2014 on the best beauty blog
My digital detox is almost over!  There’s a few hiccups (nothing interesting #boringadultstuff) I need to sort out before I get back into regular beauty blogging but meanwhile, I thought I’d reflect back on the year that was 2014 on The Best Beauty Blog

My Botox Experience : This was the most popular post of 2014.  I wrote this when I first started the blog over 4 years ago so please excuse the terrible photos!  I guess a lot of ladies are wanting to freeze their foreheads, but finding a good clinician is the tricky part.  My advice – ask to see a portfolio.

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21 Uses For Go-To Exceptionoil : This was the most read post that I had actually written in 2014 (complete with cute baby Bunty photo spam!).

And also contains a blogging highlight for me – a comment from none other than beauty guru, Go-To founder, Zoe Foster Blake herself.  She actually came to my local mall to promote her products but I missed out on meeting her by a whisker and only caught a glimpse of her as she dashed up the escalator.  I would have ran up the escalator like a stalker except baby Bunty was in her gigantic pram and I couldn’t exactly ditch her…although the thought did cross my mind for a micro-second!

happy healthy vagina

7 Tips On How To Have A Happy & Healthy Vagina :  This was my personal favourite post for 2014.  Because I giggled so much writing it.

Maybelline was my favourite drugstore brand of 2014 with awesome beauty releases such as Maybelline Color Elixirs (I get compliments every time I wear Fuchsia Flourish ) and Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer.

As I had to do Project 100 Pan, I didn’t get to purchase a huge amount of beauty products last year but I did sneak in a few lovely items when I went abroad and my favourite luxe purchase was the highly raved and highly sought after YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 Rosy Coral lippie.  Bizarrely, it turns out that I haven’t written a blog post on it but I did make a video of it on my Lip Stalker Youtube channel (which I reignited after a long hiatus).

2014 also saw a few changes to the blog.  After much deliberation, I made the executive decision to reduce the lifestyle posts on the blog and concentrate on beauty topics here and instead, lifestyle posts are on my new blog.  Also, I’ve added advertising and affiliate links – which means that I get a small commission every time someone purchases something with no extra cost to you – and I am thankful to those who have supported the running of this blog.

Bunty Hello Kitty trolley from Costco

I am a bit gutted that I haven’t been able to blog a lot more (blame it on the baby!) but I’d rather not churn out crappy posts.  And I am forever grateful to all my readers – old and new! – for liking / sharing / commenting / following and reading (duh!).  Without you, there’s no point in blogging!

Here’s to a bigger and better 2015!  Cheers xxx

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