Lately, I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because there’s not enough sunshine in Australia or maybe it’s because I’m homesick or maybe it’s because I’m female and I have mood swings!!  LOL.  Anyway, I decided to pamper myself with a much-deserved face mask – Laneige Hydra Solution Mask.  (In case you don’t know, Laneige is a well-known Korean brand.)

Laneige masks, hydrating mask

What Laneige Say

Laneige Hydra Solution Mask is a highly concentrated mineralised hydration essence sheet mask suitable for all skin types, especially dry and delicate skin.  Each sheet mask is soaked with 20ml of nutrient essence which effectively revitalises and softens skin.  Your skin will look soft and supple with natural radiance.

Laneige masks, hydrating mask

How I Used It

(Please note that this may differ from actual instructions)

1.  Cleansed my face and let it dry.  Used my pretty pink Daiso towel headband to pull back hair from my face.

2.  Opened the packet and carefully lifted out the two sheet masks – one for upper face and one for lower face.  Placed accordingly.

3.  Squeezed out the remaining essence in the packet and used it on my neck and decolletage.  (Didn’t want to waste hydrating essence.)

4.  You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 15 minutes, but I happily left it on for 30 minutes.

5.  Remove mask and let skin soak up the residual essence.

My Opinions

  • I love Laneige Hydra Solution Masks!  They are simple to use and fantastic whilst travelling.
  • I love the idea of the separate masks for upper and lower facial area.  This caters for faces of all different shapes and sizes.  Although, saying that, the lower mask did not cover the lower angle of my jaw – as can be seen in the photos.  My face must be HUGE!
  • I love the pleasant smell and the cooling and hydrating feeling of the mask.
  • I love how my skin feels afterwards – refreshed, revitalised and radiant.

Where To Buy?

  • I bought this when I was in Korea and it comes in a box of 8.
  • I also know that there are Laneige stores in Hong Kong.
  • Can buy online at Sasa

Have you tried facial sheet masks before?  I have heard rave reviews about the Taiwanese brand, My Beauty Diary – has anyone used this?

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  1. i have my beauty diary masks (aloe vera and lavender) which i blogged about it last year. i have used only a few brands and to me they’re the same. equally wet, soothing, feel revitalized and refreshed. the only thing i don’t like the beauty diary masks is that they don’t seem to fit me well. maybe it’s my fault. my face is too big.

  2. have never tried laneige paper masks! but i love their water sleeping pack sleepover mask…

    saw your post on the unopened makeup items! god i’m guilty to have so much stuff unopened in my stash too!

  3. i ask my friend to get me from hk when she comes to visit. i never get overpriced stuffs in aust unless i’m desperate 🙂

  4. Hi there.. i am currently studying in Melbourne.. May i ask where can i buy Laneige skin care products in Melbourne? Thanks for your replly! Am looking forward to see it!! =)

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