will soon. This color is fiery! I love it! I love reds so this is just gorgeous in my eyes. 🙂

  2. Hi Ling,

    I don’t normally gravitate towards red polishes but this one is gorgeous. I might even buy it. Thankyou 🙂

  3. Hey Ling, Is this only available in China or do you think it might be on sale on some random online website?

    • @Isabel Ong, China Glaze isn’t from China…it’s US brand. But you can buy their products on ebay…and also, I am sure there are stockists in Sydney too…just Google it 😉 I just haven’t seen them in any shops in Melbourne, that’s all

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