First of all, please forgive me for the title of this blog.  I was trying to be witty.  Anyway, ladies, allow me to introduce you to Lingerieplease, an online lingerie company which sells all types of lingerie – bras, knickers, basques and even eyelashes.  I was contacted by them to see if I would be interested in testing and reviewing some items of lingerie and a after quick glance at the sexy lingerie on offer, how could I refuse?

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About The Lingerieplease Website

I found the website user-friendly and easy to navigate.  There is a wide range of brands so you can easily spend a good hour plus just browsing away.  The models they use to model the lingerie look damn good so it’s easy to get hooked in and think you will look just as hot wearing it!  When you click on ‘Buy” for any item, it comes up with the different sizes and it tells you how many of each size is in stock.  Lingerieplease is a UK company but it ships overseas too and I received my order after 12 days.  Prices are pretty reasonable and they have a 50% discount offer at the moment.

The only problem I foresee with buying lingerie online is sizing.  For bras, sometimes, I’m a size 32A (yes, I am THAT flat) from one brand, but then another brand says I’m a 32B (not much bigger!).  This means that if I’m going to fork out a sum of money for lingerie, I’d like to try it on for size, comfort and fit first.  It would have been helpful if the website had indicated in inches what XS, S, M, L and XL are.

Lingerie I Was Sent


I’m a sucker for pretty pink things so I chose Playful Promises Paris Boned Corset in Magenta and O Lingerie Augusta Deep Plunge T-Shirt Bra in Pink/Black.

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The Playful Promises Paris Boned Corset is made of satin and lace with metal hooks in the front and a laced-up back.  I had imagined myself looking all hot and sexy Burlesque-style and I even bought a matching magenta lippy to pair it with.  However, instead of turning up the heat in the bedroom, it fizzled away as I struggled to fit myself into the S size I ordered.  I had to get the Husband to lace up the back of the corset – he was none too pleased to do that because he’d much rather be getting me out of it!!  When I finally got it on, I realised it was a mistake to choose this for myself.  The boning of the corset just flattened my boobs.  I need a corset with boob padding!  I definitely did NOT look like the model on the website!  And no photos were taken as it would hurt my camera…and your eyes!!

Lingerieplease, lingerie, boobs

I had much more promising results with Lingerie Augusta Deep Plunge T-Shirt Bra.  I love the intricate detailing of the bra with its delicate lace and the material feels very nice.  I chose a size 32A and it fit perfectly.  It definitely gave extra oomph to my boobs and yes, cleavage could be seen!!  Got the seal of approval from the Husband!

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Lingerieplease.  I just need to learn how to select lingerie carefully to accentuate my figure.

If you want to check out Lingerieplease, here is their website.

13 comments on “Lingerie From Lingerieplease Pleases Ling”

  1. Hi Ling!

    The title is funny because it’s a tongue twister! I had to reread it a couple of times. That t-shirt bra is really pretty! And that corset could definitely turn up the heat factor (if it was the right fit with boob padding)!

  2. Haha ….Please Ling and Ling’s hubby! looks cool! as soon as I manage to clear some space in my poor wardrobe I will def check them out. Nice lingerie is always welcome to Marusya:)

  3. I love corsets. I bought one in Malaysia a few years ago, and Tim absolutely loves it 😛

    Mine’s just like yours without padding. You actually don’t need padding if you know how to lace it up properly. The sales assistant was such a hoot; she taught me how to lace up for maximum effect. You have to lean forward, push the boobs from the side to the centre as much as you can and then pull the strings tight. Keep tucking as much boob from the sides in as much as possible. I guarantee you, you don’t need padding at all, and you will have massive bazoomas 😛

    • @Tine, Aha…yes, I have a corset which does the job with no lacing and lots of padding. Whereas this one is more troublesome with the lacing at the back…sigh… Seriously, boobage AINT happenin’ over here without extra help! LOLZ

  4. As a fellow flat chested lady, I am intrigued! I’m sure, though, that you looked flipping stunning in that corset;) I’m always worried about sizing with this sort of thing, but I suppose I could wing it too:) x

    • @emmabovary, Thanks Emma, I keep trying to console myself, but alas, it was not meant to be 😛 But it is easy to wing out with lacing because you can tighten or loosen it 😀

  5. I know what you mean about the corsets! I had that same problem. I thought, it’ll push my boobs up! But no, it just flattened the small amount of boob I do have. I did however find a corset style that’s flattering on smaller busts, I have one and the front is heart shaped, more than the pink one you bought, so there is quite a low v in the front. Oooh, found it! I’m a 32A like you and this style really does give me cleavage!

    • @Nicola, Ah yes, Nicola – it’s true, the style I chose was not flattering for my flat pancakes 🙁 but the sweetheart neckline with a lower V is really good at pushing up ze pancakes 😉 and ooh, the one you have is really pretty and sexy with all the lace. LIKE 😀

  6. The site looks really interesting! I have a love for lingerie, so I’m totally browsing it now!

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