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A few weeks ago, I gave you a quick peek {here}, but today, I bring you the first official review of Laura Mercier on The Best Beauty Blog.  *wolf whistle*  But before I continue, I MUST make sure that you are pronouncing ‘Mercier’ correctly*.  It is NOT Mercy-er!  It is, in a very sexy French accent, ‘Mer-see-ay’.  Altogether now in the sexiest faux French accent ever, “Laura Mercier”.  Beautiful!!!  And let’s proceed…

I am told that Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation has replaced the previous Oil Free Foundation – of which I have never tried so I can’t possibly compare.  But let me tell you about my experience with the Supreme version.

When I use this foundation with my sample of Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, it makes my skin go “Ooh la la!” because :-

1.  My complexion is evened out and I feel like it’s my skin but better with a soft matte finish.

2.  Dark sun spots are successfully concealed and only peek through slightly.  Of course, it can be COMPLETELY concealed by layering more foundation on, but I don’t like it thick.

3.  The winning combination of the primer and foundation works well to hide my flaws (pores, wrinklies, sun spots) and doesn’t suffocate my skin at all and also, no signs of oxidation after 8 hours of wear.

4.  It also ticks all the right boxes with the simple but classy glass packaging with pump dispenser.

However, I will say that I do still require a light dusting of translucent finishing powder to help stave off the oiliest part of my face, namely my right cheek.  No idea why there are oils there!

Laura Mercier foundation swatches

The shade I have is Vanilla Beige and it is slightly a bit dark for my NC-30 skin.  I went to the Laura Mercier counter to swatch the other shades and it turns out I am an inbetweener of Golden Beige and Vanilla Beige.

LM Foundation Primer works really well with the Oil Free Supreme Foundation but I have tried it with other primers too and no problems there too.

Beauty Buzz

What’s it called again?  Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation
How much is it?  RRP : $59 AUD
How many shades does it come in?  10 – Porcelain Ivory, Blush Ivory, Warm Ivory, Sunny Beige, Vanilla Beige, Golden Beige, Shell Beige, Tawny Beige, Honey Beige, Suntan Beige
Sell it to me in 5 words :  The “Ooh la la!” foundation

Have you tried any Laura Mercier products?  What do you love?  Which foundation makes your skin go “Ooh la la!”?

(*PS – I studied 3 years of French, 5 years of German, 2 years of Latin and 6 years of Chinese.  You know the saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none”….well, ’nuff said methinks! :P)

5 comments on “Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation Makes Me Go ‘Ooh La La!’”

  1. My flatmate must think I’m crazy as for the last 10 min I’ve been having a laugh attack because of your husband’s penis post on the other blog LOLLL

    Not to fall completely off topic here, the only foundation I have is MAC studio fix powder and I rarely use it because it’s not my shade. being very pale I’ve never found a foundation that truly matched my skin tone, the closest was a Dior one which cost 80€ that I was unwilling to pay because it wasn’t perfect. Recently Lisa Eldrige made a video about foundation for pale skin which give me hope, but haven’t been able to find any of those shades here, guess brands think Mediterranean countries are full of very tan people so no need for pale foundation, and as I find it too risky to buy foundation through the internet, no foundation for me.
    Wow, this turned out quite long after all, sorry about that.

    • @Ana, LOLOL! Awww…thanks for finding me here to comment! I’ve decided to allow comments again in my personal blog because it’s great listening to people’s responses about that penis post!!!

      And back to MAC – I haven’t tried much of their products at all 😛 And I call myself a beauty blogger eh? 😛

      P.S. I like long comments so no need to apologise 🙂

  2. I’ve tried the primer but found that it didn’t help control my oil at all. I haven’t been able to find a good shade match in their line so I haven’t been able to try out the foundations – sadly.

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