In case you haven’t heard, I am currently on my way to Hong Kong and I will be deciding where to shop and eat when I get off the plane!  YAY!  I put a call out for anyone wanting to guest post as I didn’t want the blog to get neglected and unloved while I was away and Rachel kindly offered.  Enjoy…

Like Ling, I am a complete make-up minx. I can spend hours in make-up departments opening, smelling and trying on every tester.  I love the scents, packaging and dreams associated with this department and I am always on the look out for something new and different.

This week I hit gold while my 8yo daughter was having her hair cut at a local hair and beauty salon.  My 6yo daughter and I slowly slunk over to the shiny, colourful make-up stand.  Standing up right, taking centre stage of the stand was a small but powerful black box – TK’s Lashes.

The brochure beside this box made promises.  Surely, it couldn’t follow through with the promise of making lashes up to 300% longer.  I cannot resist a challenge.  I was going to test and scoff at this and I was going to use my innocent little 6 year old as my guinea pig to do it.  Feeling like I was participating in an episode of Myth Busters, I opened the black box and inside were two tubes.  First you use the larger gel tube to brush onto the lashes. Then you use the smaller tube to brush on the fibres, then set again with the gel brush.  Seriously, UNBELIEVABLE results.  My daughter looked like the cutest little drag queen with her lovely, long lashes.

Now, I love mascara and I use it daily.   For special occasions I use to get the individual lashes put on.  Recently I discovered lash extensions and I love them, but can’t afford to keep them permanently.  The TK’s Lashes are something else.  They truly do make your lashes look ridiculously long, but still natural and you can wash them off.  I think this is a must have in any make-up stash.

You can’t get these everywhere, I purchased mine from Beautiful You Hair and Beauty in Margate you can buy them online for $79. There are a few other supplies around Australia and New Zealand and you can find them on the TK’s Lashes website.

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  1. Wow, I’ve seen the TK’s Lashes in a salon & thought they looked a little too expensive, especially when I couldn’t be sure if they really worked… but I think I might give them a try now, I’m actually very excited & now zoning into my beauty trance… must have… must have… there is no point fighting it!!!

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