A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely Katrina Beckett, owner of Lash Me, to see if I would like to trial a full set of mink fur lash extensions.  Considering I have short stubby Asian lashes, you would have assumed that I would have jumped at the chance…but I didn’t.  In fact, I was very apprehensive because I have had eyelash extensions before back in 2005(?) and it was the worst experience ever because due to a combination of factors (possible allergy to latex in glue, heavy weight of synthetic lashes, unhelpful beauty attendant), all my lashes were ripped off and I looked weird for weeks without eyelashes!!

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However, Katrina reassured me that there was no latex in the glue and mink fur is a lot lighter and gentler to natural lashes; so before you knew it, I was lying down chit-chatting away to Katrina and Hannah whilst mink fur was being expertly applied to my lashes.

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Look at the difference!  My natural lashes are almost non-existent!!

I was absolutely delighted to see the results.  The length and volume of the lashes are just perfect and they look so natural.  And best of all, it’s been over a week and I have had no issues with the mink fur nor the glue whatsoever.

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I have been getting compliments left, right and centre!!!  Having long luscious lashes has made me look more awake and I feel extra sexy to the point where I may be talking to you like a normal person but I’m batting my eyelashes to the beat of “I’m sexy and I know it.  Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!”

However, there a few downsides to having eyelash extensions :-

  • I have had no problems with wearing eye make-up (water-based mascara can be used but I didn’t think it was necessary) but removal is just a little bit more tedious as I need to use a Q-tip to remove eyeliner carefully around my lashline.
  • Face-planting into a pillow is out of the question because it would totally crush my lash extensions so I have had to adjust my sleeping position.
  • And I really miss rubbing my eyes!!!

But the positives outweigh the negatives and it’s worth it just to have long luscious lashes 😛

At the time of writing, I have only had them for around 10 days so I don’t really know how long they will last me.  A few lashes have fallen out here and there but they still look great.  If the fall-out starts to become uneven (e.g. when the lashes on the right side look longer than the left side), it’s reassuring to know that I have options to either get in-fills or get them removed altogether.

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If you’re looking to have eyelash extensions in Melbourne, I highly recommend Lash Me which is situated in 6 Inkerman Street, St Kilda, Melbourne VIC 3182.  A full set of mink fur eyelash extensions cost $170 AUD at Lash Me.  There are also salons in Queensland.  For all the lowdown, head to http://www.lashme.com.au

24 comments on “Mink Lash Extensions From Lash Me”

  1. my short and non-existent lashes need that! but the price …. :'(
    if you have to be careful removing eyeliner, does that mean you can’t apply mascara?

    • @coco, The price of beauty is sky high! And ooh, I forgot to say that mascara can be used. Water-based mascara. But I didn’t feel the need because they were already long and curled to perfection 🙂

    • @coco, it’s recommended to not wear any mascara, but if you can’t live without it, or if you have a special occasion stick with a water-based mascara and apply it from the middle to the tip of the extension. The reason why it’s not recommended to wear mascara is because when it comes to removing the make up it’s really stubborn. In the process of removing the make up you might accidentally break off most of your extensions.

      • They don’t hurt the Mink’s at all – if you go to Lash Me’s website it explains the procedure involves brushing the mink and then removing the hair from the brush and dying the hair to colour.. or something along those lines! I thought that originally too though 🙂 @Ling,

  2. Lovely lashes! The last time I got eyelash extensions I got a totally infected eye and so scared to try again haha. I hate how hard it is to wash the face but apart from that, love the look 😀 x

  3. I’m so tempted in trying it out but the pricing is an ouch though. I don’t have long lashes either too but I don’t know how well in adjusting new lashes. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes =(

  4. These look just so natural. Ive seen some horrible like meter long (totally exaggerated here)lash extensions and they look awful. This length certainly suits you and look so natural. Positively perfect.

  5. hi
    i like this post

    and Im in need for this , i don’t have lashes coz i’m alopecia areata patient

    so where i can do it in United Arab Emirates?

    or some one can teach me and sell the items for me??

  6. thx for ur answer
    so its only for 10 days >>not lasting for months , it will not help me

  7. Sorry to burst all you bubbles but I went here and within 4 days they had almost totally dropped out from my right eye. I went the next day and had them re-done but they still dropped out and not, not even 3 weeks later, I don’t have a single lash left. Def would NOT recommend people using Lash Me!

  8. oooh

    its really time and money wasting
    i’m disappointed too

    by the way

    im using two serums for eyelash growth , and i got great results
    first one is expensive ( rivitalash , i use it one tiime per day
    and 2nd one is very cheap but effective
    its name is (select lash serum
    u can buy it from amazon or ebay

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