Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner, Asian eyeliners, Heroine Make eyeliners, black eyeliner, tight-lining

Le sigh.  The title says it all.  When I purchased Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner, I had high hopes as it was :-

a)  Highly recommended in Sasa
b)  A Japanese beauty product
c)  Supposed to be long-lasting for 24 hours

Kiss Me eyeliner, Asian eyeliner, Asian make-up, Japanese eyeliners

The eyeliner itself looked promising too with its blacker-than-black crayon-like texture complete with in-built sharpener and smudger.  According to the diagrams at the back of the package, Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner was supposed to be perfect for lining upper and lower lash lines and for tight-lining too.  But here is what happened to me…

Initial Impressions

Oh yes!  I was loving the look I created with the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner.  The tip was perfect at drawing lines around my eyes and it glided on pretty smoothly.  I really loved the blacker-than-black shade.  Tight-lining my waterline was a breeze and it didn’t irritate me at all.

I was super-duper impressed…

Two Hours Later…

Oh my word!!  I went from hot to not!  Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner is supposed to be long-lasting but it couldn’t even last me 2 hours without running.  I was distraught.

Bizarrely, I decided not to remove it and I wore it out for dinner.  Yep, with smudges running down my face because I’m classy like that.  Just before the main course, an annoying black lumpy gunge started to float around my eyeball and irritate my left eye and contact lens.  This was residue from the after-effects of tight-lining.  My eyes started watering like crazy and in the end, I had to flick off my left contact lens and eat with wonky one-eyed vision.  When I got home, I found a bloodshot left eye with black gunge – NOT nice.

I also discovered why Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner claims that it is long-lasting.  It is a stubborn bitch to remove even with industrial strength eye make-up remover.  When I say industrial strength, I mean my scrubbing technique paired with my current HG eye make-up remover.

After I got over that drama-rama, I did try Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner again, but there’s no love there.  I will only use it in times of desperation, i.e. when my entire collection of black eyeliners go amiss; which is surprisingly, more common than I would like.

My quest for the perfect black eyeliner continues.  Let me know which ones you recommend and I shall put them to the test!

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  1. Mine so far has definitely got to be K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner. SUPERB! Great dark colour, and long lasting. Plus isn’t a b*tch to remove either. Got it from

  2. Ee, all pencil liners have done this to me! It’s pretty much why I use liquid (even though that sometimes runs for me too ;_;)

  3. Hmmm. Try UD’s 24/7 Zero pencil 🙂 Might help? Also, I always, always use a primer no matter what. TFSI is awesome.

  4. Aww that sucks, I’m still looking for a perfect pencil liner myself but nothing ever seems to stay on my waterline for very long.

  5. i have the same problem with many eye pencils. always ended up looking like a messy panda. revlon color stay eye pencil (only the black one) works the best, it will fade but i don’t end up looking very messy by the end of the day.

    • @coco, Ooh, I’ve heard good things about a certain Revlon eye pencil! But I might buy it when I go overseas because it is ridiculously exxy in Aus!

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