KKCenterHK is a Hong Kong-based website which sells fake eyelashes, wigs and eye make-up at very competitive prices.  They kindly sent me two pairs of fake eyelashes for review on The Best Beauty Blog – an upper and lower set of false lashes.

ES HandMade Natural And Lengthening Eyelashes (ES A133)

KKCenterHK upper lashes

Wearing KKCenterHK eyelashes


  • Comes in a box of 10 pairs of lashes for an affordable $9.34USD
  • Lashes were relatively easy to apply as the bands were flexible so can be easily moulded to any eye shape
  • Impressive thick luscious lashes

KKCenterHK upper lashes


  • Must trim off the ends before application
  • The website says that lashes can be reused if you “take them off carefully”  – but in my experience, I felt that these lashes were more for single use as they weren’t capable to withstand being reused

ES Brand Clear Band Half-Densely Lower Lashes (ES A023)

KKCenterHK lower eyelashes

Wearing KKCenterHK fake eyelash set


  • Comes in a box of 10 pairs for an affordable $7.78USD
  • Good for those with non-existent lower lashes (that’s me!)
  • Loved the clear band as a black band would be trickier to apply on the lower lash line

KKCenterHK lower lashes


  • Again, must trim off the ends before application
  • As it was my first time wearing fake lower lashes, I thought I looked somewhat creepy…almost like a porcelain doll from a horror movie!!

KKCentreHK fake lash set


The photos were taken without any make-up to show them in their natural states.  I think they will look even better once incorporated with eye make-up.  I will do a FOTD with them in the future.

KKCenterHK have a large range of false eyelashes for all occasions at very affordable prices.  I would definitely recommend that you check out their website if you are a frequent wearer of falsies.  But please do bear in mind that shipping may take slightly longer as they are based in Hong Kong.  I’ve seen a few wigs that I might want to get – just for fun!

Here are affiliate links to the lashes I reviewed :

ES HandMade Natural And Lengthening Eyelashes (ES A133)

ES Brand Clear Band Half-Densely Lower Lashes (ES A023)

And if you want to check out their wigs and eyeshadows, you can click on the link to KKCenterHK website (affiliate) or KKCenterHK website (non-affiliate).


Affiliate means that if you click on the link and purchase something from the KKCenterHK website, I will get points (K-Money) towards my KKCenterHK account so that I can redeem products from them.

Although I have signed up for their affiliate program and the products were provided, this has not affected my opinions expressed here.

15 comments on “KKCenterHK Fake Eyelashes”

  1. I’m really loving bottom lashes at the moment!! I’ve actually never thrown away a pair of lashes before~~ In fact my favourite pair has been used about 10+ times now, I always remove them carefully wash and cleanse them before putting them back in their box… so I’m not sure how I seem to keep justifying buying more to myself O_o

    • @Celina, Wow, you must be extremely careful with them to be re-using them so many times. I used to throw away lashes all the time after one use because I didn’t think it was possible to reuse them!!

  2. I wore the same kind of falsies before but for some reason ( i probably put it on wrong), the lashes felt kind of heavy. LOL when i blink i was practically dragging my eyes. haha but these look great on you!

  3. What a great post! I don’t see enough blog posts on falsies in the beauty blogging world, especially on Aussie sites! I’m a huge sucker for bold, thick lashes, so I will definitely have to check this site out! That’s really cheap considering a basic pair from the chemists here cost about $10-12 for a single set!! Thanks for this post xx

  4. I have never tried false/fake eyelashes,
    But have been thinking about it as i am now 49 years old and i need a new me lol.
    I am off to San Francisco with hubby Oct 22nd as i won a trip with ADOBE 🙂
    ADOBE are sending their driver to pick us up on 23rd October to take us on a private tour of their company and are wanting interviews and photos(trembles)The camera hates me and i hate the camera lol.
    So i am going to try and ‘whats the word? ‘Spoof’ myself up some, well try lol.
    No luck in losing weight,face looks like its been hit with a mac truck and no lashes …I have very fine hair but found some great thickening shampoo which i so love. ooopss sorry off track here. lol
    Back to lashes… have been scared to glue on any to try as i don’t have many and what i do have a very fine.. so i love reading what you have written and what other’s have to say.
    Thank you gorgeous xx

    • @sharon parsell, You can do it Sharon!!! All it takes is a little practice and falsies will be your best friend 🙂

      And congrats on winning such a lovely trip! ADOBE? As in Adobe Photoshop Adobe? Woohoo! How fun! Practice your poses and get your angles right so you will look extra hot in the photos 🙂 Let me know how it goes 🙂

      • @Ling, Thank you 🙂
        Yes that is the ADOBE… and i sure will let you know.
        On the day of the tour,i am going shop to shop looking to get a make over done first lol.. xx

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