birthday presents

It was my birthday a month ago.  Yes, I turned 21 *ahem* again.  Okay, fine!  Be a spoilsport and tell the whole wide world that I turned 33!  Anyway, at my age, I still get extremely excited when I get birthday presents…that are wrapped!!!  There’s just something amazing about receiving wrapped birthday presents…and the weird thing is…I like to keep them wrapped up for as long as possible before I open them!

My lovely friend Minda got me a couple of beautifully wrapped birthday gifts which I could NOT. BEAR. TO. OPEN.  I kept them wrapped up for weeks!  Hello?  My birthday comes round only once a year so I have to treasure the wrapped up babies as long as possible!  Every day, I would just gaze at them and admire them…to the point where it actually almost annoyed the Husband because the curiosity was killing him!

Anyway, poor Minda didn’t have the joy of watching me open them.  She said that one of the best things about giving a present to someone is to see their happy faces…  And so I decided to take self-portraits of me unwrapping my gifts!

So I decided to open the smaller present first of all…  It was beautifully wrapped so I took my time to unravel the ribbon…  Got excited when I realised there was more wrapping paper within the wrapping paper!!!

unwrapping birthday gifts

And look!  It’s a lime chevron baby bib for Bunty! How cute!!!

And then, I had a little break… Yes I did!  LOL!  Before moving on to the last of the unwrapped birthday gifts…

it was slightly heavier…

unwrapping birthday gifts Oooh, a stripy lime scarf to match the baby bib PLUS a Glasshouse Fragrance Coconut & Lime Triple Scented Candle!!!  VERY MATCHY MATCHY!!!

asian girl blowing kiss

Thank you Minda!  I was super delighted with my birthday presents as you can see! 🙂  Loved the birthday card and the Hello Kitty baggy too *mwah*

And many thanks to all the other lovely people in my life who gave me birthday presents and cards this year – Hubs, work colleagues, Cheezles family, Norlin and Si.

Surely I am not the only weirdo awesome being out there who opens their birthday presents weeks later…??!!

P.S.  I also like to open my Christmas presents on Christmas Day and no earlier…or sometimes I get a bit sneaky…and open them AFTER Christmas Day because I am weird awesome like that!

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