Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!!!  *squee squee squee*  I know I blogged earlier today, but you know, I had to blog again because guess who’s arrived in Australia?  Hello Kitty make-up!!!!!!

Hello Kitty lipstick, Hello Kitty face powder

OMG!!!  I so could not resist and I had to buy!!!  Especially if you buy 2 items and you get a free plush toy!  WIN!!!!

The Hello Kitty make-up range starts from $9.95 to $14.95 and there were eyeshadows, nail polishes, blushers, powders, lip glosses and lipsticks.

Okay, so before you stomp down to Priceline, let me tell you what you HAVE to buy.  You HAVE to buy the Hello Kitty Compact Powder that is for sure!!!  Because why?  Look….

Hello Kitty make-up at Priceline

ZOMG!!!  So adorbs!  A Hello Kitty embossed in the powder!  I am never going to use it!!  The metallic pink packaging is to die for!!!!

And here are the lipstick swatches if you are interested – from left to right : 07-01, 07-03, 07-05 (I bought this one), 07-06, 08-01, 08-02, 08-04.  The 07 ones are from the Shine & Kiss lippy pink packaging range whereas the 08 are the matte shades and they are packaged in black.

The lid of the lipstick tube has a beautiful Hello Kitty engraved on it.  It’s numbered with 07-05 but it’s actually called Baiser Volé.  BEAUTIFUL!

The range at my Priceline in Doncaster must have just been newly launched today because none of the testers had been touched on the shelves so I happily swatched away till this lady barged in front of me and took over.  Erm, excuse me?!  Clearly, she is not a Hello Kitty fan!  I was decked out with my Hello Kitty handbag and Hello Kitty phone.  Pfft!!

Anyway, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty make-up items that I can take out in my Hello Kitty handbag, so forget the nail polish.  Next on my wishlist are the eyeshadows and glittery lipglosses.  Ooh, and there’s also another Hello Kitty plushy in a Hawaiian skirt.

Okay, if you buy anything, let me know!!

And before you ask, I aint gonna use these babies.  They are just too pretty!

37 comments on “Hello Kitty Has Arrived In Priceline And Here Is My Wee Haul”

  1. OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! Seems like I gotta pop by my Priceline to check it out!


  2. think they are not launched in the city stores yet, i called and the priceline staff has no idea!

  3. I wonder how long this range will take to reach me in Perth, I sure hope we get it here. It’s just too cute for words!

  4. OMG – love the cute packaging!! Reminds me of my Japan trip a few years ago – my ‘no buy’ is going to have to wait a bit longer…

  5. So freaking adorable!!!! I was in Priceline today and saw none of this- I’ll have to get out the one in Camberwell tomorrow because they usually have pretty good stock!

  6. Omg I was in priceline a few days ago and saw the hello kitty range cosmetics too !! Was tempted to buy some coz it was soo cute !! 😀

  7. OMG how can I not know about this?! I love the look of the lipstick (prob more the packaging than the actual formula), and the plush doll is adorable. Can’t wait to see what else you buy!

    • @Stacey, It’s true – I’m thinking of the packaging and not really the quality of the content 😉 And I really should resist but I can’t. 😀

  8. OH SO CUTE!!! I LOVE Hello Kitty too! I almost bought the brush set, but decided against it since I have enough make up brushes (and I really just wanted to HK stand)! Love the stamped HK in the powder! I would never want to use it either! All those lipstick colors are very pretty!

    And LOVE Ling all decked out in Hello Kitty! Awesome!

    • @Samantha, Hehehehe…glad you are a fellow Hello Kitty lover! 😀 I think I want to buy the entire collection and look at it 😀

  9. Zomgosh! I didn’t know Priceline brought in Hello Kitty makeup. Going to look for it! The compact powder is so adorable…

  10. That is super cute packaging! I saw all the clothes in Target the other day! I hope the ingredients are nice 😉 affordable make up for all – who doesn’t love Kitty!!

  11. lucky i haven’t spotted them in priceline stores i visited so far, or else pretty girl is probably going to bombard me buying them! (not hello kitty fan, why do i have a hello kitty fan daughter?)

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