how to live a life full of roses

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I may not be a huge diehard fan of flowers, but when it comes to roses, it’s a different story.  I just love roses!  Pink, red, cream, yellow, peach – I like all the colours!  I had two wedding ceremonies (one in Melbourne and one in Scotland) and both times, my brief to the florists were “pink roses” and I love the interpretation of both rose bouquets.

Here are some ways to make your life full of roses :-

1.  Buy a fresh bouquet of roses and place them in a beautiful vase to brighten up your home or workplace.  Check out Fresh Flowers who deliver right across Australia.

2.  Make roses your signature scent!  My favourite rosy perfume is Paul Smith Rose – it’s sensual, it’s pink, it’s divine.

3.  Bathe in loose rose petals or rose-based bubble bath to leave your skin soft, supples and smelling wonderful.

4.  Wear roses in your hair.  You can tuck a single rose behind your ear or if you are good at DIY crafts, make a floral crown with fresh roses.

5.  Incorporate roses into your beauty routine through rose-based skincare or rose-coloured makeup.

6.  Drink it!  I was unsure about this too at first, but once I had tried tea with dried rose petals, I was hooked.  My favourite is Madame Flavour White Rose Tea.

7.  Watch The Bachelor where they have a rose ceremony in every episode.  Yes, it is terrible, terrible reality TV but so unbelievably addictive.  Every girl there is obsessed with getting a red rose and they will do anything to get one!  I can be found yelling at the TV screen – “Cheat and get Fresh Flowers to deliver one to you!”  LOL

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