I liken wearing a bra to brushing teeth.  Being a dentist, I see many patients who think they know how to brush teeth correctly, but when I show them the proper way, they are flabbergasted.  Same goes with bra-wearing.  I thought I had been wearing a bra correctly for more than 15 years of my life, until one day whilst purchasing lingerie for my wedding, the bra fitter showed me the correct way to wear a bra and it changed the shape and the size of my boobs forever.

The Wrong Way To Wear A Bra

This is how I used to wear my bra.  Clasp the back of the bra together under my boobs and then swivel it round to the back and pull up the straps.  A quick 2-second job.  Done!  Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

The Proper Way To Wear A Bra

Consult a professional bra fitter to find the right size for you.  A lot of women out there are wearing the wrong bra sizes which can cause back pain or make you look like you have four breasts instead of two!

1.  Hook the back of the bra together and position it appropriately at the back.

2.  Lean forward at a 45º angle so that your breasts are brought forward.

3.  Bring the straps up over your shoulders.

4.  Still leaning forward, scoop your breasts up (one at a time with opposing hand) into the bra cup.  Make sure you grab any “back fat” as it may not actually be back fat, but part of your boobage!

5.  Stand upright and adjust your straps to a comfortable length where nothing is pinching too tight nor too loose.

Learning the correct way to wear a bra has made my breasts look better as they appear much plumper with a lifted effect.  I was gobsmacked when I discovered this.

I remember passing on this vital piece of information to my 3 younger sisters…and guess what?  They all looked at me in shock and said, “DUH!!!  We knew that already!!”  What???  Where was I when they learned the art of wearing the bra correctly??  And then they ALL laughed at me for clasping my bra at the front and then swivelling it to the back.  You see, I learnt that from my Mum… They somehow possess the ability to clasp the bra at the back and do not need to clasp it at the front and then turn it to the back.  Damn!

Anyway, did you know how to wear a bra correctly already or have I passed on a piece of life-transforming information to you today?  Let me know in the comments.  And if you enjoyed this post, I will be back with more beauty advice on breasts next week so stay tuned.

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  1. hey ling.
    i only learnt that a few years ago whilst having a bra fitting. you are right though- it does maxamise boobage! and i also find it is a bit more comfortable too.

  2. Hi Ling,

    I learned this trick from a gay friend who used to work at a lingerie company, of all things 🙂 Very useful stuff.

  3. I’ve seen it on tv I think! And did you know that the armpit ‘fat’ is the cause of not wearing a bra correctly? I didn’t know that!!!!! 🙁

  4. I disagree that many women are wearing the wrong size bra. When I went into my local department store they told me the same thing. I’ve been hearing it all over the blogs and lingerie sites too. At the department store they kept insisting that I was probably wearing the wrong the size. This one gal said ‘are you sure you know your size? Most women don’t.’ One finally helped me and said you are wearing the right size. She proceeded to bring me different brands and they all fit differently. One size in one brand may fit but that same size in another brand won’t fit. I say they need to regulate the lingerie industry.

    I went into Victoria secret and was wearing the last bra I purchased there. It was a pretty good fit. But I tried on new colors in the exact bra that I came in wearing and it didn’t fit. The gal kept bringing me the wrong size. When I looked at the size she was embarrassed but when she got me the right size it still didn’t fit. I measure the exact size I was when I bought the last one and the new one didn’t fit. If I haven’t changed then the bras have. I was told it’s best to try them all on and find on that fits. Pretty scientific. My opinion is that there are so many different manufacturers of bras, they need to get together to make standard size bras. Until then it’s try and try again. The next time you try on a bra you may not be the same size. It’s not because you’ve changed though you may have, it’s probably the bra manufacturer is making them differently. This is only a guess but something is going on.

    • @Susan, Hi Susan, thanks for your detailed comment.

      I guess the lingerie manufacturers have a lot to answer for if they are giving inconsistencies in bra sizes. I usually wear the same brand of lingerie and rarely change because they fit me perfectly all the time. Shame it’s not been the same experience in your case though.

      Anyway, the point I was trying to make in this post is how to place your boobs into your bra. Bras should come with instructions LOL. I never knew!!!!!

  5. Lol, i did not know about cupping and leaning forward to maximise boobage… :O I only knew one person who had to clip their bra in the front and twist it around.. >___<" I thought everyone was taught how to do it on their back?? Wo, learn new things everyday~!!

  6. your post made me realize that I wasn’t aware of the wrong way of wearing the bra for quite a long while….my mom taught me to learn to hook up the bra at the back itself but leaning 45degrees is something I have not been able to do till this day and I should definitely learn that!!! thanks for the post…many are unaware of such things 🙂

  7. HEEHEHHE Thanks Ling, but I already knew! 😛 Learnt it from Pursebuzz a few years back! Yay for maximised boobage!! I scoop everything from everywhere into the cup HAHAH! Trying to making the most of it!

    • @Tram, Wahhh! I think I am the only one who didn’t know this and that’s why I had flat pancakes for 20+ years of my life wahahahaha

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