Imperial Leather Bodywash and Anti-Bacterial Handwash

After blogging about the Cure Natural Aqua Gel which triggered a memory I have of my Dad, I thought it was only fair to share a story about my Mum.  When I think of Imperial Leather, I think of my Mum.  She is a creature of habit so when she finds a product which works, she sticks to it.  She LOVES Imperial Leather soap.  That’s the only thing she uses in the shower and she also uses that to wash her hands too.

Anyway, new Imperial Leather goodies recently landed on my beauty radar – Imperial Leather Bodywash and Anti-Bacterial Handwash – and let me tell you, they smell divine.

Imperial Leather Bodywash and Anti-Bacterial Handwash

My favourite is the Blue Lagoon Bodywash.  When I use it in the shower, I close my eyes and imagine myself lying on the beach (in the shade because I don’t want to get tanned) in a tropical island and sipping a delicious fruity cocktail.

My Mum is actually coming to visit me in a couple of weeks so I will make sure to introduce her to these new goodies from Imperial Leather, but knowing her, she will stick with her tried and trusted favourite – a good old bar of Imperial Leather soap.  Honestly, she makes a rubbish beauty blogger, LOL.

Disclosure :  Thanks to Imperial Leather for the awesome products.

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