I heart to shop, i love to shop

Hello!  Thanks for all the loving caring messages I received regarding my head injury last week.  You can’t get rid of little old me that easily because I officially put my beauty blogging hat back on yesterday and I am ready to roll.  First up, by popular demand (submit your reader request on Facebook), is a shopping haul post.  As you should ALL know by now, I LOVE to shop and hoard…but this will probably be the last haul post of 2012 as I should be am on a spending ban till I go to Hong Kong in January!!  (Note :  Bans were made to be broken :P)

Without further ado (Grammar Police Alert!  Not “adieu” like some people incorrectly write and say…), here is my collective shopping haul of the last few weeks…

Sydney IMATS 2012 Haul

Sydney IMATS 2012, shopping haul, ben nye blushers, royal & langnickel brushes You may recall I went to Sydney in the last weekend of September for a beauty blogging conference, #BBU12 and one of the events was going to IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) – similar to last year’s ABBW.

In my Sydney IMATS 2012 Haul is a lot of make-up brushes – a set of 12 Royal & Langnickel newest collection of [R]evolution brushes and 2 individual R&L SILK brushes.  I loved my Ben Nye coral blusher from last year’s IMATS so I bought 2 more – Blushing Bride and Raspberry.  And then I bought a pot of pink glitter.

I know what you’re thinking – “Is that it??”  Yes, it was rather pathetic of me…but my excuse is that I spent it all on salted caramel macarons at Laduree!!!

#BBU12 Sponsors

beauty bloggers utopia 2012 sponsors

I was blessed to be 1 of the 30 #BBU12 delegates and we were all super blessed to have an amazing goody bag from all the sponsors.  I can’t wait to show you all the products…eventually…

I Heart Hello Kitty & My Hubby Knows It!

My Husband knows I am a Hello Kitty fan forever so he always loves to surprise me with Hello Kitty goodies!  Recent Hello Kitty finds include 2 metal dessert spoons, a spritzer bottle, juice with a toy and nail files.  As for the 2 little cuddly Hello Kitty toys, I actually won myself the pink leopard one from a $1 claw machine at my first attempt in Sydney…and because he was feeling a bit competitive, he tried his luck and won me the yellow one.

I also got some nail-y stuff with nail wheels and nail stick thingys, Daiso nail glue and Missha nail polish remover.  I have a zillion bottles of nail polish to swatch but my nails keep breaking like no tomorrow (hence the nail glue) 🙁 so I may have to resort to using nail wheels…

Random Tidbits

China Glaze Beauty & The Beach is another gift from Hubby.  While I was doing my thang at #BBU12, he wandered around Sydney on his lonesome and bought me stuff.  Yes, he spoils me 🙂

FutureDerm Time Release Retinol 0.5 is one of my new favourite skincare products of 2012 and it deserves a review of its own so wait for that.

Bling from Lovisa and random stores – I need to learn to accessorise and jazz up my frumpy outfits!

Coral lipsticks from Maybelline and Rimmel – just because!

Lunch Breaks Are Meant For Hauling

Friday lunch breaks are the best because my colleagues always go to Eastland Shopping Centre where it’s easy to buy something…anything!!!  Glassons had a pop-up shop and these tweed-like Chanel-esque studded jackets were only $15 each.  How could I refuse?

Phew!  That was a picture heavy post.  Did you like my mini chalkboard in the first photo?  It is SOOOO cute!  Pity I can only write like 4 letters on it.  Anyway, did you like my collective haul?  What have you been buying lately?

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  1. LOVE the hello kitty stuff!! And how lucky are you, I wish my bf would spoil me like that!! Very jealous, great haul 🙂

    • @sarah, Ahhhh, Hello Kitty – I don’t know why some girls don’t like Hello Kitty. And I’m sure your bf spoils you in many other ways 🙂

  2. Wahh I love the tweed jacket! 🙂
    Glassons you say? I’m on it! Chanel anyone?

    Cos you need more lipsticks. Totally!

    • @Ling, (wannabe) Chanel & lipsticks – what more could a Ling ask for? LOL… oh wait, how about REAL Chanel stuff. Yes please hahahaha

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