My first boyfriend was a Welsh Chinese guy and he was one year younger than me and back in those days, amongst my girl-friends, it was like, “Oh MY GASH!!  He’s younger than you!!  EWWW!!!”  After that short-lived relationship, I dated an older guy followed by an even older guy…and afterwards, at the tender age of 21, I decided that I would never date oldies – not even one day older than me!  And to attract younger guys, I knew I had to be skin-savvy to preserve my youthful looks and that, my dear friends, is how I started my life-long friendship with serums, which are usually packed full of nutritious goodness to enhance moisturiser.

So, I want you to imagine you are me for a second, and you receive an email which goes something like this :-

Dear Ling, would you like to try our product – Seruderm, an anti-ageing beauty serum with proven anti-wrinkle action – and consider it for review on your blog?

What would your answer be?  YES!  Exactly!  Correct!  Thank you!  Congratulations, you are one step closer to becoming Ling!  And then, if you are me, you will squeal with delight when you open the package because of the cute cuddly Seruderm bear!!  And then, you will neglect the product itself, but cuddle the bear every night to sleep…

Distractions aside, I did get round to trialling Seruderm and finally, after the long introduction, here is my review…

My Experience With Seruderm

10 out of 10 for the super awesome packaging.  Seruderm is encased in a sleek, shiny, silver container with a head which twists and then locks, to reveal the pump.  It means that there’s no need for a cap, which I usually forget to put back on anyway.  It was so cool that I showed my Husband and he said, “Cool!” too.

I loved everything about this twist-lock-pump mechanism for a serum…until this morning!  I pressed the pump and nothing came out.  Surely, I couldn’t have finished the serum already after 2.5 weeks of usage…so I pressed again…still nada.  And then I picked it up, peered into the nozzle and pressed the pump again – only to have serum shooting out at high speed and splat into my right eye!!!  Instead of behaving like a normal person and trying to wash it out immediately, I tried to open my eye to see if I could see the serum in my eyeball…yeah, don’t ask!  It stung.  I won’t lie.  It stung real bad!  So you would think I would wash it out…but no!  I picked up the bottle and tried to read the instructions with my left eye.

“Avoid contact with eyes.  If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water…”

Oh, I see (pun intended)!!!  And only then, I washed my eye.  My poor right eyeball didn’t talk to me for a couple of hours!!

Anyway, apart from that minor mishap, Seruderm definitely integrated well into my skincare regime.  It’s a clear, scentless serum which absorbs very well and leaves no traces after 1-2 minutes.  My skin feels more hydrated, but at the same time, I have still been getting flaky skin around my nose and forehead – but maybe that’s due to the weird weather changes in Melbourne.  It’s possibly too soon to comment on the effect it has on my fine lines.  I have been massaging the serum specifically onto my nasolabial lines.

Overall, my skin has been happy with Seruderm as it is gentle and nourishing with no breakouts.  I’m going to use it for a couple more weeks and if I notice any improvements in fine lines, I will let you all know.  As for the Seruderm bear – I LOVE IT!!!!

Extra Info

RRP $149 for 30ml
Only available in selected stockists

Have you tried Seruderm before?  Which serums do you use? 

7 comments on “Getting Cuddly With The Seruderm Bear”

  1. Oh your poor eye! But the teddy makes it worth it right? haha. The packaging looks really sleek though, I have a appreciation for serums since I began this whole beauty blogging shenanigan

    • @emmabovary, Yes, my eye has forgiven me for my boo boo! And yay for teddies 😀 And I agree – the whole beauty blogging shenanigan has opened my eyes to bigger and better things 😀

  2. Oh la la. I wouldn’t mind trying this as well 🙂 Ty!! Let us know how the results are after a while 🙂

  3. I don’t use serums nor have I ever heard of that brand before but it sounds like a good serum!

  4. wow! the price… ouch! i better steer away for your ‘result’ post, just in case it erases your fine lines, i’ll be craving for it :p
    cute bear btw 🙂

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