Lime Crime Alchemy

I finally got round to swatching the Lime Crime Alchemy Palette that I bought a few weeks ago as part of the Alchemy Collection.  It’s seriously so pretty that I had to force myself to swatch this.  It went something along the lines of “Ling, you better swatch this NOW!  Otherwise you cannot eat chips for the rest of 2012!”  Nothing and I mean NOTHING comes between me and chips, so enjoy the swatches of the Lime Crime Alchemy Palette whilst I go and munch some chips now!

Lime Crime Alchemy, Lime Crime Palette, Lime Crime eyeshadows

The Lime Crime Alchemy Palette is housed in a slim purple tin with the Lime Crime unicorn logo embossed on it.  I loved the packaging a lot…except for the flimsy-ish black plastic that holds the 5 eyeshadows in place.  As shown in the photo above, there were already traces of fall-out before the swatching commenced.

Lime Crime Alchemy, Lime Crime Alchemy review

The 5 eyeshadows of the Lime Crime Alchemy Palette have names which are printed on the bottom of the palette but in reverse order so don’t get confused 😛

Lime Crime Alchemy Swatches, Lime Crime Palette swatches

Lime Crime eyeshadow swatches, Lime Crime palette swatches, Lime Crime Alchemy swatches

The Lime Crime Alchemy Palette is Lime Crime’s first duochrome collection.  I have posted up 2 photos taken under different lighting to hopefully highlight the duochromeness :-

  • Incantation is a bold rustic orange with gold microshimmer
  • Lucky Charm is a grassy green with bright green microshimmer
  • Love Potion No9 is a violet shade with mint green microshimmer 
  • Spellbound is an ivory shade with gold microshimmer
  • Divination is teal with turquoise microshimmer

The eyeshadows were strongly pigmented and applied buttery smooth.  Plus they are vegan and cruelty free certified.  Admittedly, the colours of the Lime Crime Alchemy Palette are not neutral everyday shades but the unicorn tin packaging was what persuaded me to purchase it.  No regrets there 🙂

Lime Crime Alchemy swatches, Lime Crime Alchemy

Lime Crime Alchemy Palette costs US $34.99 from the Lime Crime website.  Shipping to Australia costs $10.95 and mine took under 2 weeks to get here.

Lime Crime lipsticks

Since I purchased it as part of the Limited Edition Alchemy Collection $49.99, I also have swatches of Poisonberry and Serpentine lipsticks here.

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