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Once a month, my Husband knows not to mess wit’ me because I become a Moody Cow!!!  I will give off Evil Eyes, Chiselled Cheekbones and a Bitchy Pout; but I try not to frown because I don’t want frown lines!!  LOL

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My Husband will try and defuse my moodiness by trying to make me laugh with his dorkiness.

“You look SO HOT when you’re moody!  Keep pouting!!  Oh yes, it’s turning me on!!!  I love Moody Cowwwwws!  Mooooooo!!!”

Yes, he is a dork!!  LOL

For the Moody Cow Make-Up Look, I used :-

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream | Bobbi Brown Wild Rose Shimmer Brick | Brows Up Eyebrow Pencil | Urban Decay Naked2 | Youngblood Gel Eyeliner in Black Orchid | Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

Do you have a monthly Moody Cow moment?  It was actually hard work looking moody and intense for the photos!!  I wonder how Victoria Beckham does it all the time?!!

10 Comments on Moody Cow Make-Up Look

  1. Madam M
    02/05/2012 at 2:29 pm (6 years ago)

    wow that lip butter looks amazing on you. You look amazing.

    • Ling
      03/05/2012 at 6:49 pm (6 years ago)

      @Madam M, *blush* You are too kind, my dear 😉

  2. gio
    02/05/2012 at 3:50 pm (6 years ago)

    You look gorgeous, love it!

    • Ling
      03/05/2012 at 6:50 pm (6 years ago)

      @gio, <3

  3. coco
    02/05/2012 at 10:54 pm (6 years ago)

    pretty moody cow 🙂
    my husband is the same! he enjoys watching me getting angry… they can be besties!

    • Ling
      03/05/2012 at 6:51 pm (6 years ago)

      @coco, We can be pretty moody cows together while our hubbies watch us 🙂

  4. Eden-Avalon
    06/05/2012 at 6:17 pm (6 years ago)

    xD My boyfriend does the same thing when i’m moody. I usually just need to be left alone – my boyfirend’s goofy antics tend to upset me more.

    • Ling
      07/05/2012 at 3:09 pm (6 years ago)

      @Eden-Avalon, Men?! When will they learn???

  5. jelena
    10/05/2012 at 3:56 am (6 years ago)

    Every woman has her Moody Cow look :)) Yours is great! 😀

    • Ling
      11/05/2012 at 8:56 pm (6 years ago)

      @jelena, Awww, thanks 🙂