A while ago, Botanics Of Australia sent me a generous package (you may remember, I reviewed their face mask, shower cream and face cream) and in amongst the loot was boa Relaxing Bath Milk With Tasmianian Blue Gum Honey.  I couldn’t use it (find out why later) so I handed it to my fab girl-friend Minda who is a BBC (British Born Chinese) like me, living life in Melbourne.  She’s a food blogger and at the time of writing, her blog is ranked #16 in the urbanspoon Victoria leaderboard.  Woop woop! 

What boa Say

boa Relaxing Bath Milk With Tasmianian Blue Gum Honey is a luxurious milky soak that smooths and soothes your skin while protecting it from moisture loss with important trace elements of beeswax from the Eucalypt blossom.  Removes dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

botanics of australia bath

And this is Minda’s review on the product…

The ever generous Ling gave me a goody bag recently with an array of products to try and play with. I’m more of a food blogger but love beauty products and Ling strikes me as a beauty blogger with a love of food so we have lots in common. One of the many things was a bottle of boa Relaxing Bath Milk with Tasmanian Blue Gum Honeyand I invited myself to guest review it on her behalf given her aversion to taking baths. One of the funniest conversations I’ve had with Ling goes a bit like this:

“Oh you don’t swim right Ling?”
“Yeah I don’t like water”
“Oh okay…”
“Yeah I don’t like baths either. I took a bath once and the motion of the water in the tub made me feel seasick.”

Classic huh? Definitely a conversation that never ceases to make me smile.

Anyway, back to the task in hand. First impressions of the bath milk were lukewarm. I wouldn’t pick it out in a shop. It’s plain and unappealing and in all honesty, when choosing beauty products, things that look nice in my bathroom get bonus points. Having said that, as a gift, I’m pleased with it.

The pale pink liquid reminds me of calamine lotion. I expect that as a bath milk, I won’t get bubbles in my tub but that the water will be softened and feel moisturising. So I pour some into the running water. I get a whiff of a sweet fragrance…a bit like candy floss or bubble gum…not quite honey but still at the same end of the sugary spectrum. The water goes a little opaque and when I put my hand in it; it doesn’t feel any different so I add a bit more…still nothing…so I add more…and before I know it I’m pretty sure I’ve added more than I should have. I’m pretty sure that the manufacturers don’t intend for almost one third of the bottle to be used per bath!

I love my tub; it’s deep and it’s double ended so the taps don’t get in the way. Anyway I get into the water and lie back and relax. I close my eyes. The fragrance is almost lost. Now and then I get that faint sweet smell but it’s definitely not like the stuff I usually use where the fragrance helps me relax or pep me up or whatever it’s meant to do. There’s not much aromatherapy going on. The water itself looks milky but there’s not much sense of moisturising going on.

In conclusion, the relaxing bath milk like it’s packaging is a bit meh. It doesn’t stand out visually nor does it stand out in terms of quality of product. I enjoyed by my bath but that’s because I like wallowing in hot water and the bath milk did not add or detract from the experience.

Bring on the next bath product for me to try out Ling!

What I like about Minda is her bubbly nature and honesty which is evident in her restaurant reviews on her food blog; so I expected nothing less from her beauty review.  Unfortunately, this boa product didn’t favour too well but I found a boa favourite amongst the goods.  I was saving the best till last so I will share with you at a later date.

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