As well as spending money on Hada Labo products, I also did a tiny spot of shopping when I was travelling in Malaysia.

Two gorgeous blue bags.  I fell in love with the leather Balenciaga-inspired bag – if only I could afford the real McCoy!  And I also loved the stripy blue nautical shoulder bag.

I also bought 2 pairs of closed toe shoes and 2 pairs of Crocs flip flops.  Yeah, I sometimes question my taste in shoes.  It’s a bit iffy.  I always choose comfort over looks – although saying that, those black and white flats gave me blisters in my heels.

As for Crocs, I don’t like the Crocs clogs…but I absolutely LOVE Crocs flip flops because they are ultra-comfortable and they do not give my feet cramp like Havaianas do.

I also bought two dresses which I shall reveal in another post.

What did you think of my purchases?

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