How to Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It

Before I went on holiday, I had been suffering from consecutive bad hair days.  I blamed the baby.  { I blame everything on my poor baby! => first sign of a bad mother 😛 }  Anyway, to combat this, I decided to give myself a DIY hair makeover.

DIY hair makeovers are fantastic for new mummies like me because :-

1.  It means you don’t have to find a babysitter or take a cranky baby to a hair salon.
2.  You can save money.  Nappies are expensive and babies pee / poo a lot.
3.  It beats having to do housework when the baby is napping.

For my DIY hair makeover, I gave myself a trim PLUS coloured my hair.  It was super easy and here’s how I did it with some helpful hints for you to attempt your own DIY hair makeover.

How To Trim Your Own Hair

hair tools for a trim

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I’m genuinely amazed that not a lot of girls I know have ever cut their own hair.  With medium to long hair, trimming your own hair is SUPER EASY.

how to trim your own hair


1.  First of all, pretend you are Supergirl and put on the cape 😛
2.  Then comb and iron out the kinks in your hair.  Unless you usually wear poker straight hair, the aim is to reduce frizz and smooth down flyaways before cutting.  Some DIY-ers might like it wet, but I prefer to trim my own hair when it is dry so I have better control and I know what the final result will be.
3.  I like to section my hair because it makes me feel like a pro.  Other than that, it can make it easier if you have lots of hair to cut.
4.  Trim your hair to remove split ends.  At this point, I like to breathe a sigh of relief as it will actually BE A PROPER TRIM unlike hairdressers who go all Texas Chainsaw Massacre and hack off 8 inches of hair when I ask for “a trim”!
5.  This is an optional step, but if you don’t want a blunt cut, you need to use these hair thinning scissors to create texture and add layers.  I’m still waiting for the post-pregnancy thinning of hair so I just used this on my hair ends to thin it out.  I channel my inner Edward Scissorhands when I use thinning scissors – it works!
6.  Admire your amazing handiwork (or speed dial your hairdresser if you have done a big boo boo!)

How To Colour Your Own Hair Like A Pro


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Obviously, you can read the instruction leaflet on a hair dye kit and follow the steps.

Or if you want to go pro, squish out the hair dye into a bowl, section hair and use a hair tint brush to apply the dye.  TOO EASY!

For my DIY hair makeover, I used a bright red dye, but I did not touch up my roots.  It’s SIMPLY because I have crazy ass Asian parents who think hair dye will somehow seep into my breastmilk and poison the baby.  *rolls eyes*

Here’s Before & After pics of my DIY hair makeover….

before & after DIY hair makeover

Split ends have been trimmed, there’s a bit more volume and texture from the thinning scissors plus the redness is intensified.

I loved it…(BUT a few weeks later, I went to Hong Kong and got it hacked off and got me some bangs but that’s another blog post for another day!)

Thanks for reading!  What do you think of my DIY hair makeover?  Acceptable or not?

* denotes press samples

8 comments on “How To Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It Like A Pro”

  1. Nice job! My mum still cuts her own hair and it’s the same style since I was born haha. I use to cut my own fringe but I like to go to the salon to get it trimmed (I guess having no baby makes it easier haha) but I still dye my own hair. I did a post recently about dying my ends red too!!

    • @Kat, Thanks Kat! I bought a hair tool recently which helps with cutting my own fringe – it makes it super easy so I’ll have to blog about it soon 🙂 And yay to dying hair ends red 😀

  2. Great job! YOu are a super mummy! Your daughter is going to be so lucky because you are armed ready with all the hairdressing tools to avoid the dreaded first trip to the salon. Mine was not pretty… I really like the colour and how it blends in with your natural roots. Now I’m looking forward to seeing pics of your new bangs 😉

    • @E-von, Thanks E-von, but I am NO SUPER MUMMY at all!! I can barely do anything these days – my to-do list is long long long!! I don’t know how I will juggle everything when I have to go back to work – yikes!!! As for my amateur hairdressing skills – I have to thank my 6 younger siblings for being my guinea pigs throughout the years haha!

  3. Wow Ling it looks amazing! i love the before and after shots too 😉 definitely acceptable!

    I will try your ‘Go Pro’ version next time I dye my hair :p it will make me feel like I know what I am doing 🙂

    Hey, just as an FYI, Priceline is having a 40% off sale! I got a few products for my next hair project 🙂 check it out:

    anyway, look forward to your next post and what really happened in Hong Kong!


    • @Izzy Leroy, Aww thanks so much Izzy!! Did you buy much in the Priceline sale? What is your next hair project? I am intrigued 🙂
      Oh gosh…I almost cannot even remember that I went on holiday haha!!!

  4. Never tried cutting my own hair before, but thanks for the tip! Hmmm.. Maybe you could also try out Karmin G3 flat iron on your next makeover too! 🙂

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