Wowee!  Can you believe 2011 is drawing to an end?!  This year has flown by so quickly!!  2011 has been a rollercoaster year for me.

Highlights of 2011 include : my Scottish family and friends came to visit me | getting into beauty blogging and making videos | meeting and befriending lovely beauty bloggers from ABBW and MBBE | my 1st year wedding anniversary – we did it! | launching another beauty blog – Lip Stalker | falling in love with plenty of beauty products | birth of my new niece | going to Hong Kong – which is where I will be when 2012 comes along in a few hours

Lowlights of 2011 include : chronic back pain | not being able to find a suitable job which means being poor | the biggest lowlight of all was discovering that the Mr and I both have alpha thalassaemia minor which means that we have a 1 in 4 chance of having a dead baby…!!!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to bigger and better and more beautiful things in 2012!  I will be MIA for 2 weeks until my return…but you may catch my occasional tweet so follow me!!  I cannot wait to show you the shenanigans I got up to in Hong Kong.  Till then, take care and…

Happy New Year!

22 comments on “Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012!”

  1. Happy New Year, Ling! I’ve loved getting to know you through your gorgeous blogs and hilarious tweets, hope you have an amazing NYE!

  2. Happy New Year, Ling!!! I hope you enjoy your vacation! I’m so glad I discovered you and your blog in 2011. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for 2012! :))) <3

  3. Happy New Year Ling!! Hope you are having fun in Hong Kong! YUM just thinking of all the food! And may 2012 bring you joy, health, and prosperity! xo, sam

  4. Happy New Year. I only discovered blogs and blogging towards the end of 2011. I love reading yours, it always has me in giggles. Sorry to hear that you and your husband difficulties. That would be hard. Have a safe trip home. Rachel xxx

    • @Rachel, Thanks lovely! Blogs are sooooo good and I missed reading them when I was in HK. And oooh, won’t be going home till the end of this year…home is Scotland 🙂

      Anyway, hope 2012 has been good to you 😀

  5. Happy New Year darling!

    May new year bring you a little bubba!!!! I think everything will be fine 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your HK trip and looking forward to seeing your haul posts 😉


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